1. Homeowners or renters insurance usually covers things that are stolen on vacation - you may need proof of having made a report to the police so I’d look into it before you get home.

  2. My homeowner’s policy only covered up to a $1000 in equipment. Since I found that out I have a separate rider specifically for my camera gear. Important to note that they quoted me two separate policies. One for business that had to have at least $1000 deductible.

  3. That sucks. It is very common in Costa Rica for that type of theft to happen. Thieves will typically spot you taking pictures, or just doing work in your laptop and get a feeling of what your valuables are, and then follow you. Once you stop somewhere (say to get a smoothie) they’ll break your car window and steal your shit. This is most likely what happened. Never leave anything in your car when in Costa Rica. No bags, no clothes, no shoes, no nothing. Always make sure you are not being followed (especially if you look like you are not from there). It sucks, but reality is your things most likely got sold already. Sorry about your stuff. I’ll suggest putting your things in your trunk or taking them with you and not leaving them in your car when you are there. Kind of like if you were in San Francisco or L.A.

  4. Having grown up in a big city, it's engrained in me to never leave valuables in the car. Even putting them in your trunk is dangerous because if someone sees you put things in there, they'll break in. It happened to us in NYC in broad daylight. One time someone broke into my trunk and stole my backpack... full of dirty gym clothes.

  5. This just goes for any place really nowadays, smash and grabs are all to common. I just bring my shit with me or hide it in the trunk out of sight.

  6. Word of advice that you probably already realize by now: if you have gear this expensive, it's worth getting a personal items insurance policy for it, just in case. That really sucks, man. At least you have your R5. That's a pretty expensive item. It will take time, but you can rebuild what you lost. Try not to get too down about it. As much as it sucks, you all are personally safe and that's what really counts.

  7. I doubt Costa Rica is safer than Vancouver. Anyone from Latin America knows you can't leave anything in your car.

  8. Yup, I couldn’t believe it when I was on a trip with 2 other photographers and they were prepped to leave 4 bags of expensive equipment in the car because it was late and they were heavy and they just wanted to get in the hotel to sleep. The area gave me super sketchy vibes and I was like, “grab your bags, this is all going inside!”

  9. People do that shit all the time. I live in a decent area in Florida and weekly on Nextdoor I see people complaining about how kids are opening their unlocked car doors at night and stealing the wallets, guns, bags, house keys, and other valuables that they leave in there.

  10. Right? If I ever leave anything in the car I know I'm risking it, even take it with me if I'm quickly popping into the shop

  11. You dont know the situation though. If you quickly go in a supermarket and be gone for 10 minutes stuff like this can happen. Leaving it overnight or not even checking criminality advice when visiting south america... yes thats would be not so smart

  12. How constructive. Didn’t op say as much as you already? What does this add to the post beyond salt in a raw wound? OP my advice: as someone who did all he could to avoid theft of a personal item of great value to me, and still lost it, stop blaming yourself. Correct what you can, focus on what you can do, & begin moving on. Focusing on (popular) victim-blaming Bullshit won’t get your cameras back, it doesn’t chasten you, or focus you, & it certainly doesn’t ensure you won’t have anything stolen from you again: in my experience victim-blaming only delays moving on.

  13. I'd say your first order of business is to hit up the embassy so you can inquire on how to get a replacement passport (or ID at least) so you can legally exit Costa Rica and enter your home country. Visit any place that has a computer for public use and reach out to friends and family and ask them to wire you some money for food/housing and a burner phone for communication. Also notify your bank(s) and credit card companies so they can lock your accounts (and call a credit reporting agency so they can lock your credit profile). Keep a copy of the police report for reference.

  14. “I don’t even want to open my eyes because I’m surrounded by so many beautiful things that I could have taken pictures of” - don’t forget to experience life with your own eyes too! Yes this is a photography page, but don’t let the thought of not taking photos of absolutely everything ruin your honeymoon. You’re still with your partner on a holiday, enjoy it!

