1. You joke but they even made social ad in which grandpa volunteers for war and family then get a car after his death.

  2. Also, then imagine being given one clip, no tunicates or additional ammo while believing Russia has the most elite army in the world.

  3. They look older the more you look, last 2 rows look like they were old enough to have watched the moon landing news coverage

  4. Keep talking to us. We want to hear about life. I'm on the edge of the hurricane near Florida now. Time doesn't go on forever for one person unless they are heard.

  5. I'm not sure if they are conscripts at all. Or that it's filmed now. You see, it's autumn in Russia now, but it's not noticeable in the photo.

  6. Those poor men. Once again average people have to be put in the death grinder to satisfy the vanity of a megalomaniac

  7. Yup... politicians are a cancer to humanity. My idea is that war should be replaced with something where the two national leaders fight it out in hand-to-hand combat until they learn to talk it out or one dies. When one dies, he's replaced by the next lowest guy until you reach two people who actually matured past toddlerhood and can learn to cooperate.

  8. Russian officers had better watch their backs. Officers around conscripts tend to suffer an abnormally high rate of accidents...

  9. That old guy is an officer. Three small stars on his shoulders mean senior lieutenant. Obviously called up from reserves.

  10. I doubt anyone envies them. What I do know is many redditors hate them. Because they didn’t rise up and overthrow the government. Thinking somehow it is easy.

  11. Yeah I want to make a joke and 40k reference about the chaplain but these men are going to die through no fault of their own, just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. This is sad but this is life.

  12. One story from the sinking of the Moskva was that of a crewman who had just joined the navy because he needed a military service record to apply for his dream job as a train driver.

  13. I saw a video asking Russian prisoners to fight. If they survive 6 months then they get a full pardon. If they decide to not fight once on the front line then they will be executed. This is sad on so many levels

  14. What you have to wonder is, what is the cost of this secondary backup army that us arresting and cajoling the first army into being?

  15. They did this before, but when they were done with the war and survived they put them back in the gulag. They were bottom tier prisoners called bitches and thus the suka war happened.

  16. I hope this helps period realize these people are human beings with people who care about them back home. Just because they're the enemy didn't mean they're mindless orcs

  17. It's more than one person. It is likely whoever makes it out on top after Putin is taken out does not stop the war unfortunately, at least not right away. Not much short of true revolution will stop this.

  18. Yup! Politicians are a cancer to humanity. Every Ukranian and Russian who has died or will die in this war, their blood is on Putin's hands.

  19. I hate to say it, but it's not just the ego of one person, even though he's the one with most of the decision-making power. It's for the ego of the wider Russian public.

  20. Many Russians support this war, unfortunately. The west continues saying it's Putin's war, but it really isn't. One or 100 or 1000 people can't draw an entire country into a war. As hard it might be to believe it substantially more than that.

  21. You can see their amazing training has taught them much, such as how to point the barrel of their gun at other people. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  22. And it took them just a little bit less than 7 months against a single country with some western equipment to get there.

  23. They dont even know they are going to Ukraine. In fact they are told they wont be. There is a recent video on Ukraine subreddit of a captive who is facetiming his mother and the moment she finds out he is in Ukraine her face is one of shock, anger and despair and cries that she was told that they wouldnt be sending them to Ukraine.

  24. This is very sad all those men are from very poor region why they don’t send the man from Moscow the rich boy these people don’t have another choice I hope they surrender when they get Ukraine they are dead for nothing 🥲💔🥹☮️🙏

  25. FWIW, carrying rifles that way is very much standard military practice throughout the world at special events. Like parades, and stuff. Whenever troops need to be made into public spectacle. And these people are very much being paraded around.

  26. I remember basic training in 2019. My drill sergeants told us how serious a threat from Russia could potentially be. I am happily disappointed in Russia’s military capabilities

  27. a uniform, a weeks training, some holy water.....their life expectancy is now measured in days, rather than years.....fuck Putin

  28. Imagine living through a completely pointless and disastrous Afghanistan war, two pointless and disastrous Chechnya wars, just to be forcibly drafted into a pointless and disastrous war against the people you fought the previous wars shoulder to shoulder with. What a life.

  29. Why does their priest look like Daniel Radcliffe playing John Lennon wearing a French maid’s outfit blessing the troops with a wet feather duster?

  30. That cotton armor is going to stop bullets dead. And with winter coming on I am sure it will keep them toasty warm.

  31. none of the men pictured can be seen to be wearing pants either, silly russians are going to fight this war shirtcockin' it.

  32. That douchebag wouldn’t be smiling so big if he was in the same uniform as all these other poor bastards about to be shipped off to a warzone

  33. Poor bastards forced into the meat grinder. I appreciate that the Ukrainians have basically said "surrender and you'll be treated well," because holy shit this is a sad lot.

  34. So, how long have you been in the clergy? Well it's strange I got the call from God about Saturday afternoon ish. But believe me I've wanted to be in the clergy my whole life. No honestly really I just really decided to fall through with my dreams Sunday morning

  35. Putin thinks Westerners are dumb, naïve children to think things like that. We'll find out whether he's right.

  36. They dont need names they are just patriots defending the Russia from invaders…..or whatever Putin told them.

  37. I swear ive seen this same photo, but it's from decades ago before their Afghanistan campaign. Not a single thing has changed. These poor men are about to go to their deaths for a coward hiding out in the forest.

  38. To their credit many are showing resolve, but if you look for the few younger faces you can still see the fear.

  39. This is so fucked. I can't believe that in 2022, there are two civilized countries going to war over land. This is the kind of shit that was going on in 19th century Europe. It shouldn't be happening now. It's ridiculous.

  40. "Remember, the genocidal rape and mass executions you're about to perform, like the wonderful lads you're following, are completely blessed by the Holy Mother Church."

  41. Lol, that's not a "conscript", that's a senior lieutenant. He is way too old for conscription (which tops out at 35) and his shoulder boards have three stars:

  42. Good analysis, but I doubt they are looking at months of training. I think we may be looking at Putin’s 1st Brigade of Bullet Sponges. They may get a set of battle rattle on their way out the door but I’m genuinely curious if Putin and friends can keep them supplied at the conscription numbers we’ve learned. Regardless, this makes me sad and I hate it.

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