1. Couldn’t bring myself to re take a Wilpers 60m PZE class so subbed a DM 60m PZE. Is there a way to find out the TSS of that class to see if in same ballpark?

  2. Did the Saturday ride today while watching the World Cup on my iPad and had a surprise PR. Definitely time for some new zones after this go-around!

  3. Gonna try the Saturday PZE this morning. Spent the last few days eating way too much, resting up my knee, and WATCHING MY WOLVERINES BEAT OHIO STATE AGAIN, and I feel great today! Hope y’all had an amazing Thanksgiving, if that’s your thing.

  4. Even though we arrived home from vacation at 11pm Pacific last night, I knew I wanted to do today's group ride to get back in the swing of things... fortunately having a body on Central time made it easy to get up in time for it, and it was fun riding with the crowd again. :)

  5. Good seeing you today. Those 60 mins felt refreshingly light. Maybe it was because of the particularly tough rides the days before. Maybe it was my joy ✨ at the return of my training partner Longtallkelly

  6. I have been really sore from my new strength regimen so I skipped yesterdays ride and fully intended to do it either today or tomorrow. Today I was going to do the PZE ride but then I saw the Turkey Burn was also 45 minutes with robin. I love robin. So I figured I’d just alternate zone 2 and zone 3 and get a PZE in with my girl.

  7. I opted for Robin and the Turkey Burn as well - I see you fellow hustler! Excellent energy - love Robin.

  8. Slightly off topic. There is a new collection of mobility trainings that is fantastic to combine with the hardest weeks of PZ!

  9. I'm definitely adding one of those today. My ankle has been bothering me from doing split squats the other day. Nothing doctor-worthy just a little annoyance that I don't want to get worse.

  10. This week, my legs feel a level of fatigue that they haven’t since I was a pelo and PZ newbie (all those 9 months ago). Last program was the first I’ve finished, and I feel like I’m adapting to the new zones (I’ve PRed 4 of the last 6 rides), but damn it’s hard. Not sure if this program is exceptionally spicy 🌶️ because of the short duration or if it’s just finally having significantly higher zones after completing the last one. I still felt Monday when I started today and now I’m dreading stairs 😂. Thinking about

  11. Today’s ride felt more like the PZ I know and love. Less chaos, and I enjoy the constant positivity Ben brings to everything, good music overall for this type of ride too. All bangerz

  12. Maybe my breathing was more in synch or my mind quieter but this ride was more doable than Monday for sure. TBH Ben is not my favorite and muted him last five minutes, but once I made it through 2M Z5, it was downhill-still hard but doable. Had some companh with

  13. Thanks for the H5s this morning! My legs were still a bit fatigued from Monday's ride, but once I warmed up, I really enjoyed today's ride structure. Challenging but doable. And, yes, once I made it through the 2 min Z5, I knew the rest of the ride was in the bag.

  14. Oh man, the pain from Monday wasn't completely worn off yet. So today's Wednesday ride seems to hit twice as hard. I have just barely missed another PR, but couldn't do any better. Batteries were down to 0.0%. 🤕

  15. It was great to be with you the whole time! I tried to time my high five to when Ben said the ‘leaderboard is for high fives today’ haha

  16. I think I'm gonna go back to Thursday for harder ride next program and have the pze Wednesday like I did before. Hopefully will help us out 🙂.

  17. Loved the ride today. No idea why, when Monday was such torture to me. I guess those Z3 recovery breaks just make all the difference for my physiology.

  18. I was chasing your ghost on the leaderboard the whole ride until it seemed like you just took off during the last interval block. Well done!

  19. I did the yoga for riders with D and y'all were right, it's a good one. I am really loving the pz indicator. I hope everyone gets to sneak out of work a little early today. Stay safe!

  20. Thank you for the recon! And, it's neither here nor there, but weirdest thing: I often wake up with headaches, which sucks, but for some reason a good ride or run always gets me feeling better--no analgesics required. I've never been able to make any sense of that, but it works reliably.

  21. I loved this ride, just the perfect way to work the zones, nothing too long, some very hard moments but all doable, no excessive recovery. Perfect PZ

  22. I finished Matt's washing machine 30 mins ago and saw you on before.... sorry I missed giving you a H5, thought if I didn't start I wouldn't (was like 9pm!). Congrats on a successful Ben ride!!!

  23. Had to change the days around a little this week. Did the washing machine on Sunday (a day after the 60 min ride from last week) - huge mistake, did really badly and was really disappointed!

  24. Team - Took TH ride today - CDE coaches it very gently - listen to your body type of coaching - Needed her reminder about being in the moment. I am/was already stressed about tomorrows ride... This was the first one with the new box around the zones for me. Standard PZE - longest Z3 at the end - me and

  25. If anyone is looking for a PZE to do as recovery and has a flexible schedule, Sam Yo has a PZE later today :)

  26. Hi! I just posted this in the PZ weekly discussion but thought I'd add it here, too, as I value the wisdom and experience of this group. (sidenote - I miss riding with you all!) I'm not super savvy with Reddit so I apologize if cross posting is a faux pas...

