1. I unexpectedly farted at the same time Kim started to break into tears and I thought she did it. I spent a full minute thinking it was a very poignant artistic choice because for the first time in 6 years, Kim is starting to finally give a shit.

  2. AMC+ app fucked up a few weeks ago. It had audio but the screen was completely black, and no one was talking yet. For about 3 minutes my GF and I just sat there thinking it was an artistic choice, till we restarted the episode just to check if it was a glitch. It was.

  3. Had a similar experience watching Joker in the cinema. It was super zoomed in and claustrophobic feeling. And the title text didn't even fully fit. I thought "Damn that's an interesting choice". Then like 5min in the screen suddenly cut to black when the cinema operator restarted the movie.

  4. /uc Kinda reminds me of that "Tarkovsky pause" joke (Tarkovsky was a famous filmmaker notorious for his slow paced scenes, and he is really popular with movie snobs). Goes like this:

  5. /uc Tarkovsky actually is the man though, Stalker is my favorite movie. Nothing funnier than the story about the film execs telling him the beginning with the bed was "too slow" and him doubling the runtime on purpose to bore people into leaving the theater if it wasn't their kind of movie. I still watched it with my friend who only really likes action movies/superhero stuff and he ended up really liking it. You want some real pretentious nonsense you should look up this movie called "Days" where there are actual five minute long shots of nothing happening.

  6. /uc I did this yesterday, accidentally reloaded the page and watched the cold open again, thought it was a choice to put the scene and the intro in again. Only when the theme was done did I realize

  7. I fell asleep and tuned into at 9 to watch the repeat. Turns out I watched 20 minutes which was the ending of this week's episode completely forgetting about the intro🤡

  8. This morning when I was starting up ep 12 I accidentally loaded up ep 9 and didn't even question how the episode recap was about events in ep 8.

  9. I am not crazy! I know he sat in that chair. I knew it was for two minutes. Like when Walt shanked the prisoners. As if I could ever make such a mistake. Never. Never! I just – I just couldn’t prove it. He covered his tracks, he got those idiots on

  10. your honor, he clearly said "you people make me laugh" and then immediately breaks down on airport bus

  11. No because this literally happened to me. My parents and I sat down to watch the first episode of 2nd part of season 6 and I accidentally clicked on the season 5 finale. We deadass watched the entire episode and thought it was just vince doing an artistic narrative flashback. We watched the entire fucking episode and only after did we realise it was the S5 finale.

  12. Better Call Saul is so good that I accidentally paused a scene where Rhea Seehorn showed her barefoot and I thought it was just a character study of her in silence. I watched a paused scene for 2 mins and busted a load.

  13. I remember when I accidentally switched to audio description mode on Netflix. I watched the entirety of season 3 and thought the narration of each scene was a clever artistic choice by Vince, I actually shed tears when Chucken's courtroom rant about Jimmy's CHICAGO sunroof was drowned out by the commentator talking about his erratic speech pattern. I thought it was a mirror to the way his reasonable points were always being overshadowed by slippin' Jimmy's jams and japes.

  14. One time my step mom bought 10,000 BC on pay per view, and we couldn't understand a single word. We thought it was an intentional artistic choice, but it turned out we had bought the italian dub

  15. I accidentally muted the scene where kim talks to howard’s wife and i thought it was a dramatic choice to hide their conversation, like as if kim was blocking out what she was saying

  16. Netflix bugged out on me once when watching Daredevil. I had audio but a totally black screen. I watched for like 15 minutes thinking this was a really great artistic approach about a blind superhero until it clicked that something might be wrong.

  17. I feel like this kind of proves my theory that the show is actually really bad and none of you have noticed.

  18. I have accidently muted my soundbar on occasion while watching BCS and just thought the silence was an artistic choice...

  19. I really liked the part at the end where Saul started controlling people's dreams and then I realised that Sandman had started auto playing on Netflix.

  20. That’s like the time when I watched a war drama set in Iraq and noted how the yellow filter they applied really gave a brilliant alienating effect, especially when it was applied to scenes not set in the desert.

  21. I once was watching a very artsy movie and didn't realize the audio was out of sync by like 5 mins for almost an hour into the film.

  22. For some reason the video didn't play for me on Gray Man so the first 5 minutes were just black screen and audio, I thought it was a really interesting choice until I paused it and the video started working

  23. I muted it for a bit when the intro was playing and I watched for a good minute and a half before I realized that it was supposed to have audio. I thought it was an artistic choice that they weren't including audio in that part.

  24. When Rock and Hard Place came out I accidentally started watching Cobbler at first and thought it was a weird flashback and even after Chuck turned up it took me a while to realise. I was really high at the time to be fair.

  25. I knew he was gonna add a scene where the two police were just having hilarious banter right after showing the increasing threat of them through Jeffy's perspective. Such a classic movie/tv thing.

  26. lmaoo i start to feel vince's entire cinematography is just a little chickanery against auteurs. like i accidentally turned off sound for a couple of minutes and thought they started to speak telepathetically

  27. When I was watching the first episode of Legion, part way through somehow the audio de-synced was something like 5 minutes ahead of where the video was. It was absolutely melting my brain until the video caught up with some of the more distict sounds and I realized I was an idiot

  28. I watched BCS over download and I was making my way through season 4 and had just reached episode 5, stuck it on and the intro was Jimmy explaining to Kim in detail what happened in a desert. At first i thought it was one of those intros that foreshadows but it didnt stop after the titles and slowly dawned on me i skipped to season 5 ep 5 the worst possible place to skip to for spoilers

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