  15. That just sucks. If you are a member of PPA, professional Photographers of America, your membership includes insurance for your gear, laptop, etc. it’s totally worth the $25 or so a month.

  16. It only covers cash value. It's an ok plan but I'd recommend something better. I had to make a claim. You aren't getting the geqr back without shelling out a lot of cash. They depreciate lenses faster than the market. I believe it's 10% a year. It's not a replacement plan. It's better than nothing.

  17. Too late now, but I always have trackers in my bags. One even on my camera itself. I'm obsessed with not losing anything. If you can back up your cards periodically through the day and keep the drive on your body. Or keep the cards on you, but that is a hassle when you want to snap a pic real quick.

  18. Reading this I don't even know what to feel. Whenever leaving my house with my backpack (which is able to store all my equipment. 2 zooms 2 primes and a camera) I never take it off my back. The thought of losing everything, not only monetarily but emotionally.

  19. You’re right… the emotional loss is what is hitting the hardest. I had so many amazing pictures that we were so excited to take. We hiked to waterfalls, drove around at night looking for graffiti, met friends we haven’t in 8 years… and all of those amazing moments are lost because some asshole makes a living from stealing. I definitely learned a lesson here. I either need to invest way less into “material” things, or I need to keep these things on me at all times. Then again, keeping them on me wouldn’t stop someone with a gun (which also happens here).

  20. My camera was stolen from my room when I had a party about 12 years ago. I didn't get to replace it until like 2018, because circumstances never allowed me to save up for a new one. It was devastating and after finally getting a new one, I'm just not nearly as invested in it as I was at the time. (and now I have kids and other priorities, I just don't have the time)

  21. Yeah… I was just trying to transition from amateur to professional. I spent Years saving up to buy the right equipment and now that I finally managed it… it’s all gone. I’m really not sure how to move forward. My amazing wife said she’ll help me replace my lenses, but we have the baby on the way and I feel like maybe I need to cut my loses and go back to my 9-5 and give up my dream.

  22. You’re not alone, 2 years ago I got my backpack stolen with my camera, and 2 zooms (1 zoom was worth $900 the other $600), an SD with amazing pictures/memories I’ll never get back, iPods, phone charger and other miscellaneous stuff. All together it was about $2,000+ and it hurt. I’ll never get any of that stuff back but I realized it’s not the end of the world. I’ll never completely get over it but I’ve learned from it. Wish you the best of luck and hope you continue on your journey. Good luck.

  23. I'm so, so, so sorry, OP. I would be unbelievably devastated. I would say I hope you have everything insured, but I don't so it would be hypocritical to ask.

  24. dude that really sucks.... i had someone break into my car while i was sleeping in it when I went to San Francisco.... lost some images that i didnt have a chance to back up.... that really fucking blows, but realistically in the grand scheme of life a couple grand is nothing compared to the life of you and your fam.... at least you have the $4000 body still. as a rule of thumb NEVER leave your shit in your car if you're away from it for more than a couple minutes... even then its risky. EVEN IF ITS IN THE TRUNK!

  25. that sucks, was it sitting in the back seat or like a trunk? Habit of mine if I'm going to leave my bag in my car is to place it in the trunk before I leave a location so that someone can't see me putting it there when I arrive somewhere. I don't trust anybody XD

  26. Damn, that sounds like a dream at this point… I’ll try putting information out there and hopefully something similar can happen. Thanks for the useful tip!

  27. I live in KC and am a sports photographer. About a month ago I went outside before going to work and noticed my car door was slightly ajar. I was dumb for leaving my backpack in the car. I know that. And I never, ever did it before. My brain just slipped up. They took everything.

  28. Instead of everyone worrying about the price of the items missing and / or telling OP they should have kept their items safer

  29. I see people saying that you should never leave anything in the car, but OP is talking about a 20min stop. You can't just always take every bag (laptop bag, camera bag,...) with you, can you?

