1. Thank you so much! I was trying to measure the length of the beaks bent bit to decide if the one flamingo had pierced the others brain or not as it also looks highly traumatized. But I can understand that knowing that it's being puked on.

  2. Omfg thanks for the explanation op!!! Was genuinely terrified at this one. Looks like the beak is embedded in the head!!! Crab juice crab blood whatever 🩸. TIL about pyramid style funnel for animals feeding and will never look at a champagne funnel at a wedding the same again.

  3. Not only their milk is red because of the diet, but also their feathers are pink for that very reason. So if they ate something else, they could have white feathers.

  4. For what it's worth. They aren't being efficient with their crop milk. They are just being stupid and wanting to feed at the same time.

  5. There are baby birds that poop out a sac of excrement so the parent can take it and throw it away from the nest to keep it clean.

  6. Me too man, I thought it was killing it and feeding its baby lol. Holy shit. I need to go to call it a day. No more internet for me haha.

  7. That top one is a little slow to the game. "Stop puking food all over my head, John! I told you it goes in the babies mouth! Ffs."

  8. My thoughts exactly. I didn’t care if it was blood or crab juice… it’s on the babies head now lol

  9. Im so used to nature at its worst that id didn't doubt for a second that that was blood until i read the description.

  10. So... the upper flamingo hasn't punctured the brain of the paralyzed, but still living, lower flamingo and isn't draining precious adrenochrome into the baby flamingo's mouth?

  11. I seriously thought the dad flamingo was making a hole in mom flamingos head to feed the baby it's nutritious blood...

  12. La Gioconda, Op. 9: Dance of the Hours by Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra/Ondrej Lenárd (00:47; matched: 100%)

  13. For all you Redditors that don’t know, this is a process called Brain Juice Compensation. You see, the female flamingo believes the male flamingo did not contribute to the birthing process so she decides the males thought juices are sufficient compensation for his lack of parental assistance. And the young just lap that shit up, I believe.

  14. Now why does this require a middle man? Seems to me the puke dispensing bird could just dump a hot red load down the little one’s neck tube. But what do I know?

  15. Quite an inefficient way, couldn't just they take turns? But what the hell! That is why flamingos do not dominate this planet I guess, not the sharpest tool in the toolbox.

  16. No the male is regurgitating food on the moms head so it funnels down into the babies mouth. The mom is regurgitating directly into its mouth

  17. That's fucked up. It's like if a human mom squeezed her titties on top of the dads dick and it driped into the baby's mouth.

  18. Max Payne made me creeped out by flamingo, but me being rational in real life they are elegant and not creepy. Now this changes that.

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