1. I ate there. The meals that each of them ordered that day are immortalized on the menu as specials. And there's a picture of the two of them together on the wall.

  2. I watched this show and wanted to try what they ate. Found the only Vietnamese restaurant around my city that served it. On the menu its description “Bun Cha - Obama’s favourite”. It was delicious too.

  3. How was it? We wanted to go when we were in Hanoi, but some locals told us it wasn’t that great. They seemed to think it was only picked as a location because it was a favorable security position compared to something in the old quarter. Kind of regret not going. Everything we ate was delicious so I doubt we would have thought differently.

  4. I would obviously buy one of those two specials, but I’m having a hard time deciding which one of their two orders I would, in fact, order. (Stipulating that I could only order one.)

  5. I love Obama and agree with every part of his tweet except the cold beer! I went there in 2018 and ordered the “Obama Cha” meal - the beer is warm and they give you a glass with ice if you want to chill the beer. The beer *we were served in SE Asia gets warm extremely quickly unless you chug it. And this restaurant was really humid inside.

  6. I like to think that above all of the sadness, Anthony Bourdain would be laughing at the fact that so many people are commenting on Obama's ass in this picture.

  7. Pretty sure anyone who had the pleasure of sharing a meal with Tony would remember it for the rest of their lives, even a former President.

  8. They talk about their daughters in this episode, which I rewatched right after Bourdain died. I cried then and could probably cry again right now.

  9. If others haven’t read them - I’ve been re-listening to his audio books (medium raw & kitchen confidential) while I cook dinner lately. They have a really good perspective on things and interesting professional kitchen stories. His interview on “have a good trip” on Netflix was a neat find lately too.

  10. Anthony Bourdain seems like the type of person who would legitimately treat Barack like he was anyone else and not genuinely be impressed by him being president.

  11. Probably easier when you're sitting in a diner on stools together. Sitting across the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office is probably a different experience.

  12. Agreed. I felt this way about Jerry Seinfeld talking to Obama in the "Celebrities in Cars Drinking Coffee" episode, as well.

  13. Thats how you should treat everybody. The guy in front of you might be the President of the US or someone who has a mental handicap and needs daily care. Both eat, poop, sleep, have worries and are doing their best. Ill treat both with the same respect and will expect the same. Thats how you live in a society.

  14. I’ve watched a few episodes recently. It breaks my heart that someone who saw so much, explored the world, met other amazing people and did more in his life than most people ever will, couldn’t find anything to hold onto. If someone like Bourdain could succumb to his depression...just a scary, sad reality.

  15. I went through so many deep and insightful comments just looking for this thinking SOMEONE else had to have pointed it out lol

  16. More info: "President Barack Obama dined in Hanoi, Vietnam, on Monday with CNN personality Anthony Bourdain, whose Parts Unknown food travelogue is one of the network's most popular nonfiction series. Bourdain met with Obama to discuss the purpose of Obama's trip to Asia and his interest in the people, food and culture of Vietnam, CNN said. A huge crowd gathered outside the restaurant Bun cha Huong Lien, then let out a cheer when the president came out. Obama shook a lot of hands and waved repeatedly before vanishing into the motorcade. Bourdain later tweeted that the meal cost $6, and he picked up the check." - Associated Press [2016]

  17. How funny would it be if others had the same story of Obama just bailing on the check. "Yeah, I got to have lunch with the president; he said he needed to use the bathroom and just Irish good-byed on the check."

  18. I went to this restaurant in Vietnam and they have the table under plastic as a show piece and pictures from that episode on the wall. It was crazy busy and a few people took a picture of me. Not because I'm anyone, because I was a foot taller than anyone there and black probably

  19. Asian-Asians love black folks man, as I’m sure you know. I went there with a large group, some of which were black. All I heard was “chocolate man! Chocolate man! 50 cent, Barack Obama! Buy a suit maaaaan!”

  20. Its interesting that the two kinds of comments are either about Bourdains death and how it effected people, or about how Barack Obama is thicc.

  21. Me too, he was just so effortlessly cool. I can't watch his newest season as Canada doesn't stream it anywhere and it's just a reminder of what'll happen. Like seeing a favourite movie when you already know the sad ending.

  22. Even if it weren't them this would be a great picture. Two tall men at a table not built for tall people.

  23. Robin williams is the only celebrity death that made me cry. I used to feel pretty confused when people would say they missed a celebrity that had died. I felt like “how could you miss someone you have never met?”. I fucking get it now.

  24. Relax it just means no smoking. Definitely doesn’t have anything to do with elite pedophile rings or any missing gloves that Tom hanks photographed

  25. Anthony Bourdain made me want to travel ever since I was a little kid watching his show on the travel channel. I wanted it so bad, and I couldn’t wait to get out of college to finally take a big trip.