  30. Yes you can. If I have my camera gear with me and I need to stop by a store to get a snack for the drive, I'm taking my gear in with me. Even though I'm only gone for 5 minuts. I've seen and heard way too many stories of people loosing everything in an unattended car.

  31. Yeah I was a freelancer for a wire service and had everything stolen. Everything. Left it in the car. My own mistake. Nothing to do but rebuild.i did but it took time and family to help. You have two "eyes as cameras" and your brain as memory cards. It sucks and I an really really sorry. My theft took place 35 years ago and it still hits me. Live and learn. Good luck.

  32. Well, different situation and I had travelers insurance but when I got robbed from my camera, phone, wallet, and other stuff in my backpack in Cambodia, I went to the police station, got a written report, sent it and pics of my gear to the insurence company, and eventually got reimbursed for everything. Sorry for your loss bud n

  33. From my a little different experience (racing bicycle), until you replace it, it will burn.

  34. If you’re in an area prone to theft. A trick is to take a beat up igloo cooler and put your camera bag into it. Or pack it with peel and pluck foam and make it your bag. My dad used to shoot film and would do this to keep his camera and film cool in the summer, but looking into his car you didn’t see anything valuable.

  35. I worked for a production company that sent a crew to Paris one year to shoot Fashion Week. While the whole crew was dining at a nice restaurant, the cameraman had the large shoulder bag with the video camera and all accessories stolen right from under his chair. No one saw it happen.

  36. I’ve done it myself. In my own garage in Santa Monica. I left my camera, with a fulls days worth of cards, lights, tripods, back up gear and $500 cash for tips and lunch because we where eating at food trucks. I had a long day, was home around 11pm and had to leave again at 6. I was so tired and said to myself “what’s one night?”

  37. Love to give advice, but had my cam + long lens stolen by someone I invited in, also wife left her bag in car, was broken in and bag stolen, we all know the drill, then one day we just don't take precautions. However, do consider buying 2nd hand, work hard, do whatever gigs come your way, just don't get back into a 9-5. It is the worst.

  38. Why would you leave all this shit in your car in a poverty riddled country. Like I feel bad for you but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure man.

  39. You think I don’t know this? If you’re just here to be an asshole, you’re doing a great job of it.

  40. Something something the things you own end up owning you etc. Sorry it happened, but to ease the burn you could treat it like an enforced break from everything you knew. And/or a chance to pick up a cheap film camera from a random shop and have some careless analog fun shooting whatever.

  41. That is terrible. Now be happy for what you do have, a beautiful pregnant wife and you’re in costa rica the most magnificient country on earth. I just had a credit card shipped here from my canadian bank, and the embassy can help you with your passport. The rest is material and maybe this can help you realize what is truly important. It could have happened anywhere.

  42. You don't even leave that stuff in car in the states let alone costa rica... Sorry but that was really dumb. Not sure why downvoted, this was just dumb and careless. I don't even leave my gym bag with cheap dirty shoes in front of my car. Broken window cost more than the bag.

  43. I live in Japan. You leave your phone and wallet at the table to save your spot while you order your coffee. After being there 8 years, I got sloppy.

  44. Sorry to hear, been there, it's been over a decade for me, but I hastened my move from film (Canon EF gear stolen) to digital and actually went mirrorless. It took me a while to recover, I've really ramped up acquiring new gear as Sony's been refreshing their lens lineup. I'm definitely more contentious to take my bag with me, and at a minimum I ensure the backup drive or sd cards are with me, as the gear is replaceable the photos are not.

  45. Was it out in the open visible through the window? Or in the trunk? I guess this would depend on the car you have.

  46. I’m so sorry… I hope you’re able to get your things back. For future reference, I would definitely buy a tracker. I use an Apple Air Tag to track my things and it alerts me when they stray too far. Also, if you NEED to leave things in the car, keep them in the trunk and never visible.

