1. Yeah, and he's even saying 37 years young. If you have my dad who's 70 smoke 2 packs a day, give him alcoholism and have him sit in a tanning bed once a week, they might start to become the same age.

  2. Actually makes sense. In arabic we say ”three and seventy” so maybe his brain has a similar bug as mine and tends to mirror numbers

  3. The plant is making this post and is actually 37 years old, the owner of the plant is a vegetable and is 62 years old so the plant is making a joke but nobody picked it up. /s

  4. To be fair, OP never said this was him in the photo. He only claimed the plant. Nice pic of your dad and plant.

  5. If this guy works in social media or analytics, he is killing it on proving how to engage your audience!

  6. I’m 48 and look 15 years younger then this guy. If he is 37. Then he smokes 3 packs a day and strips paint with his teeth

  7. Everyone is missing the point, he’s 37 years /young/. He stopped being young 20 years ago. He’s 57 years /old/.

  8. I’m 60 and he looks more like 57 than 37. I think his fingers slipped on the number keys by 2 keys and he meant to type 59.

  9. Everyone on mobile click on your profile, then Reddit coins, then free gift. Mines not ready to give and I’m poor but if I could buy a gold for him I would. If you have a free award then this man deserves it.

  10. Plot twist: he's indeed 37, had a very, very rough and stressful life and now reddit is making it worse

  11. I asked my wife how old she thinks he is without showing her title. She said 30. I turn 30 in a week and look 50 years younger then this dude.

  12. Take it easy folks. Clearly the poor guy typed 73 backwards. Septuagenarians like to post on reddit as well and I think it's awesome. Nice plant nonetheless.

  13. Man I don't know what it is about being a man and creeping up on 40 but I have a maple tree I've been raising from a seed. It come off a tree at my old house and was growing in a crack in the deck. It's now as tall as me next year in the spring I'll plant it at my new house.

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