1. A tabletop game store that I frequent is closing down here in the Bay Area because they have had 13 break ins and 23 attempts. After 19 years, they have to close shop because of thieves.

  2. My local comic book store has been broken into multiple times, and the infuriating part is they don't even steal any items of value, just grab the closest books to the door ,which are the cheapest ones, and run out. Meanwhile it costs thousands each time to repair the shop's glass doors and windows. It's become more and more common as the drug epidemic in my city, and homelessness has ramped up. If you want to steal, go steal from Walmart or a big chain, don't steal from a small mom and pop. Honestly, I want to have sympathy for these individuals who are unhomed or unwell, but if they choose to steal and hurt others rather than access resources out there to help them.

  3. Local game store near us. Been opened as long as I can remember is closing due to 29 break ins. 13 successful. People go in, grab a shit ton of easy to steal stuff like Pokémon and magic, then leave. Owner saw a liquor store opening up and decided to close up, realizing things would be worse.

  4. Independent Game store near me has bars over all the windows and a steel frame door. Sadly, that shit is so easy to offload, it’s too massive a target.

  5. Our local shop too! I've been going since I was 12 and it's just closing now due to a wild number of break ins. People on Reddit do parrot this idea that everything is insured but that's not how it always works. It sucks.

  6. On top of that Wizards/Hasbro is actively killing game stores with the number of products, print runs, and selling directly to customers for less than what they charge distributors that sell to game stores. They are basically killing MTG.

  7. I live in a pretty affluent area of NY and this has become regular at our malls. You see people walking out with a bags of stolen things while everyone else whispers and points. Cops are too busy doing nothing to care. I honestly don't know why police just aren't policing. Mall security can't do anything. I grew up in this area and have never seen anything like this before. Wtf is even happening

  8. It's also horseshit because every other law-abiding insurance buyer has their premiums go up. People are truly mathematically illiterate if they think insurance is just free money. I'm tired of people justifying theft.

  9. Insurance companies are for-profit too. They can save money by denying claims, or reducing payouts. It's in their best interest to screw over their customers.

  10. File two homeowners within a few years and see how insurance treats you. Had a storm literally rip off a corner of my roof and a two years later someone crashed into my garage with no insurance (tried to sue me for medical and car damage since it happened on my property). Was dropped immediately after the suite was thrown out.

  11. I personally have, and it pissed me off that people used that as a justified defense of looting and destruction during the protests in the last 2 years. I mean, I get it, people are angry, frustrated, and tired of seeing innocents die at police hands. At the same time, tearing up small businesses isn't gonna help, the property insurance companies will try to write everything off.

  12. I’ve been to two local Portland businesses in the last week where someone drove a car through the front door to steal shit when they were closed.

  13. This is really sad. I used to live in a food desert and every time a locally owned grocery store tried to open they would wind up closing eventually due to thefts and property damage. Even big chains like Kroger, Walmart, and Sears closed stores due to being repeatedly robbed and vandalized.

  14. I live near Niagara Falls NY and a local bakery that had been in business for a hundred years suddenly closed their original location due to two violent robberies in two weeks. The entire downtown is mostly empty due to crime and it will never recover.

  15. I'm originally from Mexico city, I moved to US about 15 years ago. I know impunity very well, that's one of the worst things in Mexico City, nobody does anything against crime. Is like a plague, is caused by a few stupid people, but it expands until it's all gone, small crimes or big crimes it doesn't matter then. People don't trust anyone, criminals grow, they get more powerful, and people live in fear.

  16. I felt it too.. hard to watch a dream die.. harder in this case to feel it so intently with words..I can't believe the state of everything I just can't imagine how much worse it's going to get. It's the older generations that will struggle the most for remembering what life was like only 10 years ago.. It's as if we slipped into another reality..a much much shittier one.

  17. I’m from Portland. Things have been rly tough these past few months. My car has been broken into 4 or 5 times, and my place of business twice. I work in archaeology. These people wanted to steal… rocks. It’s desperation from a lack of support on behalf of the thieves, and no repercussions from authority.

  18. I visited Portland in August for the first time. Had a great trip. Talked to a lot of very nice locals and every single one of them mentioned the homeless and crime issues. I am in DC where we have our share of tent population but seeing how bat it was in Portland was shocking.

  19. I was just there for a wedding and was surprised to see how vast and big the homeless camps/forts are out there. It’s crazy the difference from downtown Portland to Hood River.

  20. How do you feel after this happening so many times? For myself, I think I'd feel violated and need to move after the first few thefts...

