1. In this day and age internet speeds should be a selling point but frankly it's more ridiculous that it needs to be. Unless you truly live in bumfuck nowhere then there's no reason why ISPs shouldn't be working on providing faster speeds.

  2. I always check the internet speeds in the area before moving, it's a necessity since my family literally uses streaming as background noise to fall asleep to. 2tb data used on average is no joke :/

  3. I feel like the use of abundant here is really subjective. If I have like 3 devices I could get away with 30Mbps but to me that’s not abundance. Instead I have 750Mbps for 3 devices, that is an abundance…for now. Ample on the other hand, that is not right by any definition or interpretation.

  4. You know that moment when you're 10-12 and realize you're the less fortunate friend of the group..............that's how I feel because those looks customary AF in my neck of the woods.

  5. My parents just got on Starlink. Favorite thing of it was the call they got to do to the satellite providers they had and tell them to shove it after almost a decade of bad service on an oversaturated satellite that would often go down around 8 to 9 pm.

  6. We have HughesNet at our cabin which is the absolute worst. Been on Starlink wait list over a year (was supposed to be ready Mid 2021), finally says “May 2022” so hopefully will finally have something usable soon…

  7. Also try T-Mobiles at home net. It’s a big hotspot with unlimited data. But on a good note it seems Internet providers are having to go all fiber cause copper can’t keep up anymore.

  8. Starlink didn't work for me. I live in one of the older parts of town but in other places it might work. For me starlink had too big of a range. 500kb to 20mb

  9. I'm on Starlink now (thank god). But before that, I used a service like Ubifi to give me internet from the local cell tower. Worked surprisingly well.

  10. That's pretty easy to get when just using the google search bar on the home screen. I never manually closed any tab.

  11. Third world here paying ~$16 a month for 50/5 fiber includes TV and landline, it's the lowest and cheapest plan I think, but I don't want to touch it because it's stable.

  12. From what I understand, that's not uncommon. US infrastructure is antiquated and there are local monopolies. So there is not incentive for companies to upgrade. Third world countries get newer infrastructure put in that works better.

  13. I live in India and pay 16$ for 150/150 unlimited, includes free router, an android tv box (kinda like Amazon fire TV stick), Amazon prime, Disney+, bunch of other local streaming services. And you can increase speed by paying a few dollars more.

  14. third world country here (as claimed by westerners idk), 20$ for 300/300 ez(tv, landline, Amazon prime, Netflix sub included)

  15. This is bad. I get fiber from my local city-owned gas and electric utility, 1000/1000 for $69.95. Actual speeds are in the 950/950 range.

  16. Telia in Lithuania does 1000/800 for 22€, 12€ if you have a 2 year plan. I shiver when looking into NA internet situation and their monopoly.

  17. Thought the USO kicked in by now. Contact BT Openreach (or KCOM if you live in Hull), they will legally have to help you upgrade your connection and cover costs of up to £3,400.

  18. Really sucks that to prevent retaliation for exploitation they made it domestic terrorism to mess with ISP businesses.

  19. Same. I moved last year and went from an 8 megabit download to a gigabit one whilst saving some money. I do no longer live in fear of big updates.

  20. Right? Online gaming and discord is how I keep in touch with distant friends and those who have moved away. I wouldn’t even consider a place with internet THAT terrible.

  21. From Ukraine too. Currently pay 3$/mo for 40mbps but i can upgrade to a gbps plan for an extra 2$ a month. Crazy how expensive internet in America is.

  22. I work for a fixed wireless provider. Do you have any decent views from your property? The best way to get free fast intermet from a WISP is to offer to host a relay so they can serve other people. We do this all the time and besides having the fastest internet in the county, the relay hosts always get the best response time because their issues affect other people too.

  23. After you cross 100, chrome has an Easter egg. It shows :D instead of the number. Found it on my mom's phone she had almost 200 tabs open.

