1. I love how this is a joke for many people, I remember my friends and I took the piss out of our friend who told us he could download ram over 10 years ago, to this day we bring it up

  2. I know, right? My little sis said the same thing today, whom the doctor said only has 1 day plus shipping and handling to live unless we get more RAM somehow.

  3. My comment is my best friend, it is my life I must master it as I must master my life. Without me my comment is useless, without my comment I am useless.

  4. If your CPU is even somewhat recent it can handle muuuuch faster ram than 2666, 2666 is just the officially supported spec from Intel. I.e. I have an i9-10850k and it "supports" 2933 mhz but I'm currently running 3600 mhz ram. Ram speeds for Intel higher = better (sorta, timings are also important) i.e. a 3200 mhz cl 16 kit is roughly the same as a 3600 mhz cl 18 kit.

  5. Ram is really overpriced rn, that same stick used to cost 30 a piece, now they go for 55. I would love to get some ram without paying that insane price.

  6. I bought 2x16gb at 3600 mhz for 120 USD a year ago. And the other day I saw them on sale on Newegg for like 205. It's crazy.

  7. Man, don’t know why this music got to me, but it did. All your songs through Apple Music are added to my collection! Keep up this awesome work. I really like your music style! Count me (really my fiancé) in for the new ram! This would be an awesome gift to him!

  8. Hey man, if you don't win let me know. I have two 8GB sticks I don't need anymore that have been sitting in a drawer and if it helps your dad get closer to having his own gaming PC I'd be happy to help

  9. My partner has never had a PC before and he plans to build one after he finishes his two week long training for the military that starts on the 13th. He’s missing my birthday but I think it would make him happy to know he won’t have to spend extra money on an extra part. I’d love to surprise him with this when he gets back!

  10. Don't pick me! I also have a pair of Crucial Ballistics 3200 (2x8GB) that I don't use and I'm totally going to steal your idea and do the same thing. I'll make a post probably within 24 hours unless OP doesn't care if I also pick a random comment on this post because I don't need or want any internet points.

  11. I probably won't get this and I don't really need to either but I wish everyone here good health and luck cos 2021's been a shit year for me so far

  12. Ey my pc needs more ramm. But im not going to win it. This is the last time every person sees me in a comment. God bless you all!🛐👍👋

  13. I Know damn well I’m not gonna get this but I’ll give it a shot, I’m a beginner and I’m building my pc next 2 months and ram would be amazing! It would be a huge upgrade from the old Lenovo pc in currently using.

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