  21. It's the 2nd part that's really getting hit hard. Alot of new laws and policies have been recently passed where non felony crimes aren't punished nearly hard enough any more and the result its people perpetually committing these crimes because the repercussions are small

  22. My boss has a family member who chooses to be homeless and has been homeless all over the US. He said the Portland homeless are by far the most violent group he had been around.

  23. Can someone ELI5 to me what is going on across cities with shop lifting and other crimes not being addressed by police?

  24. Portland resident here: Its a multitude of things. The Multnomah County DA (which represents most of Portland) is only going after about 42% of cases even when the immediate counties around are upwards of 85-90%. Police are upset right now because they send the cases when they feel they have sufficient evidence and the DA disagrees, personally this DA sounds like a complete dud. He campaigned on not prosecuting lesser crimes, and hes actually doing what he said, so unfortunately people voted for it. But he also seems overly concerned with his case win %. But none of its really helping.

  25. Local politicians and prosecutors decided the would not prosecute minor property crimes below less than XXX amount (like $500). The goal was to keep petty criminals "out of the system" EG: We dont want to have people losing their jobs because they stole a candy bar.

  26. (A little bit north of Oregon) Over the last couple years, the courts have done their best to not fill the prison up with non violent offenders as the prisons were not really able to incarcerate them responsibly/safely, which has resulted in catch and release offenders with 500+ charges a year.

  27. I can talk a bit about what has happened in Seattle not about Portland though. At the beginning of COVID, the local jails in an effort to curb spread sent out a list to the police of arrests that the jail will accept. They were only taking the most serious arrests and turned away things like shop lifting or property crimes.

  28. Portland went to shit after the great migration to Oregon in the early 2010’s. Then Covid doubled it, and like the another commenter mentioned, other cities grey hounded their homeless to the west and turned it into something unrecognizable from what I’m reading.

  29. I worked for a big retail company in Downtown Portland by Burnside Street close to Powells books. There was theft. Every. Single. Day. No joke I spent almost more time filling out pointless police reports and internal company incident reports more than I did trying just do my fucking job.

  30. We have still yet to experience the full economic effect of COVID-19 (unemployment, reduced tax revenue, all the money being printed by the federal govt and given to banks who then invest in real estate, etc) Look forward to things getting worse

  31. Where I live in Canada the thefts/crime in liquor stores got so bad they had to install booths before you come into the store where they scan a piece of government ID before entry. It dropped thefts down from to something like 2%. This happened after staff at the stores started to be assaulted during thefts for no reason.

  32. I remember back in Mexico when things got bad with violence and crime some stores would just use a small window and you had to tell them what you needed. The staff would then grab it for you and do the transaction that way.

  33. Yeah insurance companies for business coverage is one of the biggest jokes. Made a claim and they gave us 10% of what the original damages were. It’s stupid, but also a necessary.

  34. They did the same to me for an at home break in. Estimated damages and stolen property was $7000. They gave me $700. It didn’t even cover the cost to replace the broken windows.

  35. This is why people would say “you don’t know shit about the small business industry” when the looters during the BLM and other protest turned out and started smashing and grabbing. They would claim that “oh the insurance will cover it, they’re part of the system anyway” and its just like… no, that’s not how it works. These people have never dealt with any insurance problem ever I guess.

  36. Can confirm, am from Portland and my vehicle has been broken into once and the gas tank was drilled into twice for gas siphoning.

  37. It’s getting nuts these days. I live in a small city on the east coast of Canada and work in a laundromat. We also sell cheap pop and chips. In the last 1+ years the incidents of violence and theft and harassment has increased significantly. At a LAUNDROMAT. Just yesterday we had to call the police because a mentally-unstable individual (who had previously been banned) was spitting and threatening to kill people in the store because someone outside didn’t/wouldn’t bum a cigarette to him. We work shifts alone too.

  38. Same here. Small town in Ontario and in the past year there has been more vandalism and theft than in the ten previous combined.

  39. Former Seattleite, small business owner here. This is why I sold my business and left the city last year after 20 (mostly) great years. Crime, homelessness and the erosion of the middle class pushed us away. Never thought I'd say this but metro Detroit is so much more peaceful, the parks are bigger and much more accessible and the people here are more friendly (no Seattle freeze).

  40. Seattle is where I grew up and lived most of my life. We left 3 years ago and the only regret I have is that we didn't leave sooner.