  47. That Bites OP. First thing go to Embassy to get your passports worked out. The equipment will take sometime to rebuild. Try and enjoy the rest of your time. I'm so sorry this happened to you.

  48. I have a rule I never break. I either drive out of my way to leave my gear at my house and then go eat, or I bring everything with me while I eat. There is no in between, all it takes is 1 minute to lose everything. I’ve even invested in an AirTag to leave in one pocket of my camera bag.

  49. My husband's friends went down to Costa Rica to get married and they're gamers so they brought xboxes and a bunch of other stuff and left them in the hotel room. They got broken into and all of their stuff stolen too.

  50. Ah that really sucks - I hope you had backups of the most important data but it's gonna sting for a long time. I hope you do get reunited with your stuff somehow

  51. Tbh I’d be far more upset about losing my passport than anything else. I lost mine once in India (stolen). It was a huge hassle beyond belief to get a replacement. Good luck OP.

  52. I take my bag with me everywhere I go. Had my gear stolen twice while working. I had a very special sketchbook that I’d been drawing in since I was in high school. Never. Again.

  53. Man I really feel for you. Loosing everything id devastating. I assume you don’t have proper insurance? I would never ever leave any equipment unattended in a car or anywhere that’s not a locked room on location and I live in the UK. Never trust cars.

  54. It might be against Reddit policy to post GoFundMe's but please DM me yours. This is my worst fear. The solace I can offer is that in a year this will hurt less and in like two years it will just be a shitty memory.

  55. Thank you so much. My wife and family are all willing to pitch in financially to help me recover, but I really don’t handle receiving help gracefully… maybe this is my chance to learn how to do that. I don’r know exactly how to start a GoFundMe, it seems I may need to live in the US, but I’ll look in to it. Thank you.

  56. Look online for your stuff. Maybe you could buy it back? That sucks but I know when my camera was left in a bathroom at a Zoo and didn't turn up at the lost and found. It appeared on eBay. When I tried to buy it, I asked too many questions and spooked the seller.

  57. We had the same thing happen in Nicaragua. Forget it.... May be if you offer $100 reward?? Give it a try, they may bring something back. Spread the voice with the locals that you work with that and need at least ... Part of [email protected]

  58. In the future, in addition to getting your gear insured, I’d also recommend using Lenstag (or something similar). You can input all of your camera gear, and their serial numbers. If they are stolen, and end up being used to post a photo online, Lenstag can help track down the images taken with your gear using its Metadata.

  59. 2 weeks ago I went hiking and then to the city to grab some food. Someone stole my new sony a7 4 with the SD card and strap pretty much cost me 3k. Stole other stuff in my bag too but that was my biggest purchase. Had the camera for less than a month.

  60. Damn, that really sucks! Sorry that happened to you. I hope you at least had insurance on it all.

  61. An older photog told me, “leave only the gear you can afford to lose in the car.” So yeah, everything comes to the room with me.

  62. I can't say anything other than, I'm really sorry that this has happened to you. Please don't let this taint your honeymoon. Be with your wife.

  63. I feel bad for the whole situation. I guess now the only option is to let go and move forward. Never make this mistake again.

  64. Stay positive, chin up, move forward, earn money, buy better gear, don't look back. This is the advice I can give from personal experience of having one of my beloved cameras stolen out of my glovebox.

  65. Doesn't your homeowners insurance cover stolen items. Unsure if it works when you're not at the home.

  66. This is definitely to late to help but when I went on vacation 2 weeks ago I bought air tags to put in my 2 suitcases and backpack. It was assurance for me in case it got lost or stolen

  67. Doesn't the temperature in a parked car wreck stuff like SD cards etc? I'd never think to leave my camera or anything similar in a car because of the heat inside.

  68. Oh really? That’s a brand new opinion no one has ever mentioned before. Thanks for the enlightenment.

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