1. This is absolutely beautiful. I hope she makes one for the family too so the update is that everyone is eating your mom's dick HAHAHAHAAHAHA

  2. Next year: "Mom's cake business has taken off, she's now exclusively making dick cakes, earning 3 times more per cake than the usual birthday/anniversary cakes!"

  3. The only reason he's mad is because it looks better than his, she's literally just using a picture to make a shaped cake and is SELLING IT FOR MONEY chill TF out, bro.

  4. When you said dick cake I thought cake shaped like a dick but not this haha this is greater than my mind could create!

  5. Oh wow the semen is a nice touch lmao, anyways, the rest of the cake looks great. Hope whoever requested it is satisfied happy.

  6. i used a metal penis cake pan to make one of those once. The shape was a challenge to cook evenly. The shaft was burnt and the balls were raw. Or maybe it was my oven that was the problem...

  7. ROFLOL...yep! 3rd time revisiting this post for the "reveal." I'm a queer woman & have never been this excited to see a D pic.

  8. You dad is...NOT COOL. IT's a fucking dick cake. I have made a few myself for my own birthday. It sounds like your mom is having fun, and HURTING NO ONE.

  9. She could use licorice for the veins. Get some Twizzlers and split them in half or quarters, and then cover them with the frosting.

  10. First of all I like your mom's sense of humor, second why is your dad mad it's just a cake , and she is using a picture because maybe is a long time since she saw one that she needs a picture to remember.

  11. I don't know what I love more, your mother's effort to make a picture perfect dick or the end result, this cake looks amazing

  12. Thank you for following through on the pic lol, your mom is awesome. Tell her she gave us the happy ending we were hoping for!

  13. if your mom decides to make this again/make it a business, they actually sell dick food safe dick molds on etsy and the like! lol make her work a little easier. otherwise, let her know her dick looks great

  14. I got a dick cake pan once because of a friend's bridal shower, it was endlessly entertaining. I made so many dick cakes! Chocolate sprinkles make great pubes!

  15. Wow l, first time I’m saying this but that’s a tasty looking dick. I mean seriously, your Mom really went hard on that dick and I really think everyone will be satisfied! People will be begging for another taste of your Moms dick. Kudos to you & your Mom for being awesome

  16. Before I clicked through I thought this was gonna be one of those cakes where you use a syringe type thing to 'inject' liquid icing or whatever into the cake but instead of into the cake... well... You can guess. So glad I was wrong 😂

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