  41. As someone that lives here I can’t be that upset with the sign. Downtown business get vandalized every week. I’ve been assaulted randomly several times over the last year by people with obvious need of mental health support. Lived here my whole life but it’s gone off the rails the last couple years unfortunately.

  42. Same problems in San Francisco. Rampant crime, homelessness, open air drug markets, lack of accountability from authorities.

  43. No better way for your problems to be completely ignored than to suggest how to fix them. Once people know how you suggest fixing the problem, you’re shoe-horned into a group of political hacks 50% of your audience believes is the devil.

  44. The real danger, if you ask me, is if people start “privatizing” protection. That either means mafia-style protection rackets, or Pinkerton-style private police forces for the rich.

  45. There was a video circulating a bit ago where a lady said that people who are looting stores are justified because the store is going to get reimbursed by the insurance company. This might be true for multi million dollar places like Walmart and Gucci, but what if that store is a small business or one that is franchised and owned by someone? Not as likely.

  46. I have a buddy who got his truck stolen in Portland. They found it, with two junkies passed out in it with pipes/needles etc etc and TWO loaded pistols. You know what the cops did? Let the guys go and towed his truck to impound.

  47. This doesn't surprise me; I called the cops more times in my first six months in Portland than in my entire life outside of Portland. You see guys there walking down the street carrying bolt cutters, not even trying to hide the fact they are on their way to steal some bikes.

  48. Same with Denver. Called EMS for a guy that was face down on the concrete and completely non-responsive. When they got there and woke him up the first thing they said to him was "man this is the third time I've seen you today." Then I had to call the cops because a guy was walking down the street, holding a bleeding wound on his stomach, screaming that he'd just been stabbed while multiple people just walked right by and ignored him (likely because of his homeless appearance). It's sad - not just because of the crime but also the frequency of it that's caused people to become indifferent to a man who's literally begging and pleading for help from anyone nearby.

  49. Happening everywhere as you can break the law, get caught, be told to stop it, then released. Perhaps we release all the people in jail for smoking weed and put all these assholes in?

  50. See this is the kind of things that make or break an election, people need to be reminded that it isn't just red vs blue, we need competent officials, the current hostile political environment will never lead to improvements.

  51. Well, Mayor of Portland Ted Wheeler is also Police Commissioner Ted Wheeler. I wish the electorate would do that math.

  52. It’s not just Portland. My wife works in a retail shop in an upscale part of Charleston, SC. The place gets robbed at least once if not several times per week. It’s not ever the registers that are looted it’s the merchandise. Corporate tells all associates to just let it happen. Also, the police do nothing even when they see it happen.

  53. I was at downtown Portland for a week recently. Didn’t see a single cop in the city. Wasn’t until I went to a trailblazers game I saw some.

  54. No because police do not stop crime. This has been a lie that has been going on for many many decades but they don't stop crime. This country has some of the most well funded police in the world. You want to stop crime, you work on resolving poverty which has gone up in the last couple years

  55. PPB is known for not doing jack shit. They withhold service so as to exacerbate the social problems in Portland. The local DA is also overworked and underfunded leading to low conviction rates.

  56. Nobody wants to be a cop, also a lot of people forget that the DA’s office is ultimately the one who makes the call on any kind of prosecution

  57. I was driving on the 84 this morning in Portland and 2 cars with freshly broken windows were driving like lunatics on the shoulder/cutting people off. I'm guessing they were just stolen. Like many big Cities on the west coast, Portland needs to address these issues. It sucks because I really love this place.

  58. There are alot of people who have never truly had to deal with tweaker or druggie regularly. They truly suck and the most selfish people you could know. I have family steal games and consoles from me growing up. From a fucking kid. It makes it hard for me to feel sympathy for them sometimes.

  59. The first comment in this thread that understands what’s happening in PDX. It’s always frustrating seeing a ton of redditors who’ve never stepped foot in PDX theorizing what the problem could be. It’s fucking tweakers first and cops second.

  60. I had to live across the street from some tweakers a few months ago. Their one house made the entire neighborhood bad. I’m glad they got evicted.

  61. I get not wanting to prosecute non-violent crimes like drug offenses, but property crime and theft should be prosecuted. They directly harm law abiding citizens. The fact that DAs across the nation let these criminals go unpunished is a joke. I don’t give a shit if you have a D or R next to your name, if you’re running on a platform to let this shit go unpunished I will not vote for you.

  62. It’s no where near as bad as Portland but yea we get a lot of homeless around here and some crime in the downtown areas

  63. I had a friend who is a small woman get followed by a homeless guy in a rather safe part of SF, she yelled at him that she was going to call the cops, this guy literally laughed in her face. How fucking scary is that?

