1. I feel anyone who tries to make any political statement should, at the very least, know how their own country's flag looks like.

  2. I never understood why people have to have a million signs, stickers, etc. about their political leanings. All your asking is for some extremist to fuck your shit up. Like, congrats dude, someone's probably gonna key your truck.

  3. I think any political propaganda is tacky. Regardless of what party you support. Im a Burnie guy but roll my eyes everytime i see a burnie sticker. Like damn yall have nothing else to your personalities then who you voted for? And shitttt eventually that sticker on your car wont mean anything cause your candidate either lost or will be out of office in 4 years

  4. I’m a dyed in the wool Democrat, but oddly enough I didn’t feel the need to buy any “merch” when he took office. I don’t drive a truck, if I did it wouldn’t have a Biden flag or a Biden sticker, I wouldn’t have a Biden flag outside my house, no need to wear my Biden hat every time I leave the house... weird

  5. Doesn’t really matter if the truck is keyed given what it looks like now. The owner vandalized his own truck.

  6. Not only that don't fuck up your paint like that. I mean what are you going to do if you try to sell it. Either you're fixing it first or taking a massive cut on sale amount. Either way you're losing a ton of money to be a moron.

  7. Don't key their trucks. They want that. Many of them have cameras and security systems and try to bait people with pathetic shit like this. Some are just happy to have something to feed into their persecution complex, e.g. "Satanists keyed my car!"

  8. I'm never understand how a grown adult can get so obsessed with one political party over the other that they would go to this level of effort.

  9. The fact the person purposely defaced and probably devalued his or her vehicle with that is just mind baffling which is the same way I feel with people who put on way to many bummer stickers

  10. I’m no fan of corporate democrats like Biden but typically one has to commit a crime in office to be impeached. Just because trump did that twice doesn’t mean every non Republican gets to be impeached as well.

  11. It's so fucking weird the way Trump supporters lob accusations at Biden of the exact things that Trump is guilty of. The conservative subreddit had a popular post calling Biden a traitor. I also don't like the guy, but the irony of supporting a person who wanted to overturn the election results while calling the winner a traitor is absurd.

  12. Well if Republicans take the house they probadly will. Historically the opposite party of the president does well in the first midterms

  13. These people went from screaming “Trump Derangement Syndrome” to spray painting their own god damn vehicles. Painfully stupid.

  14. And if the democrats were rigging elections they should have rigged more congress and senate elections, so they could actually pass some bills without resistance.

  15. Every day I think people couldn't possibly be any more pathetic, and every day they prove me wrong.

  16. This just screams, “I WANT ATTENTION!” with a subtle undertone of “Fellow Trumpeteers, please validate me.”

  17. What's amazing about these retards, is that if you asked them for the reason Biden should be impeached they have absolutely nothing. They just have such a boner for Trump and his soggy diapers it's insane. Also, that's a nice, expensive truck that they made look like white trash garbage for no reason. I have to assume they also park it on their front lawn.

  18. What's the issue? The lettering is symmetrical, and Biden has made zero effort to fulfill the promises he made while campaigning.

  19. Legal proceedings against POTUS are better than his peers that all seem to want to have sex with POTUS via a guy named Brandon.

  20. So you're trashing them because they don't like Biden? I mean have you not been loving through his nonsense for the last year?

  21. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 says Fuck Joe Biden! Let's go Brandon! I'm glad people get it, and are speaking out properly. Senile POS

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