1. This...looks like a limestone sinkhole. I know nothing of it, but I’d be terrified of it acting as sinkholes do. I don’t know if fearing a collapse is odd, but it sure is terrifying that it happens.

  2. That's the first thing I'd think is just getting close to it....it's gonna collapse. Even just anywhere around there can potentially collapse. Plus what if those things from the cave are inside no thanks.

  3. He for sure could have collapsed through underneath, this is actually common at Sandy beaches and could be crevices built over time ready to pop and he filled with sand and unsuspecting people/animals

  4. Yeah i got a wee bit of low level ptsd from seeing this. Even playing through again fucker is mad difficult to deal with.

  5. this is why you as a human have a duty to kill any antlions you see so that they dont grow too big and consume the world.

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