1. Degreaser cuts fat right? The surface of the skin is covered by a layer of lipids (fats). So I guess it dissolved that layer of skin right off of the flesh.

  2. That's incredible. Does anyone know the science behind why the degreaser left it like that? I'm so curious how it didn't eat through anything else.

  3. Hair dissolved relatively quickly, skin was more resistant but was still in the process of being broken down by the degreaser, which would explain why it is in a more translucent state than normal. Id say that they found it at the right(or wrong) time, if it was in there long enough it would have broken down more. If it had stayed in long enough for the skin to disolve, then the degreaser would have broken down the blood , and organs would have broken down a little quicker than the skin. Bones would be the only thing that may have lasted forever in there

  4. Also the degreaser, depending on which type, will absorb through the skin, so it likely did that and was already breaking down the blood, making it easier to see into the body of the mouse through the skin

  5. Degreasers are designed to remove chemicals that are long chains of hydrogen and carbon (hydrocarbons, or oils). Oils do not mix with water and degreasers make that possible. They do this by having one end of the degreaser molecule attract the hydrocarbon and the other end mix with water. Alternatively, they work by completely dissolving the hydrocarbon within the degreaser itself.

  6. Degreasers can absorb through the skin, and when they contain things like benzene, can cause cancer, probably of the kidneys, if you are exposed often over the long term, like at work and stuff. So even though it may be tempting to clean your hands with because of its cleaning power, dont do it

  7. Not sure the chemical mechanism of the degreaser, but animals are mostly proteins. If the degreaser is able to chemically break down the fats and lipids in the animal, what would be left would be just the protein. That wouldn’t explain the hair loss though, as hair is all protein, but it could have fallen out in the process.

  8. Basically, everything lipophilic (fat soluble) was dissolved and slowly diffused out of the mouse, while the hydrophilic (water soluble) parts and high molecular mass structures were left in place.

  9. Others have provided some good explanations, so I'll only add a little bit more. Degreaser is basically just hardcore soap. Just like soaking greasy dishes in soapy water will dissolve and remove the grease, soaking other lipids (like cell membranes) in degreaser will dissolve and remove them. This is one reason why soaps are naturally antibacterial: they break down the membranes of bacteria. The reason this doesn't happen to our hands when we wash them is because (1) our hands have keratin (protein) layers that don't dissolve in soap, and (2) we don't soak our hands in soapy water for long enough for there to be any affect.

  10. Tissue is opaque because its components all have different refractive indecies. Water around 1.0, protein around 1.5, lipid around 1.3 or something. Those are the major components of tissue. That means everytime a photon passes between any interface between those types of molecules it refracts and shifts angle. That happens a gazillion times to every photon that enters the tissue, so by the time it gets out of the tissue and back to your eye, its lost its original path, and it tells you nothing about the structure inside of the tissue. As an example, image a glass of water. Its just one type of molecule, all one refractive index. Some of the light that goes in will come back out and it will only have refracted at the air-water interface, so it still shows you an image. You can still make out whats inside the glass of water.

  11. I hardly noticed the mouse because of whatever disgusting thing that is holding it. I think it looks more like a stubbly human skin fold hosting one of the worst fungal infections I've ever seen.

  12. I literally had a nightmare that was this exactly, but it was about my pet rat. He was all squishy and I was trying to put him back together saying "you'll be ok, you'll be ok." I woke up near tears and gave him all the pets.

  13. no not clear resin, a jar of alcohol would be better and it would be preserved instead of molding in the resin. people will try and put anything in resin I swear lol.

  14. That’s an awful way to die. I realize it suffocated quickly, but it had to be painful as hell. Also, I’m guessing it used to be a rat. That would be one huge mouse. Even with absorption.

  15. They used to sell various animals with this treatment for educational purposes (probably still do). I used to see them at a store called Evolution in New York.

  16. Why does it look like someone with a big ass chin with a ton of stubble is holding the mouse in their mouth?

  17. would make cool exhibits for high school biology lab. Start mass production and put them in epoxy, sell world wide

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