1. Yeah, I mildly criticized Israel on worldnews and got permabanned. I guess you can mention the plight of any marginalized group on Earth on this site except Palestinians. Which I guess means Israel is great and can do no wrong!

  2. On every post about Israel and Palestine, the only thing I learn is that I know even less about the conflict than I thought I did.

  3. I know this is sarcasm, but for all the crazy shit about the Trump admin, I do think we will look back at how he was able to broker normalization agreements between Israel and several Gulf states as a turning point in the history of the region.

  4. They’ve demolished every Palestinian home on their border. I can’t remember when they last kept their border crossing with Gaza open for realsies.

  5. Ah yes, the famous recursive refugee status where your children and their children's children will be refugees forever and ever regardless of where you live, your dual citizenship, who you marry... Bravo to the UN for that one. Heck even billionaires in the US can be Palestinian refugees for generations and multiply, you just need to marry one. I'm wondering, is there since 1948 another people on this planet to whom this was granted to? Also, the famous "refugee camps" today with their shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, SUVs, gold markets, really sad.

  6. the Egyptian government’s treatment of Gazans is especially deplorable. as you may know already, Gaza is commonly known to be the

  7. As soneone who served in the ODF and had to collaborate on something with Egypt, ive been told by an Egyptian soldier "here, unlike in israel, they wont even try to do anything because they know what will happen. we can react however we want and the world will not even blink towards us. if you even defend urself you will be judged". that pretty much summs up the reality.

  8. In 2012 Egypt went into Gaza unannounced, bulldozed loads of house, etc. in order to build a moat along the border. I don't see them protesting that...

  9. Yeah but these kids arent Egypt the are Egyptians. The can suport the plight of Palestinians even if there government doesnt

  10. Egypt is one of the world's worst dictatorships. It does not represent its people, and would fall immediately without US support

  11. If theyvwere government officials, maybe. But they are citizens representing their country and then using their platform to support an oppressed and villanized people.

  12. How odd to consider that in the years between 1948 and 1967, when Egypt ruled Gaza and Jordan ruled the West Bank, neither country showed the slightest interest in creating an independent Palestinian State.

  13. The Palestinians also had less rights under the Egyptian occupation in Gaza than the Palestinians have if they go to Israel today.

  14. No, no don't be silly. Everyone was super nice to the Palestinians till Israel showed up. It's all Israel's fault. If Israel wasn't so mean to Palestine they wouldn't have to throw their gays out of windows or treat their women like property. Palestine would be a utopian paradise if Israel would just grant their polite request and just disappear off the face of the earth.

  15. Wasn’t Gaza part of Egypt and the Gazans once Egyptians? Isn’t Egypt’s refusal to take it back and refusal to let them in part of the reason they now have no country of their own?

  16. It's actually a strategy to put pressure on Israel, they don't give 2 fucks about the Palestinians and their imaginary state, as a matter of fact Ismail Haniyeh is now a billionaire living the life in Qatar, he comes back and leaves Gaza every once in a while to say hi and "death to Israel". Lol, what a shit show. Even the Fatah and the Palestinian Authority have no intention to build a Palestinian state, it's all cash flow nowadays, business as usual. Abu Mazen is furnishing his $50M jet and relaxing in his billionaire mansion with all those humanitarian aids, just keep the cameras rollin on the poor Palestinians. What a scam.

  17. Kinda feel bad for the Israeli guy. It's not like he's inheritantly the cause. He just represents the country in a sport he loves.

  18. Egypt? The country that forcibly expelled their entire Jewish population, many who could not get citizenship anywhere so they were forced to move to Israel? That Egypt?

  19. But if any Arab countries actually helped the Palestinians then how would they be able to hate Israel? I'm being a smartass but it's also true. Part of the reason, not a major part but a significant one nonetheless, that the Palestinians are disenfranchised is that their so called sympathizers do not actually wish to materially improve their conditions. It's much easier to just keep on hating the Jews.

  20. Many people in the comments pointing out Egypt does not treat Palestinians particularly well (as in ‘either’, in direct comparison to Israel). The thought has not occurred that these Egyptians, in lifting up the flag of another country besides their own, might be just as much protesting their own country’s policy as much as any other country’s policy. The Israeli competitor next to them has somehow made it so this has to be Egypt (the government) vs Israel (the government), and not two competitors in support of Palestine irregardless of which government is against Palestine and how.

  21. I think the fact that they’re both literally wearing the Egyptian flag on their backs kinda pokes a major hole in everything you just said.

  22. lol, lightly holding a flag up at a wrestling tourney is about all the help Egypt is going to give Palestine. They have no love for their starving muslim brothers, just walls and words

  23. what a shitshow of a comment section, its been a great excuse for people to express their unmoderated hatred of egyptians, palestinians, and jews. Y'all are something else, should probably get locked now

  24. And because they care about Palestinians SO much, for their next stunt surely they will petition their own government to treat Palestianians better, right?

