1. I was there! It was my 3rd show or so but I had just moved to Massachusetts so I couldn’t have gotten a more perfect welcome to my new state.

  2. I almost had the same venue (in a state where I've never lived,) be my first and last shows. Fortunately the '04 breakup didn't last forever.

  3. Star spangled banner. I remember thinking, wow they’re so patriotic to open every show with the national anthem 🤣 I was barely 16 and incredibly naïve.

  4. BDTNL the night of the Fluff storm at Deer Creek 09... Twas but a spry young man, didn't know it was going to turn into a dozen years of pure obsession.

  5. Caspian. Didn’t know the song at the time, and enjoyed. It’s repetitive, and I know it isn’t well loved, but i like it. I remember getting a tape of my first show and listening to it on repeat, and being in wonder at all the weird songs that weren’t on albums (Phish was the first band I discovered that didn’t live by the album/tour model).

  6. Yem opened my first show 2/26/03. I wasn’t familiar with the band yet at all, and it was a little overwhelming to say the least.

  7. Kill Devil Falls! Got a little emotional when I finally heard it again on Wednesday after 33 shows. Same with that Bowie!

  8. That was my second show. My first? 14 months before on 5/1/93 at the Tower with the opener...Runaway Jim.

  9. I’ll still never forgive my one friend who drove making us leave early from the Sunday show “to beat the traffic.” Haven’t spoken to him in close to a decade.

  10. Tweezer RE. They kicked off the 10/21/95 show with it. So now every time I see a show that closes with Tweeprise, my Phish experience is perfectly bookended with the same song.

  11. Mine was SUPPOSED to be First Tube (Hershey N1 last year, under the rainbow) but I got off work late and then got stuck in traffic. Major bummer for me, but I walked in during Gumbo and also heard most Runaway Jim from the lot.

  12. Fluffhead at Hampton Coliseum when they made their triumphant return. My brother insisted I come with him and I’ve loved them ever since.

  13. I’ll give you the first set. Needless to say that this made me a fan for life. SET 1: Ramble On[1] > Mike's Song -> Esther > Weekapaug Groove, Guyute, Fikus, Birds of a Feather, Lawn Boy > Funky Bitch

  14. tweezer at 16 years old Philadelphia 12/10/99 and then best show ever next night and then big Cypress. not a bad intro to phish.

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