1. I alr knew Walt was in it but not Marie or Chuck so I got way more hype seeing them. Especially Marie bc it’s been damn near a decade

  2. I thought at first Marie was just going to be a quick “blink and you’ll miss it” cameo, but was really happy to see she had a sizable role in the episode!

  3. DUDE SAME, I knew Walt was there based on Bryan Cranston's comment a couple weeks back, and I already had an inkling of a thought Chuck might show up since he's so integral to the character of Jimmy McGill, but Marie? I rewinded probably 4 times to check if that was her or just Kim at an odd angle.

  4. When Hank and Steve appeared earlier in the series, I wished that they could've just given us a quick phone call between Hank and Marie, but then realized that there was no place for her in Jimmy's story. To see them find a way to actually bring her into the story organically was great.

  5. I was rewatching some earlier episodes of the show today in preparation for the finale and I got to the scene where Chuck says "Y-You... You passed the bar?" and I started fucking dying of laughter because of how I can no longer take that line seriously due to the oversaturation of that meme

  6. This but also I got so unexplainably excited seeing Finger again one last time. He literally appeared 2 episodes ago but I still got excited to see him. Seeing Walt again was a fun novelty, but seeing all the characters that we’ve spent seasons of the show with was really like saying goodbye to them one final time.

  7. Literally. I think part of it for me was that I knew Walt would be back for a final scene, but when I heard "did you ground yourself?" I was like

  8. My parents and I were watching together. Utter silence until Chuck showed up and I was shouting and clapping for a few seconds

  9. I didn’t quite get this scene. Didn’t Chuck die at the end of season 3? How come he is back all of a sudden? These writers are pulling a Game of Thrones season 8 all over again

  10. Dude, didn’t you hear them mention the time machine over and over again. Chuck went back in time to stop Jimmy from defending the public masturbater (Badger) so that he’d never meet Mr. Mayhew.

  11. Did you not watch the episode?! B.C. Saul talked about time machines like a brazillion times! Clearly he succeeded in building the time machine so he could talk to the M in HHM again!

  12. Bro are you stupid Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul or not in the same Universe Chuck from Breaking Bad was dead but Chuck from Better Call Saul is alive dumbass why do you think Mike and Gus are still alive it's because they're not in the same universe a man just happens to get his face blown off like that and survives

  13. It was because you knew the tragedy of it all, chuck’s internal feelings, Jimmy’s still attempting to be good, and how all of what happens in the future was because of these two’s relationship. I was bawling my eyes out.

  14. That whole scene was genuinely tragic. Chucks last time attempting to connect with his brother and saul shutting him down. I bet that was Saul's regret

  15. I cried when Jimmy mentioned Chuck on the stand and then when Chuck actually appeared. That whole storyline was always the most heartbreaking to me.

  16. Walter was such a dick to Saul after asking the time machine question for no reason, holy shit. He went on a tirade like a literal nerd emoji, that scene reminded me of how unlikeable he is.

  17. To be fair to Walt, he was coming off the back of Ozymandias, the most traumatic event of his life. He was full of anxious energy and Jimmy provided him with a method to release it.

  18. Bryan Cranston appeared first as special guest on the end credits but I really believe Michael Mckean should have been first billing

  19. Man, I'm just annoyed they brought him back like that for a scene and like, we're supposed to infer he time traveled because he has the book version of The Time Machine? I mean, I read that book, I don't know how to time travel. I know he's the greatest legal mind Howard ever knew, but surely that doesn't involve time travel knowledge?!

  20. i unironically jumped out of my seat and shouted bravo vince, then my mom came into my room and beat me to sleep with her love!! i love you mom thanks for keeping me safe!! ❤️❤️❤️

  21. I was surprised and happy to see Walt again, I wasn't sure we'd get another scene with him, but I was way more happy to see Chuck and Marie again. Especially Marie, I and probably most others thought we'd never see her again.

  22. I felt really excited for both of them I knew chuck would be in this episode I knew he had to be because I don't believe they could just not have them in this episode and I knew Walter would be in it too mainly due to there being two appearances that were stated

  23. Honestly I thought that Chuck scene was going to be another BrBa era flashback and I was thinking "I don't care, this is Jimmy's story not Breaking Bad" really glad they only did it once.

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