  25. This. Arab countries treat the Palestinians like shit. They are a proxy for a fight against the west. They just let them live in squalor while they ply their own population with sympathy for their cause, doing nothing whatsoever to improve it.

  26. If Egypt loves Palestine so much why don't they just take the Gaza Strip any of the thousands of times Israel has offered it? And why do they prohibit Palestinian immigrants across their border?

  27. Don't think it's the government that's putting them up to this. Egyptians have been arrested for showing Palestinian solidarity in the past at sporting events (

  28. I mean if Egyptians are so worried about the Palestinians, why don’t they just open up their border and let the Palestinians more access into Egypt?

  29. Because everyone who tried to ally w the Palestinian militants got burned by them. Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, all regretted giving them safe haven.

  30. Right, a lot of people could make this point, but Egypt's record with Palestinians isn't much better than Israel.

  31. That part! We can all agree any militant government is bad but the current choice is a country with amazing healthcare and education who support LGBTQ+ rights more than any other country near it..... Or a country that openly expressed the want to kill all Jews, stone women, and hang LGBTQ+ people. It's amazing how much antisemitism clouds peoples logic.

  32. Hilarious Irony since Egypy and Jordan held palestinian territories and done absolutely nothing. When they tried to help, they didnt let the palestinians form their own country

  33. what a great example of how the Palestinian people's suffering is weaponized against Israel, even by the same people causing that suffering

  34. It's slightly bothersome that it seems to be a print of the flag on a slightly oversized sheet of fabric. I mean I get it was probably a short notice thing but lol

  35. The Egyptian government are under the thumb of the USA and receive the second largest annual foreign aid package after Israel. However, a vast number of the Egyptian populace oppose how Israel came to be and the well documented atrocities they continue to commit. It’s not a complicated issue, debate and discussion is just heavily silenced and censored under the guise of “antisemitism” The reason behind the censorship is the complicated issue. Both are worth looking into

  36. Honestly that's tacky. Just bc he's from Israel doesn't mean he supports what is happening, it just feels like they're attacking him for something out of his control imo

  37. It’s funny because Egypt is just as guilty for Palestine as Israel is. Open your borders, Egypt. Let them in instead of treating the area as a dumping ground for your “undesirables” and blaming your neighbors for the condition of the yard.

  38. Egypt controlled Gaza until 1967. In the peace talks with Israel, they demanded the Sini Peninsula back, but not Gaza. Tells you everything that you need to know.

  39. You know what would be nice? Not raising any flags at all. I do so dislike this intrinsic nationalistic dick measuring contest that the world seems stuck on. Nothing on those guys themselves, but I do dislike the global culture behind attributing victories to a country, rather than the individual.

  40. If Israel didn’t fund USA and vise versa there would be a lot more talk of atrocity out there (I’m not picking Israel, Saudi and many middle eastern nations fall into this)

  41. If people in the comments are pissed about this, wait till the Palestinian flag gets raised at the World Cup.

  42. Isn’t that what y’all want? Everybody getting along? Looks pretty friendly to me…but makes me wonder why u used the word against? Id think the less enticing words would be ”along with”

  43. People have no idea how bad it is over there. They cover up so much. No group of people should be treated how the Palestinians are being treated. Good for you Egypt.

  44. Man last I checked Palestinians in the Gaza strip have an easier time getting into Israel than they do Egypt

  45. Have you been to Egypt? Have you been to Egypt as an openly gay person? Someone who opposes the government? Someone who criticizes Islam?

  46. Maybe if they stopped shooting rockets at civilians in the country next to them they wouldn’t get rockets shot back? They should try that sometime since they haven’t tried it yet.

  47. Man wouldn't it be neat if Egypt or other Arab nations did what Europeans did after WW2, and actually accepted refugees and granted them citizenship instead of using them as pawns in a war against the Jews?

  48. Amd where did you get the idea that Egypt doesn't already do that? We have large populations of Iraqis, Syrians, and Palestinians. Most of them are not documented as refugees because they are simply allowed to live, work, and study in Egypt without needing an official refugee status.

  49. This comment section is where people from privileged countries go to take sides, as if they’ve actually experienced the terrible shit going on between both of these countries 😬😬😬

  50. That’s…not true. Israel has peace treaties with many countries including Arab ones and including Egypt.

  51. So sports now is also politics, Great! (BTW, Egypt’s border with Gaza is 1000 times tighter than the Israeli border 😂)

  52. Yes! Free them from Hamas! Free the women and lgbtq! And the children being used as pawns instead of being given a chance to grow in good health and get a solid education!

  53. That's excellent. One day people will learn of the atrocities that Israel has committed against Palestine 🇵🇸 - Israel is a terrorist state. And you'd be hard pressed not to be sickened by all Israel has done in its murderous past

  54. Use your children as suicide bombers many times in the name of Allah and become the victim. Just wow.

  55. Yup, reddit got this one wrong. When you start siding with a country no better than Iran or Qatar, then you need to reevaluate your ethics.

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