  26. It's like a double whammy of that who would you have dinner with if you could pick anyone in the world. What a great picture and positive thought.

  27. Unbelievable and very Un-Presidential and very un-American for him to have his elbow on the table

  28. More like fox would be: "Breaking news: Obama doesn't care if people are depressed". in the voice of tucker carlson : 'just look at him sitting there enjoying his drink while speaking to a clearly troubled man. Shame on him, shame on everyone who stands for this malicious indifference to Andrews serious illness'.

  29. I wonder how the Secret Service allowed Obama to eat food that wasn't made by his own food handlers. Saw a show on History channel, and don't think they'd allow this.

  30. So there's a sacrificial guinea pig that makes sure food isn't poisoned? I wonder how one gets that job, and what it pays.

  31. Case the restaurant, run background checks on the staff. Can the cook be trusted? If not, I gotta kill him, dispose of the body, replace him with my own guy, no later than 4:30.

  32. You're thinking of a "jester". I don't think that's how it works anymore. Anyways, that's on you for believing something you heard on the network that aired Ancient Aliens.

  33. Went there a few years ago. They renamed it something something Obama. So it’s touristy now but very good still.

  34. It was a really interesting episode; but I absolutely disagree with them both on this: ketchup absolutely belongs on hot dogs.

  35. I never understood the argument or why people debate that ha. If you like ketchup on your hotdogs go for it, if you like something else go for it as well. It's a condiment, whatever you prefer is what belongs on the hotdog :-)

  36. I went to the same place with my dad and stepmom in the summer of 2019. It was great and they had amazing food. Still have the pictures on my phone. My dad passed away suddenly this past January. I wish I could’ve gone on more trips with him.

  37. Anthony Bourdain is one of the big chefs who really got me into my love of food and cooking. Though I may not do it professionally, it’s still a great passion of mine for my own entertainment and joy. He was truly and incredible man. Rest well, Chef.

  38. I've eaten here, too, good friends, tasty food, cold beer, places like this will make you fall in love with the wonderful country that is Vietnam

  39. I was lucky enough to meet Bourdain in a tiny restaurant much like this one in Laos. Super cool guy and when he was done with dinner he just hopped on his motorcycle and drove off. I kept thinking what a bad ass!! True legend, RIP

  40. President of the United States and massive name television eating together and no one in the room seems to care

  41. I came across this restaurant while I was in Vietnam, it's a tourist trap now unfortunately. I also hunted down Bourdains favorite snail soup spot in Hanoi through determination and deep diving in some forums. I went to a food market in Hoi Ann with 30 or so vendors with small stands offering various soup and foods, when you enter everyone is beckoning for your patronage (idk if that's a word) and I walked through the mob offerings only to see a nice Olde lady minding her business at her stall, no tourists clamoring for beer or food there, so I stopped and had an amazing soup she made. When I went to thank her I noticed a framed picture of her with Anthony Bourdain, pure strike of luck that I ended up eating at his favorite ladies little food stall amongst a sea of others

  42. Bourdain was like the ultimate child hero for me. He would go to all these places I had never heard of, not just to eat great food, but to meet people and truly experience the culture, in a deeply personal way that would teleport the viewer as if they were experiencing it firsthand. Without him I might never have become so vested in the outside world full of different cultures, and I never would have thought to try foreign foods I might never have before. He was such a great person and I still can't believe he's gone.

  43. What do dont see off camera is spec ops securing the area, the presidents security detail behind him, the convoy of bullet proof cars and Biden acting like a sniffer dog near children.

  44. I was in Vietnam when Obama came. The level of excitement and happiness of the citizens was palpable. They truly loved and welcomed the man. It's a shame what misinformation has done to his image in the years since.

  45. I miss Anthony so much, watching his show always made me feel like I was traveling around the world, RIP

  46. Why is this taged as Politics? this has nothing political about it. Obama doesn't hold public office anymore

  47. I think the tag is just to be safe, and I don't think this post is political, but Obama is def still a political figure who endorsed Biden last year.

  48. You’re getting downvotes but thank you for telling it like it is. Reddit loves to criticize only Trump and Bush but Obama ain’t a hero either

  49. How’s he an oligarch? I get the whole “US Presidents are war criminals” since it basically goes with the job. But oligarch? He has no actual power now besides the power of celebrity; the standing government doesn’t give him privilege to do anything besides exercise his free speech rights. He’s no oligarch.

  50. If the meal isn't prepared by the white house staff, a member of secret service is dedicated for restaurant meals and things like this as a food taster - they secure the restaurant before and check that everything is safe

  51. Like so many of Tony’s shows, greatcontext, great discussion, and wonderful local food.

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