  64. I have a bunch of friends and family in the city and they tell me that police don’t even respond to property crimes in the city anymore.

  65. I own a business and our office is around the corner from there. Obviously it’s bad, we had people actually break through drywall to get into our office and steal stuff and I’ve had people trying to steal my car in the Yard parking garage. However, I’ve worked in that area for a while (10 years) and I can’t say that it’s gotten worse per se, it just hasn’t improved all that much. The new developments helped, but overall it is and has been a pretty sketchy part of town.

  66. Those Starbucks were closed because the employees were trying to start unions. But that doesn’t sound great so they gave the reason you stated. This doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem in Seattle (there certainly is), but that particular move by Starbucks was union busting.

  67. Man this sucks—Imagine how much money they invested and local jobs now lost for good because a handful of POS couldn’t get their lives together

  68. My Aunt and Uncle have lived in Portland for probably around 20 years and loved it until now. Due to the homeless issues they are considering moving. It’s very sad that this can happen to a place that was so great.

  69. I live in a city with similar issues to Portland (in Canada but still) and the police literally ignore violent crime. I called in an active assault in progress and they never showed up. I had a man try to kidnap me when I was 17, and the cop that arrived said there was no point in looking for the guy because “it happens all the time”. I didn’t understand that rationale but I was too young and scared to question it. My neighbour had his house burn down (arson) and they found a dead body inside (stabbed)…. And that was the end of it. No arrests, nothing. Apathy sucks.

  70. If you live in Portland you'll hear it's late stage capitalism causing this. It's a very popular sentiment. Perhaps it is even true at the most macro level.

  71. Grew up in Portland and I call it home. I went back summer of 2021 for work and I mean yeah COVID was still a thing and it was a few months removed from the riots. Buikdings downtown were still boarded up. But like they have done jack shit about their homeless problem. It was BAD.

  72. It’s tough to stay empathetic for the homeless in Portland. Was there briefly this summer and couldn’t even enjoy walking around.

  73. They can look forward to being like Rust Belt cities where you can drive around and see that growth ended around 19XX because no house looks newer than that era.

  74. Portland and San Fran are two of my least favorite places considering the insanely aggressive or violent homeless people I’ve seen there. My friend also got to see a homeless person do something with a steel traffic barricade I didn’t think was humanly possible!

  75. Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of interacting with the Portland Police Bureau could already tell you this. They're famous for not doing the jobs we're paying them for.

  76. Do you mean Portland specifically or cities generally? Because I’ve lived in New York and DC and I have never experienced anything close to what is being described in Portland.

  77. So no insurance after the third theft. An independent shop can't sustain such losses that a national conglomerate can.

  78. We’ve had corporate stores (Walgreens and such) close in larger cities in California because of the rise in blitz robberies. There have been a lot of brazen robberies where people come in with bags and just take what they want, knowing the police can’t respond quickly enough, and that store associates can’t physically stop them. I haven’t heard much about them happening recently, but even the area I live in wasn’t immune to this happening.

  79. There was a brooks brothers downtown that decided to close a few years back after several break-ins, as they say in the note, whether you’re a small business or a national conglomerate at some point the cost of repairs will outweigh the profit of doing business.

  80. Target, Walgreens, & CVS have closed stores in high theft areas. Their insurance isn’t for all stores, each had its own location based policy.

  81. WTF happened to Portland, man. 15 years ago it was such a nice little city, kind of the perfect mash of Seattle and San Francisco, but more intimate and hipster. Now it's almost as crime ridden as SF is. Goddamn opioids man. Ruining every good city.

  82. Portland is one of the most progressive cities in the world, yet none of their "ACAB ABOLISH ALL POLICE" methods have worked to reduce their high as hell crime rates. I'm a left leaning guy and think police need major reform btw but clearly this is one matter in which maybe they were wrong

  83. On Nextdoor, someone posted that they caught someone breaking in their car and the thief informed them that it was illegal for them to hurt them. WTF??! That’s Portland Oregon.

  84. Someone the other day just said Portland's fine and not getting worse. I used to live 30 minutes away and recently visited family. There's entire blocks covered by homeless people's tents, garbage everywhere. The garbage in underpasses is way worse than it ever used to be. It's terrible.

  85. Blame city leadership for permitting, tolerating, and encouraging lawlessness in Portland. The people rationalizing and defending theft and vandalism (“It’s just a business! That’s why you have insurance!”) obviously aren’t affected by this.

