1. There was this one guy in my school van would flip his eyelids and I would get so scared of him. Looked too creepy. He would sometimes flip it and then randomly poke his head from under the seat. shudders

  2. hahaha never knew how to do that, but my grandma was doing it to scare me. I was so afraid when she did that, and she was just laughing at me. she was a great woman 😄

  3. My optician does that to me at every checkup and it just feels awful. I don't know why anyone does it for fun.

  4. “Sir, I think both you and the dread pirate roberts are misunderstanding the primary goal of the mask policy.”

  5. There's a passage in the amazing podcast Wind Of Change where they interview a former CIA officer who describes herself as the equivalent of Q in James Bond.

  6. It was a pretty good podcast, glad Spotify is putting out interesting and original content. One minor gripe is I couldn’t stand how Patrick says the A on the end of CIA.

  7. There's a display about that meeting at The Spy Museum in DC, I was just there this week. Theyve got a photo of the mask, but the mask itself is still in CIA possession.

  8. There's also an exhibit on this story in the Spy Museum in DC! Which is an awesome museum right next to a really cool area btw. Definitely worth checking out once we're out of the end times

  9. I have been raving about this podcast to everyone I know! A little slow on the start, but absolutely fascinating.

  10. I heard that whole podcast, too, and it’s exactly what came to mind when I saw this as well. Cheers!

  11. People around the world buy this mask and go around committing crimes with this mask. Meanwhile the model it’s based on is sitting at home eating cereal when the police barge in and charge him with armed robbery in 4 different countries in the span of a week and 10 murders. “You’re going away for a long time you sick fuck!”

  12. For those of you stating that unless the person is doing something illegal the GOV has no reason to track them you're 100% wrong.

  13. I know is almost impossible these days not to be a data mine but damn, things are going Big Brother so fast is scary. Awesome comment.

  14. If he is not walking like the people of the ministry of silly walks, it's useless as software is able to determine who you are by

  15. "I have a pebble in my shoe, it's fine" -dude in clothes he's worn in public pictures on facebook with a smart phone and a smart tv who googled directions to the protest

  16. Can i trick this with wearing uncomfortable shoes with a small sharp stone in it? That would make my gait different enough. Asking for a friend obviously.

  17. Reminds me of the movie 'Minority Report', when Tom Cruise's character has to undergo eye transplant surgery and turn his face temporarily into mush in order to avoid the city's face recognition tech.

  18. Gait recognition already exists. It's quite effective, it can't be fooled by trying to walk strangely as it is based partially on the placement of your bones and muscles.

  19. Advanced algorithms can also identify you by your clothes, height, posture, gait, destinations and other personal characteristics. It's truly insidious, and we need widescale protections against these surveillance techniques sooner rather than later.

  20. I think these technologies would need a lot of film on you to analyse your particular characteristics. They are not something that could be quickly or easily used against random people. You can also change your gait with mechanical aids - heel lifts, a pebble in your shoe, a bandage on your knee, etc. The real reason President Trump had trouble walking down that ramp was because he is using 2" lifts inside his shoes. He walks like woman in high heels because he is in high heels.

  21. Look up the price of silicone masks - based on quality and extras (e.g., implanted hairs) they generally run $300-$1000+

  22. I'm gonna get one of those made of myself, but with 25 years shaved off. See if maybe I can grab Linda's attention again like I did back... well, 25 years ago.

  23. But when I wear somebody else’s face it’s “psychotic” and “an abomination” and I’m some “evil lunatic”. Dual standards in this world.

  24. Then they make it a crime and if you got caught using a mask in public you go to jail... Very easy to solve.

  25. The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

  26. Stupid question but wouldn’t facial recognition recognize that the was a mask and be able to find it on the next camera ... so ok we don’t know who it is but hey he’s right there

  27. Unfortunately for the wearer, the CCTV camera identified the person as Uyghur and is presently being re-educated at a fine Han facility.

  28. I read somewhere that you can also be tracked according to your gait, so this guy/girl may want to put a knee splint to throw off the authorities.

  29. The problem is that they already have other biometric tracking systems that can identify a person based on their gait. I know it sounds ridiculous, but our stride is as individual as our fingerprint, and is easily recognizable.

  30. We can’t even handle cloth masks, but I’m sure the doomsdayers will be lining up to wear these.

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