1. It didn't kill him. You are correct. Unfortunately he was not as chicanerous as the fire. The fire then proceeded to kill him.. ironically

  2. This scene was so emotional, watching Chuck confidently walk while enveloped by the flames, it really visually demonstrated the unrealisticness of his arrogance throughout the series chicanery chicanery chicnaery c

  3. What if Chuck actually faked his death and was able to crawl under a dumpster and the body that burned in the fire was actually ERNIE??

  4. /uc Holy crap you’ve triggered a lost memory in me. What documentary is that GIF from again? I’ve been looking for it for years.

  5. The manga is better cause it makes Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul canon to the hit manga series "Berserk" by Kentucky Mario. BB/BCS is the Berserk universe after Medieval times and shows what Modern times look like in the Berserk universe after Nuts' story. Bravo Vince and Miura!!!

  6. If jimmy was flying type and didn’t deficate through a sunroof would the show’s plot be different? Like what if Howard’s ability was Bulletproof instead of Inner Focus

  7. Don't you remember when Howard tells Jimmy that he died of smoke inhalation, leading to his cancer diagnosis, referencing the fact that Chuck would later take up the alias of "Walter White" after he had faked his death to get caught as the meth kingpin "Heisenberg" to cause his drug empire to be traced back to Jimmy, effectively sending him into hiding, preventing him from ever practicing law again.

  8. unc/ When this ep came out some part of me was in such denial about it that i was like ''There is no definitive proof that Chuck died in that fire!!!! Maybe the next season the fire department comes or some shit!!!''

  9. I got fake spoilers that said Chuck came back. I waited for like 2 seasons before I realized he wasnt. I fell for the chicanery

  10. People here are saying Chuck was Flying/Ice which is highly innacurate. Chuck was actually Steel/Flying, he just happened to have a lot of ice type coverage. the reason chuck died here is that unlike ofher steel/flying type pokemon which have good defense stats, chuck had a statline of 65/90/100/80/50/75. unfortunately for chuck the fire started by the lantern was a special type attack, which meant it damaged chuck off his pitiful base 50 special defense. As a result lantern fire blast managed to deal huge damage to chuck and on top of that it inflicted him with the burn status. as a result chuck's fate was sealed. hope this answers ur question

  11. have you never heard newton's law? energy can't be created or destroyed; it can only be transformed. the fire transformed into electricity, that's why!

  12. If you pay attention you can actually see chuck escape the last minute before his house goes down. Thats why he shows up at the end to save jimmy and kim from getting eaten by Huell in Prison.

  13. y’all clearly haven’t seen the trailer for BCS 2..Chuck survived the fire , he took that idiot at the copy shop and burned him alive to make it look like he died

  14. If his weakness is electricity than he’s most likely a water type. That would give him type advantage over the fire how did Chuck lose. Maybe he was a flying type but then the fight would be evenly matched. Unbravo Vince

  15. In one of his last appearances it shows he became a grass-type pokemon, that's why it was very effective

  16. Common misconception, Chuck was weak to electromagnetic radiation as stated by him in hit Better Call Saul episode "Chicanery" and the heat from fire is electromagnetic radiation. That's how he died.

  17. According to Emma Knight Shamalon's Avatar, electricity is made out of fire. So he's actually weak to fire as it's electric in its pure form.

  18. he was a flying/bug pokemon, one of the worst type combos in competitive. his tinfoil reflect usually wards off most electric attacks, not fire.

  19. His defense was drastically lowered and the fire got a critical hit. Unfortunately Chuck did not make it to a pokemon center in time and succumbed to his injuries

  20. This was actually a really neat detail that Chuck explains to Jimmy at some point during their argument in Pimento that he is an ice/flying type which would of course make him weak to electric and fire type attacks.

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