  24. Welcome to America. Where ISPs don’t actually compete against each other,government granted monopolies, and overcharge for shit tier bandwidth.

  25. If you live in a rural area (Canada) this is normal. I pay just over $100 for 25/5 and only 350GB of traffic. Once you hit 350GB they throttle you down to 10/2.

  26. I pay $100 for 100GB of 8MB/S down then $25 per 10GB over 100 and I work from home as a developer so I'm often over the limit and get crazy $300 bills.

  27. This is why fiber internet access is a requirement for any place I consider moving to lol. I don't care what the reason is for moving to a new area. I make sure I find out who the ISPs are for that location and confirm what speeds they have available.

  28. Bruh, we pay like 10$/month for 1 gigabit and we didnt need to pay for the router (the only good thing about hungary btw)

  29. Shit, seeing the reactions here really brings into focus how utterly fucked telecom is up here in Canada. Most rural options this way are substantially worse

  30. "Optional router lease for 5$ per month" i am very confident every cheap ass router could easily handle such crazy high bandwidths

  31. Eh, that's pretty crappy for large downloads or game streaming, but we had that for a while and it easily handled 3 HD streaming devices at once, or multiplayer gaming and a couple of devices... But we only paid $25 for it. That's robbery what they're charging you...

  32. Not only the speed is from the dark ages... The prices are as well. I got a gigabit connection for 45 bucks o.O

  33. Welcome to America! Where everything is for a profit and we support only monopolies! We invented the internet and now have the worst service in the world! Whoo hoo!

  34. Welcome to rural America where the companies wont build shit unless the tax payers pay for it... Your welcome chip makers and battery producers!

  35. 1st question for realtor. What internet is available here? How fast? What provider? If they're smart, theyll have looked it up and they'll know.

  36. That's a scam. Here in Romania I get 25-40 MB/s and we pay ~20$. Hopefully we'll get faster networking soon.

  37. That hurts my soul. I’m doing the exact same thing and I’ve come to terms with my downgrade. It’s not as bad as this, but…still not good.

  38. Pfffft that's nothing. Where my girlfriend's dad lives he pays $40/mo for 2 down and like .2 up or something similar. And it's odd because I went to every website trying to find a working internet connection, but even the original ISP claims they don't support his house. Very confusing. I'm thinking he called and they came and installed the weakest cables possible.

  39. Here’s me getting Gigabyte download and around 700-900mb upload for like 45 usd, and I live in the countryside.

  40. This is the dark ages? I was finally able to upgrade to 15M down / 1M up and am ecstatic with this speed. But, then again, I chose to move to rural NW Arizona.

  41. Man US prices are whack. I am restricted to 16-20 and it costs £18.99 @ month. For less than 89.99 I could get a 5G router and unlimited data...

  42. Bro i literraly pay 60 pln ( around 15$) for 200 mbps internet. What is that, do they connect you with coathangers straight to the central powered by hamsters?

  43. This is relatable. There are 0 internet options where I live. AT&T used to offer 10mbps down 1mbps up for $150 here, though...no surprise no one went with that.

  44. I live in bumbfuck nowhere and my internet is waaaaaaay cheaper than that, but at the same time I have 10 down 5 up, with phone packaged with it. It is our local internet provider so it sucks since it is an ass company.

  45. That's basically what I'm paying for the 25 down....... Living in the country sucks especially when they have a fiber line a fraction of a mile down the road from me and refuse to come my way down the road.

  46. I live in Delhi and I have a fiber connection that provides me with 100 MBps upload and download. It's also unlimited data with no fup capping. All this for 800 Rs that is approximately 10.45 us dollars.

  47. Holy fuck, we pay that for 600mb and 4 phones with unlimited data and calls (granted, not in the US). How tf do they even try to justify those prices?

  48. I feel for you. Not sure where you live, but I bought a house in a rural area years ago. I loved the location - it was quiet, not much traffic, no neighbors, etc. Soy bean fields, horses, and cows.

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