1. What has happened? We need to know who scored, as we see Lance Stroll taking a selfie one more time...

  2. We didn’t realize he was in the back until after! We were taking a picture with our friend (between us)

  3. The Office, “Sonic The Beethog 2: Secret of the Ooze” is the ninth episode of the twenty-first season and ninety second season overall.

  4. It took me several seconds before I realized Gretzky was WAY in the background. I was wondering when he went bald.

  5. He didn’t photobomb you. He just saw you guys taking a creep shot crappily disguised as a group selfie and waved

  6. My husband just said “fuck Wayne Gretzky” and I was like stunned, but he filled me in on the MAGA bullshit. So disappointing, he’s a legend.

  7. More like you tried to sneak take a photo of The Great One but he saw you doing it. Cool either way.

  8. This was clearly a stealth attempt to get a photo of Gretzky under the pretenses of taking a selfie, except that it wasn’t so stealthy…

  9. You gotta save this bad boy in every cloud storage you can afford and a nuclear-biological-chemical proof bunker.

  10. I thought you were talking about the guy in the middle and, boy, did I think I had some disappointing news for you.

  11. i thought you were talking about the bald guy.. i was thinking that there was no way that guy is wayne gretzky

  12. I have an 85-86 Oilers tribute puck with all the team signatures. Still have the paper from when Gretzky got traded. Seeing him play back then was magic.

  13. They didn’t photo bomb you, they just casually inserted themselves in your photo to make it more interesting

  14. Did you know Wayne Gretzky and his brother holds the record for most photobombs in NHL with 80085? His brother has 4

  15. Fucking Wayne Gretzky... Hi stick to Gilmour that he was never called for. LA goes on to beat Toronto and plays Montreal in the SCF. Toronto had Montreal's ticket all season

  16. Why not just be honest and say you and your dad took a selfie with him in the background? Weird mentality you have.

  17. Just wanted to say that this is truly awesome. Both that he was cool enough to do that, and that you had that moment with your Dad. That picture should be above desk forever!

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