1. i was born hating the bastards. i never liked them and my dislike was so intense, I made my mum change most of her recipes. she even put onions into the salad dressing before I teached her the ways of the lord.

  2. I also love when I ask my husband to try something before I bite into it and it’s always the same answer!!! No you’re good, I don’t taste any onions. Then I bite into it and immediately have to reach for a napkin. I swear they are missing one of our onion hating taste buds that just make life so lovely for them!

  3. This combined with the fact that they might or might not be in damn near ANY type of food is what does it for me. Fuck those unsuspecting hidden pieces of filth.

  4. My mom used to load up the meatloaf with giant, diced onions. Meatloaf is the only food I hate more than onions, but I always associate the two.

  5. My friend had some diced onions he was putting on a chili dog and suggested that I try one. I took the smallest bite possible and that was enough for me.

  6. I’m actually very allergic to them. Cooked onions will only make my throat tighten a little bit, but I’ll have horrible stomach problems for the rest of the night. Uncooked onions, however, are enough to send me to the hospital. I also have a hard time with garlic despite liking the taste.

  7. I’m hispanic, of course love Mexican food, but fucking hate onions. And it also makes me feel less my culture but I literally cant fucking stand onions anything.

  8. When I wasa kid, my mom made homemade vegetable soup, it was very good with noodles as well. But, it was always ruined with those transparent devil weed bits. Stared at many bowls as I had to eat it all or not get up from the table. Eventually, she'd let me eat everything except leave the onion pieces in the bowl.

  9. I was told that when I was really young my grandmother let me eat raw onions straight out of her garden and they made me sick. That was it. Never again

  10. Like a lot of people on this sub I have an onion intolerance. Anything from mild stomach ache, though stomach cramps to vomiting depending on how much/type there is.

  11. I used to love onions when I was a little kid. Now I can't stand them. The taste is a bit too strong if it's a raw onion (my mom always puts raw diced onions into salad... ewww) and the texture makes me want to throw up.

  12. For some reason, when I bite into a piece of raw onion, it feels like my whole mouth is burning and like I might vomit. And not brining the way that spicy food burns, it's like a unique burn. I can't tolerate them at all. I think the most I've every actually swallowed was like 3 tiny pieces on accident. I wonder if I would vomit if I actually ate them (although I don't know how I would manage to). Weirdly though, I actually love caramelized onions. It's the raw ones that are the devil.

  13. Had to take my cat to the vet in an emergency. She was screaming in pain and couldn't open her eyes. I already hated the smell and taste, but now I'm never eating it ever again. Also passed out once from an unbearably strong smell of onions.

  14. If I have even just a bit of it I have explosive dhiarroea and vomiting for hours, leaving me dehydrated at best, in the hospital at worse.

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