1. No, but some developers do limited time giveaways sometimes. Usually for an older game in a series to promote the release of a new one, or if the game is going away for some reason like Alan Wake did. These are usually not announced on the front page so need to catch a notice from the publisher on their page, or read about it on a gaming website or forum etc.

  2. Creative assembly gave away shogun 2 at the start of the pandemic and the only reason I know is cuz I fuckin missed it and had to wait for a sale to buy it like a complete buffoon.

  3. Epic's entire strategy is basically use the boatload of cash they get from Fortnite to buy (not literally... yet) developers and users.

  4. Which is hilarious. Epic is willing to spend millions to lure people onto their platform, but not to improve the damn shop. Every time I'm interested in a game on Epic I go to Steam to learn what the game is about and read the actual reviews...

  5. Yeah it's just because steam doesn't have to literally pay people (in games) to use their platform. The moment epic stops giving free stuff they'll lose a shit ton of their weekly traffic.

  6. Yeah I have used the Epic Launcher in the past for Hades and free games like Wargame, but it has so many practical with missing features. This is just a list of things that have dragged down my personal experience with Epic:

  7. The only reason I ever boot up the epic store is to collect free games for my backlog. Maybe one day when I'm retired I'll get around to playing them.

  8. Yeah and epic reached 69million people MONTHLY visiting their site/launcher for about 15-20s which is equivalent of getting a free game. On steam there are 70m+ people visiting their app DAILY and not for 20s. And even by that it means that steam is better

  9. Also, Steam is actively and almost singlehandedly advancing gaming on Linux (I recently switched to Mint), while Epic Games is... Offering free stuff. Yay, free stuff I guess.

  10. Glad this is the top comment. Comments here are surprisingly sane, actually. It's good to see that this post hasn't been flooded with apologists like they usually are.

  11. Epic is literally just my rocket league launcher. I still get all the free games and there are quite a few good ones i might play eventually. But i hate epic, the launcher is still trash and bare bones and when they eventually run out of money to buy out devs i think they will crash and burn along with all your free games.

  12. Steam also doesn’t do time limited exclusive paid monopoly…. Bought a new console because of their friggin PC “exclusives”, and just borrow the game cd.

  13. Competitive is good. Epic got me pretty good, too. Gave me Control for free, but still charged $5 for each DLC. Of course I bought them; Control is a bitchin, beautiful game.

  14. I’ve always thought it so weird that it’s like that. Epic could use their money to compete, feature to feature, vs steam. Instead they decided early on it’s much cheaper to just bribe people to stay relevant and to heck with the customer’s experience on their platform. After all it’s not like they don’t have the money to develop and improve their client..

  15. I got Total War Troy on Epic Games not knowing that it was a timed exclusive. If i knew this was the case I wouldve waited a whole year just to have it in my steam library with all my other total war games. By the way, big fuck you to Creative Assembly for getting into this exclusive platform bullshit.

  16. Probably because I love steam Sales, but every game that's on Epic for free is a game not only I own but have beaten. It's a curse man.

  17. I hate their platform, slow to open, unintuitive 1/100 of the things steam offers, but they do have good sales when they offer that 10$ coupon. I said I would never buy from them but getting a 75% game with AN ADDED -10$ on top of that is kind of a steal I was willing to take. I still won't support them in normal purchases like exclusive titles and wait for a steam release but the sale coupon does feel like it support the devs and not the actual platform.

  18. I still have never downloaded the Epic Games launcher/store whatever. If it’s not on Steam it doesn’t get my money, only a few exceptions such as Riot Games and Battle.net. Haven’t bought a new game on Battle.net in a few years, so I can get rid of it’s hold on me. But I understand wanting to sell your own games on your own launcher, so I won’t knock a company for that.

  19. Yea, go to the store and in that blue tab there's a thing you can click ("categories" I think?) And you can see all their free games. I've perused it quite a bit and there are some gems in that mound of shit

  20. Yup. Got Little Nightmares, Company of Heroes 2, Titan Quest among other games. It's up to the devs to do it and not advertised by steam explicitly unlike epic so you have to keep an eye out for them.

  21. It's a rare thing, especially for good games. But in all honesty, they some don't need it. The sales have been tried and tested for a decade now. It works brilliantly.

  22. Meanwhile, Steam sales makes Epic look like a joke. I think I'd rather have 40% off a game I want than a free game I don't really care for.

  23. Same here. I have so many free games on Epic, but I never feel like launching the client and actually installing and playing them.

  24. One had to legitimately pay homunculus to astroturf, the other one just released a product to expand and popularize PC gaming to handheld communities. You got the pictures reversed there bud.

  25. Shame some of these games are useless because for example Cities Skylines is pointless to play without steam workshop.

