1. jesse nacho lalo jane gale kim rich lydia. theres no meth we just have tons of sex bc those are all my brba crushes. no i wont elaborate

  2. Gus, Saul, Kim, Mike, Huell, and Gale. Feel like these people would work the best together and would just focus on making money, no drama. Also they all have really valuable skills to bring to the table.

  3. Gale cooks, Huell and Saul are my business partners, Kim and Big Hamlin launder money and manage my fronts, I bang Jane, Lalo handles distribution, Marco does customer service and Finger handles security. Best Gussy free setup

  4. Todd has no critical thinking skills so he would do anything without thinking about it and you could instantly make him harmless just by saying "killing le bad"

  5. Don Eladio - underestimated by most viewers but he's actually a very tactical and ruthless leader. He was able to control the whole cartel for decades.

  6. i was just gonna say all the mexican cartel guys because they never seem to lose just get fucked with a lil then theyre like lol ok whatever back to selling the drogas

  7. Gus - honestly a much better kingpin than Walter, only his lust for revenge was his downfall, still miles better than the others

  8. Gus because he knows how to run a meth empire efficiently and you probably get free Pollos sometimes, Kim because she's the only one that's not a narc and feet, Marco because he seems nice, Lalo because he's a fun guy and he can wipe out rooms of people, Finger because he gets shit done and Jesse can cook the meth.

  9. Walter and Gale are the best cooking pair and cost 7$, Gus is invaluable at building the empire itself, bringing the total to 13$, I'll take 6 Lalos, because if we're honest he's absurdly underpriced and should cost 6$, so now I have 6 of the most dangerous and one of the smartest characters in the breaking bad universe to all be not only perfect enforcers, but also the best in general.

  10. Or, alternatively the same arrangement but replace 4 of the Lalos with Hank and Kim, because Hank in the DEA would be a huge asset in terms of inside information and sabotage, and Kim is a great cartel lawyer with a good enough reputation to still be useful for networking. You still have the most OP meth pair, the best empire builder, 2 of the single most physically dangerous and powerful person, and one of the smartest in the universe, and that In conjunction with Hank, who is able to go after and coordinate raids on rival gangs with police backup, making muscle a non issue.

  11. My brain says Jimmy, Mike, Nacho, Gus, Lalo, Gale; they’d be an unstoppable team, provided canon motivations didn’t interfere with the job (looking at you, Sustavo).

  12. I’m feeling Gus (the showrunner), Kim (the meticulous lawyer), Skylar (the financial guru), Gale (the chemist), Mike (the fixer), the cousins (the muscle), Nacho (the street smarts and the charm).

  13. People who are getting walter… hope you enjoy getting your shit wrecked because the fucker decided to let his toxic masculinity and megalomania rule over him once again. Like he’s so unserious. So disloyal and selfish and overall nasty. Too unpredictable and will betray you at the drop of a hat

  14. Gus gale mike and saul/kim (in her evil arc). Literally all you need. Yes your meth wont be blue or 99,1% purity but who cares itll sell anyway, and yeah it might not reach the czech republic but youll still make a shitload of money with new mexico alone. And you wont have any traitors/people getting too greedy

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