1. I actually have no idea how the fuck we would do this besides a huge ass call on the discord server lmao but I was also considering doing a daily post where the top comment gets added to the script starting today until the 15th where I show off the full script since someone suggested that might be better

  2. “Hi! I’m (Better Call) Saul Goodman, did you know you can Break(ing) Bad? Con(pros)tituion says can, and so do I! Better Call Saul (since 2015)

  3. /uc: it would likely be incomprehensible garbage with no actual storyline or flow, it would just be the common memes repeated over and over again

  4. I feel like we would accidentally be correct about the ending and would end up in legal trouble leading to the demise of this sub

  5. The final line should be Gene looking at the camera, saying “I guess you Better Call Saul!” winking and then fading to black.

  6. I'm gonna start a daily post experiment thing soon where the most upvoted comment/most upvoted reply to the most upvoted comment adds to the script if you could find a way to put this into the last day that would be amazing

  7. Saul hits Mr. Mayhew with his cadillac then looks into the camera and say "Look's like he won't be Breaking Bad," then it ends in an alternate universe where Mike isn't killed by Walt and he says "You're done, YOU ARE DONE" and the series ends.

  8. Uj/ This should happen on a discord call, and someone could livestream it and type the lines, that way everyone can read what's going on in the script and maybe it'll turn out readable. If not it'll be just a collection of random memes lol.

  9. /uc better start soon and made a post like "made one line of the script of the ending, and the most upvoted comment it's included on the script" type mechanic, doing a daily basis of this posts, to maintain to a certain degree the flow of the script, to not fall in an incomprehensible and utterly chaotic mess of overused and unfunny memes

  10. Kim walks up to Gene's home and knocks on the door. Gene opens the door and Kim points and shoots her finger guns. Jimmy pulls her in by the waist and gives her the most romantic kiss.

  11. this would work if reddit was a proper forum and instead of killing them off by being pieceofshit stupidthread

  12. Looks like I better call saul. Looks like I better call saul. Looks like I better call saul. Looks like I better call saul...

  13. Can i direct the final scene where it zooms out from a closeup of Kim's feet with Badfinger - Baby Blue playing?

  14. Gene Takovic gets caught and sent to prison, he looked at his bunkmate and it was no other than... KIM WEXLER!! (they are in a women and man prison) they form a plan to escape the prison but is stopped by jared leto's MORBIUS (hence the new player enters the game description) an epic battle emerges leaving Ms. Wexler wounded and jimmy defeated.... morbius regrets what he did and in guilt says: "Did I morb... Too hard?" THE END

  15. episode ends with walter walking into the high school chemistry classroom to start his class. "okay class, today we are going to finger paint". we then see mike enter the classroom. cue credits.

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