1. The bonkers thing is that cropping is required for most competitive organizations that feature pibbles. I know people who want to compete have to have them done under anaesthetic by a vet, but in this day and age it's pathetic that the show judges still think the 'correct' pitbull must have cropped ears. Barbaric and completely pointless.

  2. That is starting to change, the AKC has dropped the requirement, and a majority of veterinarians will no longer perform the surgery or dock tails for that matter.

  3. [non-pit owner] Me too. I didn’t learn about how unethical cropping was until a few years ago, but I’ve never met someone who would insist on it just to get the “look”.

  4. I dunno why anyone would want to hurt those adorably floppy ears. N yeah I know why it's done thanks you in advance

  5. That's a really unfortunate phrasing, I had to think about it to understand what I assumed you meant. Perhaps think of a different way to say the same thing.

  6. That's always so sad when a person has to explain over and again that they didn't do this. I wish others wouldn't be quick to assume the owner is the bad guy. Any way very handsome pup! 100/10 would fall for the snuggle eyes! Blessings of love, happiness and good vibes!

  7. I prefer to assume when I see cropped ears the dog is adopted and the person posting didn’t mutilate their child. 🖤

  8. I get questions about my cleftie pibble too. No I didn’t “do” anything to her. I just loved her like she was.

  9. Thank you for this. There's a new news article about a tragic Pitbull attack, which the news ofcourse accounts all to the breed, and it's never the ignorance of the owners.

  10. I've always said that naturally I'd never cut pieces off my dog, but would totally adopt one with already cropped ears. It's not their fault someone did that to them. And he's so sweet looking!

  11. We do Ted Richards the parrot man he had several dermal implants, got both his ears cut off, and inked his eyeballs and is now looking for someone to turn his nose into a beak Dennis Avner the cat man he has teeth modifications cheek injections and metal whiskers Erik Sprague the lizard man he had scalelike tattoos, stretched lobes, reptilian implants, filed teeth, and his split tongue honestly we do a lot worse than just ear croppings on dogs

  12. I often assume cropped eared pups are rescues, I wouldn’t worry too much about people judging. The give away is often the hack job these poor puppers end up with, unfortunately. Ears or no ears, you’re a good pibble parent who loves your pup and that’s all that matters!

  13. IRL we buy our friends “adopt the cropped” things for their cropped pals… usually that’s enough for people to figure it out. Sorry people are asses. Thanks for adopting a perfect hippo! 🥰

  14. It really doesn't matter about the ears. Don't feel shame for something you didn't do - you've got such a good boy! Be proud of that!! People will judge you for owning a pit bull no matter what.

  15. I think that’s the best idea! Create your own sign. It shouldn’t be too costly to do plus it will accomplish two things, 1) it will stop people assuming that you did it and 2) it would be a great conversation starter.

  16. Ooooooohhhh I thought he had his ears laying back like he wanted to be more aerodynamic for zoomies or something... omg I'm an idiot

  17. He is gorgeous. I never judge these pibbles or the loving owners for any reason and I assume it was done before adoption. Now the pitbull haters.....those people can f#@ themselves to hell.

  18. My brother rescued one with cropped ears and regularly gets lectured by people about it. With a strait face he just tells people “it just gives him such an advantage when fighting other dogs in the ring.” Most people get the joke.

  19. Forget the ears, let’s talk about the fact that your dog doesn’t have super overgrown nails that are usually soo common. And sad 😢

  20. I fostered a dog who had been abused and he escaped early on in the foster. The person who found him was so reluctant to return him to me for obvious reasons but I managed to explain and convince him I was not the abuser. I was actually grateful for his protective instinct. But yeah it’s the extra surprise hassle that comes with working with formally abused dogs.

  21. I choose to assume that a dog is adopted whenever I see cropped ears or a docked tail! I prefer to assume the best in people until proven otherwise.

  22. I thought I read somewhere that for some dogs cropping is actually a good thing. Don’t ask me why though.

  23. My dog's vet almost had to crop his because of chronic aural hematomas, but I held out and they finally scarred enough and quit, but if they hadn't I would have had his ears cropped cuz I couldn't keep watching him go through the pain and the draining and they said the other surgery they could do wasn't even a guarantee it would stop.

  24. That’s the excuse they used for a long time. There is no reason to alter a pet aside from selfish vanity. Personally I think AKC should put forth a breed standard statement regarding cropping/docking and disqualify animals which are altered this way. It might cut back on the popularity/desirability. No regular pet needs any of these procedures done. No livestock is being herded in suburban California to warrant aussies having their tails cut off.

  25. It's only a "good" thing for dog fighting because it prevents the ears from getting shredded up and subsequently infected. There is no medical benefit to it otherwise (at least as far as I've heard and

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