1. Yeah that's the highest number, it seems similar pricing to low end compact cars. Looks like the cheapest fully grown man is like $9k today's dollars. That's like a used car price. Dark and sad :(

  2. Indeed. Buying slaves meant mortgaging out. Slaves were very expensive especially for healthy males about 25. Few people know that free black people could also own slaves but it required a white guarantor.

  3. And had they not used slaves and just hired people to work what would they have to pay? Doesn't seem like they were saving much once you consider they have to feed them, hire people to make sure they don't run away, things like that.

  4. It's still happening. More people are in slavery now than at any other point in history with an estimated 100,000 slaves in the U.K. and 400,000+ in the USA.

  5. If his mother was enslaved, he was born enslaved. There was no point in his life from birth until the creation of this document during which he was free.

  6. Yeah and their was no garntee that they or any of the other children would be sold to the same place as any of their family members.

  7. This is always so heartbreaking. Slavery was a lifelong condition, born into it and only finding freedom in death. My grandma (who’s alive and in her 80s) was a sharecropper as a child. She and her siblings would be waiting for the truck to take them to school but her landlord would go yell at their dad to get them back on the land to work. They weren’t seen as children, just workers with smaller hands. These websites that help connect family are so special for us who are descendants of the enslaved. Branches of family trees were severed when people (esp children) were sold, these names likely were changed after purchase too.

  8. Almost half of these are children under 10. I can't even imagine how horrible that would be to have your children ripped from you and sold to whoever the highest bidder was knowing that if they could be beaten to death nobody would do a thing.

  9. Unfortunately, my first thought reading this was that I was impressed the enslaved people’s names were listed. I have a degree in black history and conducted research on the history of slavery in the United States for many years. Very often in probate documents enslaved people would be simply listed as “Negro wench” or something to that effect. Disgusting comments about the “diminished value” of elderly or disabled enslaved people were often included.

  10. Of course, these are still not their actual names (for those who weren't born into slavery.) They've all been given English names rather than use what they would have been called before they were sold into slavery.

  11. If you adjust for inflation, they’re much more expensive. Jim would cost $81,000 in adjusted dollars. That’s how much our currency has depreciated over the years. If you take into account all of the historically recent fake extended credit out there and go back to a gold standard currency, the adjusted price would be even higher. Jim May even cost over $800,000.

  12. It's a fact that only the wealthiest could afford slaves. The rest of the populace were just along for the ride and the fallout.

  13. I'd imagine with his price he was the strongest of the group. They are priced based on their usefulness as labor workers which is why the oldest male is going for so cheap.

  14. Even more terrifying are prices for few-monts. Holy crap, were they morally capable of taking an almost newborn child from its mother should anybody pay 100 bucks?

  15. He was prime in age, likely healthy/strong and probably had a skill like horse training, leather work or the like. He would be seen as a great “investment” if he could do skilled work that could be sold rather than solely doing hard labor which they’d put anyone in

  16. The same kind of freaks that exist now were active then…. They did not purchase young children to “work” #Sally Hemings

  17. Slavery, so glad modern, progressive humans have abandoned this age-old phenomenon. Modern morality, based on reason and empathy, is a great thing. 2,000 years ago it was common practice when conquering cities, areas or countries, to sell a populace into slavery. Roman empire was practically built on slavery, but then again it was the same in nearly every country at the time.

  18. You need to read more, slavery is more prolific now than ever. Just scroll up the comments for some links to stats on it. Slavery never died, just changed its face and went underground

  19. Focusing your energies on something from 175 years ago that was overcome through the course of history - purchased through lives lost and blood spilled - and pretending that it's more relevant today than the actual issues we're currently facing as a society, is what I find oddly terrifying.

  20. Horrifically, I think it is months. The ones who are months old are the same price as the child who is 1.

  21. Keep your what aboutism to yourself, the horror in this post is partly about white, civilised, Christian Americans white Americans buying and selling human beings, and partly about white, Christian, "civilised" Americans selling babies separately from their mothers.

  22. Ok, yes it's terrible that my ancestors were bought and sold. But what really bothers me is that this list isn't organized at all. They aren't listed by age or price, or even alphabetically. If you're going to traffic in human suffering at least be organized about it.

  23. Give me an break! I can't remember anyone ever turning down a 100 + million dollar contract. They never seem to get to upset about making millions on the backs of slave laborers, though.

  24. An extension of this outrageous practise of putting a dollar value on a human life was this: insurance companies selling slave owners insurance. The New York Times ran an article on this in 2016.

  25. And yet still goes on around the world whether ppl know it or not. Ppl don't realize there are old ancient tribes who still live a life the ancient ways and have no clue about what's out there in the world

  26. You can buy a human right now, man, woman, or child in Africa for $500. 1 in 7 Africans are or have been slaves. Hell slave labor is what was used to mine the cobalt, lithium and other minerals used to make the phone, tablet, or computer you used to make this post. Let's not even talk about the shoes, clothes, and half of what's in your house that come from third world countries.

  27. Im surprised the woman wouldn't be more valuable. Didnt they used to fuck them. They were like multi use tools. Cleaned and cooked then take em to bed

  28. Do you have any idea how many human beings were enslaved in the United States lol. There would have been thousands of Harriets.

  29. Irish slaves were more like indentured servant and more likely to earn their freedom eventually. Black slaves were usually named by their owners. Like the famous scene in Roots where Kunta Kente was forced to say his name was Toby.

  30. Look up the Toby scene from Roots. There is power in names, that’s why they weren’t allowed to keep anything of their culture.

  31. Teenagers and early 20s were the most valuable and 40s - 50s were least valuable next to the infants. That's insane. I mean slavery should have never happened, for the record, but that's opposite in today's working world what companies view people's "worth" according to their paychecks.

  32. It's horrible because of how true it still holds... And that is also not sorted in any order that i can recognize, but human sales is horrible

  33. Those poor, poor people, and selling the babies on their own how fucking heartless. Nobody better deny generational trauma to me ever again

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