1. The way she looked into your eyes and smiled... like that is a memory I would constantly revisit in my head for the rest of my life. So moving. I didn't think she was doing anything like that anymore.

  2. i went to the tampa show and saw an IG clip after the fact that she let some front row people sing and kissed someone on the cheek during scott street**. first thought was OMG lucky human, second thought was lucky human, you BETTER not give PB covid.

  3. I was front and second row at the two Prospect Park shows, so I think she remembered me. I went to line up basically right after the second PP show! Punisher has always been my favorite song to see her perform, so it was so special to me :)

  4. i’d cry so much. punisher is my favourite phoebe song, i’d literally never forget this experience. hoping punisher remains a permanent addition to her future set lists 💕

  5. Ohhh I know this moment - I saw it from my section and thought that the person she reached out to must be completely overwhelmed with joy. So cool that it happened to someone in this forum!!!!

  6. Yeah, the crowd at this show was a mixed bag. Polite crowd in terms of no pushing etc. (yay!) but I flew all the way from Tokyo to hear PB and not people screaming "MOMMY!" or singing over the silent songs. "Moon Song" was basically ruined for me because the girl next to me kept talking!! I was crying half because it's my favorite song and half because I was so upset my experience was ruined by selfish people.

  7. I'm so happy for you, just watching this made me tear so hard, and the way she looked at you was so overwhelming, I'm really sad because I'm continents away from you guys, I really hope to see her before I die, kudos, I hope you have a great day, this memory will always be with you, and it's so cool that it's Punisher.

  8. i pray you get to see her someday too, that the universe will bring that to you! i’m sure it will. this memory will absolutely always be with me <3

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