1. Exactly. I paid 5 bucks so I I understand the frustration of the crowd that paid full price. It's a game you can finish in one sitting. Took me two days to plat.

  2. I think the game was an overpriced tech demo. It wasn't a bad game but for the length they shouldn't have charged 60usd. 30 would've been a decent price point.

  3. The game that literally copied their werewolf boss twice and only lasts about 4 to 6 hours for the full price tag?

  4. Brilliant experience? It’s not even a game. The only thing you do is watch cutscenes and play duck hunt. Which was only implemented to keep you from falling asleep. This game was a tech show. I really hope a sequel comes. Bloodborne showed hot to treat this genre. But it’s full of potential. I love the lore, look, whole idea.

  5. If you feel that way for the order I hope that energy is given to uncharted and last of us as well, and a few other iconic third person shooters like spec ops the line. I'll give that the cutscenes were long but saying it's just duck hunt seems silly considering that's almost every third person shooter on playstation

  6. The shooting mechanics are what killed the experience for me. It felt horrible. The Graphics were nice, but I couldn’t enjoy the gameplay. I would like to see what the team could do with a sequel though

  7. I paid 60$ for this trash when it launched at release cause I got sucked in by the graphics, I knew it was short I just wanted to play a truly next Gen game on my PS4, I ended up spending it pissed off at the aspect ratio.

  8. Is that really good? Is it kind of like Control or can you tell me a similar game? I’ve always wondered about it but never grabbed it.

  9. I got it on sale years ago in the PlayStation store for like $4. Worth every penny. Sure the game was very linear but the story and gameplay made up for it as far as I was concerned.

  10. Game looked and felt great. Except it was way overpriced for when it came out. I beat it in a single sitting. No mp and the campaign isn't as dynamic (replayable) as something like dishonored. Think I only booted it up twice and had my fill of it.

  11. PS4 gen start was a bit weird. Gamers and press were tired of extremely long PS3/X360 gen and wanted next gen games. Not only pretty graphics but also next gen gameplay and what is next gen gameplay nobody could explain. Part of the reason why The Order and Ryse failed. Those games were some gaming media scapegoats.

  12. It was ok. The atmosphere is what made the game in my opinion. Need to play through it again has been a while. But ya, I think it got criticized way too hard.

  13. Because the game is a glorified tech demo. Nothing more. Some chapters were literally just cutscenes. This was a big hack fraud job

  14. Pretty sure I Platinumed it in a single day. And I don’t even remember anything about it, so it was pretty forgettable, you shot vampires or something.

  15. Really beautiful game with amazing setting, visuals and animation. I thought the gameplay was a little stale but it wasn't terrible. I don't think I ever finished it but I would be keen to play a sequel if they ever decided to make one.

  16. Why ask for a sequel if you haven't finished the 1st game? That makes no sense; there's already game content out there that you haven't experienced. Go play it!

  17. It could get stale, but since you could finish it in one sitting, it didn't get the opportunity to get there. This is definitely a game to pick up cheap and not at full price.

  18. Yes! Short, punchy and never outstayed it's welcome. Three major plus points for me. I only paid £5 for it last year or so, but some of those set pieces will stay with me.for.a while.

  19. To be honest, even at 60$ , I wasn't even that mad. The game has exceptional graphics, in fact I think it's better than most late PS4 titles in that regard. Shame Sony won't likely do anything more with this IP. Like give it to Bluepoint and let them continue the story, I'd love someone to continue it. Just disappointed it ended at just the first game.

  20. The Order 1996 and Driveclub are 2 PS exclusives I would pay high money to see a sequel. In Driveclub's case, damn, I'd pay good money just for a remaster.

  21. It was great for $5. The story felt unfinished and it was basically QTEs, but I liked it. The scenario and the plot were the most interesting parts, and I would love to see what else the writers could come up with.

  22. I enjoyed the story and the visuals. The gameplay was just ok…but it was really short. Short game with a cliffhanger ending makes me think they just didn’t finish making the game.

  23. I bought it at launch&played through it with a buddy in one sitting. We both really enjoyed what little game was part of the package, but it really felt like it couldn't decide if it should be a movie or a game. It had a great world & characters, but the studio just needed guidence from Naughty Dog or Santa Monica so that could balance gameplay to cinematics. Still holding out that it's revived on PS5 by Sony using a small team within one of its bigger studios. I'd say Insomniac is a natural for, but I think they've got their plates full.

  24. Been on the fence for ages on it. Is it alright at 30 fps? I saw somewhere that its pretty steady now too on PS5.

  25. If you play it was more of an artsy interactive film than it works much better. The gameplay is very shallow but the setting, story, visuals, etc all work so well. Shame it didn't work out for them because I too rather enjoyed it for what it was (fancy tech demo).

  26. It was a great game sometimes I don't mind shorter experiences If the story is good. Graphically it still looks amazing to this day.

  27. Honestly with how VAST the video game industry is.... I don't see why there isn't room for (lets face it) interactive movies at this point.

  28. Everyone who is playing the game now for pennies thinks this OP. Not hating on you, the game was just not worth the full price and shallow. Had it launched at 30USD, it could have been a hit.

  29. If I remember correctly it advertised fighting monsters, and not only do you fight exclusively 2 werewolves and nothing else but humans, the story had numerous plot holes, and was only 6 hours long. Overall a really bad experience for $60.

  30. Great game. Only issue I had with it was the price tag at launch considering it’s only like 4-6 hours. Other than that it was an enjoyable experience

  31. I feel like if it was released today, at like $50 instead of $70 due to its length, it would get a better reception. A lot of people burned out on open-world games out there now and it's been a long time since we've gotten linear narrative games released one after the other.

  32. I really, really really wanted to love this game so much but the controls just felt so clunky…but also maybe because I played it after 2 years on RD2. Maybe it’s worth another visit.

  33. This is the werewolves yes? Started out in a group, they betrayed you, you fight against them. Last battle in a laboratory or something. If it's that game, then yeah, that was a decent game.

  34. Great game, just funny how it being 6 hours hurt it... if it came out today, im sure it would be better received

  35. I had more fun playing this when I bought it for $5 (got into the ps4 era late as I was an xbox player) and had more fun than I game I paid $60 for.

  36. When I got my PS5, the first thing I wanted to do was play the PS4 games that I never had time to complete - first one was The Order 1886.

  37. I still have not played this game yet and bought it from the store years ago for $20. Definitely will have to get it installed someday

  38. I've seen this game in every second hand stores I've looked in. Based on the comments here I Might have to grab a copy next time I'm in one.

  39. Great game, way too short for the price point when it launched. I picked it on sale with no regrets. To all the people that paid full price props to you, I just couldn't justify it to myself at launch after the reviews.

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