  27. I would just go with RPE to test out zones and manually change your FTP for now. I hope you can recover your former fitness quickly!

  28. That ride was something else! Love love love those short intervals and being able to switch gears. Hate feeling like Matt is trying to kill me with those 5 min blocks. All in all more exhilarating than soul crushing though so I'll take it.

  29. Me toooooo, about the short intervals and long z1 recoveries. Ok, i'll just keep saying I can do ANYTHING for 7 mins, 5mins, 7 mins, 5 mins. Hoping to get 'er done today!!!!

  30. I've enjoyed reading accounts of the Monday ride. Since I'm compressing rides into consecutive days I did Thursday's CDE ride this morning as a pseudo-recovery and plan to do Ben's ride Tuesday morning. Nothing special to report for CDE's ride, just alternating between Z2 and Z3. The final Z3 is the longest, clocking in at 6m, with the beat of the music in the 90's. It was the first class I've taken with the new zone indicator, and it worked reasonably well. A welcome addition. I hadn't heard the Christine had broken her collarbone.

  31. I thought that it wasn’t bad - for a Matt ride. I’ve heard most of it and I was too busy trying not to pass out to get too upset about it all

  32. Yeah at one point when the song just dropped out in zone 5 I was definitely feeling like Denis would never do this to me.

  33. At the end of the 2nd 7min I thought wow I kept high cadence this whole ride, I can do this! Lungs said LOLOLOLOL. And by the 2nd z5 of the final effort I was ready to give in. I indeed cursed Matt. Then Ryhard H5’d me and I remembered wait, I can do lower cadence and just rip my quads and gluts. So that’s what I did through the end and I finished

  34. I ran outta gas that last minute of z4/z5 and dropped to z3/z4😭. I’m cheering the rest of you on, you got this! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  35. This ride was what I’d call very tough, but attainable. Those Z4/Z5 sections were really, really hard! You get zero lactate clearance for the whole block, and bursting up to Z5 meant my legs were straight FIRE. I’m glad I took a generous warmup - a 10 min yoga that I took it really easy on, and then a 15 minute (surprise Disney) low impact ride.

  36. This ride was not easy - at least for me. But this is the part of the program where I usually struggle a bit - Coaching was like talking directly to me. Been struggling mentally this program and these PZ classes are always physically and mentally tough on me. I have learned to stay the course and look for the positive. Pelotrak said it was my best 45M ride in 2 weeks and 6.9% improvement over 6 week baseline, so was def working hard.

  37. I was 6 pts behind you so knew we both did not find this one as attainable, though i was just low in the zones and definitely took the Z1 recoveries. Would love to try this on a very strong day, would be an instant PR maker…

  38. Today's ride is always a favorite of mine. My body loves these bursts. Today was a little more mentally challenging, and I remembered to play my own music which helped tremendously. Today felt good.

  39. So…I really want to do the Turkey Burn ride on Thursday live…that live ride meant a lot to me in 2020 when I was feeling so isolated. How crazy is it for me to superimpose the ride graph for the CDE ride schedule for Thursday onto this ride? Like if I print it out and tape it to the top of my monitor? I want to stay in this training program AND do that ride…

  40. Yes! I was going to ask the group this too. I did the turkey burn last year and had so much fun. I’m going to take Blake’s suggestion and alternate zones by song because I don’t have HFB and am lazy lol

  41. Totally fine. You could also just alternate zone 2/3 with each song, or take the whole ride in zone 2. You can run a timer on that website and your phone will beep when it's time to change zones.

  42. I was compelled to take a mid-morning break from work and do this ride, rather than wait until lunch or, god forbid, after work. I couldn't take the anxiety about it anymore!

  43. I feel like with these classes there is absolutely a body type that works well for it. I am one of those. I thrive in these workouts. Also, learning how to take them helps too.

  44. Does today’s (Monday) type of ride have like a cutesy nickname? I feel like when I joined this group last year someone called this structure a “lung burner” but it was more clever than that, help?

  45. I’ve heard “lung buster” and “bear claw” before. I think for this I love washing machine. That’s how I felt at the end, like I’d been put on a heavy duty spin cycle.

  46. I’m looking forward to this one… my habit of late has become 15 min warmups, so hopefully that’ll have me nice and ready by the time the beatings commence.

  47. It really flew by for me; it was tough but I really liked the structure. Saturday's ride had me thinking my zones were starting to feel too easy, but not today's, lol.

  48. For context: it’s snowing outside, it’s Monday, I am on my period. I have been working weekends these past few weeks. So… I did not want to dig holes this morning. I wanted to crawl back under the covers and hit pause from the world. Even the warm up felt hard.

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