  26. I've stopped claiming free games on EGS because I don't play them anyway, not having them on Steam just feels wrong

  27. Even if epic games give out freebies i would still choose steam and buy the game in steam instead of getting it for free on epic. Steam > epic

  28. Its called selling the product at a loss to harm your competitor and its a shitty business practice. Luckily the epic games store is bad enough that people still don't use it.

  29. Some epic fanboy did this meme just to feel special, even tho most people would rather pay for games on steam than use that dogshit launcher that epic has. I hope Epic dies soon or they shut it down because no one uses money there.

  30. Rather pay for it on Steam than get it free on that shitty 'launcher'. I do get the free Epic games anyway, just don't download them. Down with Epic!

  31. Fuck epic. Stopped playing rocket league since you had to make a account to play the game. They won’t be getting my money/information or time. Steam seems to be the only platform that does pc gaming right. My friends only argument is that epic gives away good free games. And my response is you have to use their platform to play your 1-2 free games. Not worth it imo. Stopped playing cod on the computer because of their integrated launcher. Same with battlefield. Hate this trend with new games lately. But it seems like I’m not missing much with cod and battlefield games.

  32. If someone throws free stuff at you they might just be begging for attention. Should make you think why someone else doesn't bother.

  33. They try to lure you in with free candy. They loose a ton of money for this reason. Not very intelligent Business if you ask me. They should use the money to improve the platform but they decided to be anti consumer by choosing to silence customers by not implementing reviews/ community forums and making pc exclusive deals which takes the freedom of choice.

  34. Yeah, but Epic Games launcher is among the WORST launchers in the entire business. EA/Origin is definitely worse, but 3rd place for worst launcher is nothing to write home about either lmao

  35. Ya'll enjoy your meaningless internet points out here while I'll be enjoying free AAA games along with other people who don't base their personality around what app we use to access our electronic toys 😎

  36. I buy from whatever platform is the cheapest. Steam is my preferred. All a want to see is Steam stepping up in response to Epic, so that we gamers get treated.

  37. I mean, they have stepped up already. Until Epic offers competitive community mod integration like steam workshop, Epic will be so far behind in terms of the quality of the PC experience for tons of games. Seriously, ease of modding has made so many games so much better on steam.

  38. That's not going to happen. Epic is hemorrhaging money to get people on their platform. Steam doesn't need to do that.

  39. Valve has no incentive to do that. The only reason epic is doing it is to get people on their platform and as far as i can tell it's not working. Steam has the majority of users and the best store/launcher of all of them. The only reason I start the epic games store is to claim the next free game and I suspect it's the same for lots of people.

  40. Many games offered for free on Epic were offered free elsewhere, with some having been offered for free on Steam previously. I don't see the need to use Epic.

  41. Epic freebies are demos for me. If I like the game, I immediately buy it on steam and play it there. So epic is pretty useless.

  42. I don't know why you get so much hate in the replies, I do the exact same. I don't use the EGS much but for me the same thing apply for games I got from amazon prime. When I really like a game I'll buy it on steam just to have the game on steam 'cause I like having everything on one launcher and beacause I like going for achievement the I love showing them of on steam. I also feel like it supports the devs. (The only game I don't have on Steam are Minecraft java and Sea Of Thieves (beacause I bought it when it wasn't yet released on steam, only on the windows store))

  43. And it's the other way around for UI, don't get me wrong I use EGS for the freebies and the occasional exclusive but f me if I have to buy a game and I have the choice if I'm ever going to buy it on the EGS.

  44. Those freebies are the only thing that keeps epic launcher on my desktop. In my region steam games are cheaper.

  45. Personally I really dislike the epic games store, more than origin,and even when I have a game on egs, I sometimes buy it on steam, overall I prefer to have games on steam

  46. Epic games freebies never worked for me… took many hours to install only to find out that it has some missing files or some shit like that. Never putting money EVER on that platform…

  47. Who fucking cares?! Just give me ONE platform for all my games. Steam is the closest I’ll get, and I’m happy with it

  48. Then flip it for their launcher. Steam is the best there is no comparison. They can have a couple bucks instead of it being 100% free. I'll take a 2nd copy in epic when it is free... just because

  49. I would like to note that a buddy of mine and I were playing a game I bought on Steam on sale for like a dollar and he got for free on Epic Games.

  50. This isn't even equivalent. Steam isn't actively paying publishers or devs to give users free games. If there are free games it's the publishers or devs who decides. Epic is paying to give out free games in order to attract more users. Wtf is this?

  51. There are apps that notify when free games are available. I think the one I use is free game radar. Steam does have freebies, just not weekly like epic.

  52. Doesn’t change the fact that Epic’s support for add-ons to most games is absolute trash. I got Ark for free on Epic and now I really wish I got it on Steam when it was free over a specific weekend instead. I can’t join servers hosted on my own machine, nor can I use any of the awesome community made mods for the game.

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