1. Isn’t it wild that there are people paying money to look pretty and he made himself ugly on purpose.

  2. Irl that face tats are called job killers in the tat world. Few tattoo artists will do them and council those against it

  3. He jumped into a crowd at a concert and someone tried ripping it out, his forehead started bleeding and he had to go to hospital and then get the diamond removed. The diamond is worth millions.

  4. Not a fan of the guy but y'all can't tell this is a shop? Look up pictures of him in real life, his sits on top of the skin.

  5. This is his ugliest picture and the guy photoshopped the diamond on it lol. He’s a hater or something the poster search lil Uzi diamond and he’ll look normal

  6. Because it is.. the real diamond is just a piercing idk why ppl believe it’s literally implanted in his head

  7. Oh for sure, he also admitted to “selling his soul” for his fans. Whatever that means, it definitely isn’t something a sane person does

  8. Ah yes "something" disturbing. If only I could only I could put my finger exactly on what it is about the diamond embedded into the forehead that seems odd.

  9. I had an infection on my calf once, hospital had to slice it open and stuff in gauze in it. That’s what it looked like.

  10. Not terrified. Puzzled about why I should care. If he doesn’t want mental health support, so be it.

  11. The Diamond was ripped out by one of his fans during a concert. Imagine someone removing a surgically implanted, million dollar rock from your forehead.

  12. Damn you Reddit and OP!! I made it through 47 years of life without knowing that this person is out there in the world. Today my blissful ignorance has come to an end. From my quick google search it seems that he used to have really nice teeth though.

  13. That’s cause from afar it looks like a gaping wound, maybe don’t buy a diamond that is the color of an open wound 😂😂

  14. Idk why but this looks fake. I know he for real got a diamond in his head but just take a gander and tell me this picture in particular isn’t fake…

  15. Wasn’t really Embedded , this pic photoshopped. It’s like a dermal piercing with a big ass pink diamond.

  16. Who the fuck loaned him that kind of money to pay for this travesty, or gave out this rock on approval? I can’t imagine a straight bank manager saying, “I’m pleased to inform you Mr.Vert…….”

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