  86. The #1 idiot on the City Commission just lost re-election earlier this month in favor a guy who actually seems like he wants to do something about all of the issues, rather than ignore it and act like it’s just gonna blow over. On top of that, a referendum to significantly alter how the city government operates has a lot of potential. So things could be looking up soon…

  87. Portland Oregon has gotten so bad it’s become a running joke to people who live nearby. At my work (industrial site) we have a few temporary tents for an ongoing projects. We call it little Portland.

  88. I visited Portland last year and expected it to be a nice, quirky, lively downtown based on my limited knowledge of it. We were surprised at the extreme litter, vandalism, burned out vehicle shells, and homeless encampments everywhere. We travel a lot and live near a metropolitan area that isn’t the greatest, but Portland was super sad. I love the Pacific Northwest and in general feel like it’s a very eco friendly area, so the sheer amount of garbage everywhere was a bit shocking. We went to one shop and then left town. I had major Gary, Indiana vibes on our way out of town.

  89. People in this thread complaining the cops don’t do anything, but whenever the cops do arrest them the District Attorney drops the case. From the cop’s perspective, why bother? The dude you arrested will just be back in the street within 24 hours anyways.

  90. My friend is a detective, and hes quitting for this exact reason. He spends hours building a case, gets to court ad judge tosses it without looking. Redditors blaming cops are just shifting the blame from their shitt Soft on crime DAs.

  91. Crime and socioeconomic status have been linked as long as statistics have been around. When people are desperate, they will turn to crime before they starve.

  92. In some place like in CA, you have to steal a certain amount in order to be charged. So if you steal just under 1000 dollars every time, you can bleed the story dry without consequences.

  93. I guess she should have gone full roof Korean. Shoot a couple of those thieves and I bet all of a sudden your business is a bit safer.

  94. There was a small meat shop where i live, they did other oddball stuff like prepaid cellphones and eBay sales and other random shit. Anyway dude comes in to rob them a few years ago, pretty common at three times, the robber runs out the back door into two employees and is joined by the third, they beat the hell out of that guy. Nobody tries to rob the meat shop anymore.

  95. That’s really sad. I couldn’t even imagine the anxiety going to sleep at night wondering if your store would be broken into once again.

  96. Portland is a ruined city. I only travel through every year but it's shocking to see and scary to experience. Amazing that leadership and citizens continue to favor drugged out psychos over good tax paying citizens and businesses.

  97. But reddit you said the heckin wholesome thieves were stealing only insured items so it didn't actually count and wasn't a real crime ;(

  98. Normalizing theft and vandalism is insane. There no excuse in the world to make people break laws to where they suffer no punishment. It sickens me when it trickles down to all employees

  99. I fly for an airline and our security department won’t even let us stay in Portland for PDX layovers. No one even cares the long drive out of town due to how terrible downtown Portland has become. Shame.

  100. My Mom was a small business owner in downtown Portland in the 80’s and I remember so many nights where we were woken up to calls from the alarm company or police because of a break ins. Sadly, this behavior is not new. She left Portland in the early 90’s for the suburbs to get away from the break-ins, vandalism, and daily shoplifters. And she was not in a bad area at all.

  101. Does anyone have the courage to admit to the bottom line here? When you enable people to engage in crime without consequence.. you’re gonna have a bad time. What do you think would happen if you voted for a different agenda than the one that got us here? I don’t mean this to be one political party over another. I’m talking about the language, policies, records and intentions of the individuals that you vote for.

  102. Why don't store owners start spending the nights in their stores with a shotgun? I am sure after a few break ins happen where they get blown out by an armed store owner, they will stop breaking into places really fast.

  103. "Homeless people are just innocent, kind people down on their luck." Yeah, this is what happens with large Homeless populations. Yet people always cry about the poor Homeless people. Until you live in an area that has the issue shut up. It's a constant problem with these dirtbags.

  104. Man, remember when everyone was all about Portland. Everyone moved there cause it was the cool place to move to. It quickly went to shit. Denver is next.

  105. As a person who lives in the nice part of Oregon (out in the deep woods of the cascades) I can tell you from the bottom of my heart, there is nothing you can do to save Portland. It is an awful place full of garbage. Please avoid at all cost. It’s a terrible representation of what Oregon has to offer.

  106. Portland went from solving everything with incarceration (like every other city in the US) to trying to do less of that, but without actually doing anything except using fewer police interventions. Like everywhere else post George Floyd. "Defund" without actually defunding or reallocating the funds, basically.

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