1. Would there be confidentiality concerns with a lawyer working on a train? Another commuter could see whatever is being worked on.

  2. J1 attorney here with a J2 operating upscale restaurant & club (evenings when available and a fri/sat night here and there - very high level, not day to day). My J2 is paid social life and networking. The idea of writing for the ABA in free time is mind numbing. Make sure what you chose fits you. I am seeking J3 for those in between moments, about 4-8 hrs a week.

  3. I'm overcommuter, I drive two cars at the same time. And when waiting at traffic lights I play GTA on two laptops. In the meantime I work for two call centers taking the calls while driving.

  4. Only two cars, gtfo. I’m driving an entire fleet of Semis at the same time, side by side, causing the traffic. The city actually pays me for this service so they have something to spew at the public on local news networks.

  5. I think the foundation of OE is that you work remotely or have a flexible hybrid schedule. Only being able to work during commuting isn’t the spirit of OE.

  6. My J2 is 2 hours ahead, I used to drive 2+hours in bumper to bumper traffic do I'd have to leave about a half hour before starting J2 to arrive at J1 by 8am.

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