1. I've heard that helix piercings can be challenging to heal because of how easy it is to irritate them. If there aren't signs of infection, there probably isn't any reason to go see a Dr, they'd just tell you to remove it.

  2. Do you think if I was just patient and kept up with it that it would go away with time? The pus just looks like it’s infected but none of the puss is coming out which is also concerning for me

  3. You could try doing saline twice a day instead of once, and maybe get your piece changed to a longer one if it needs more room to accommodate inflammation

  4. the thing about the long bar was it got caught on EVERYTHING, I’ve only had my helix for two month but it’s been changed twice due to the first time it was pierced with a hoop, it became irritated so I got a flat back, then the flat back kept getting caught because it was so long so it was changed to a shorter bar. I feel like giving up, anytime it gets better it gets worse again

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