1. It's been posted before. The banana is being moved from under the table, sadly no mutant banana to be seen here.

  2. It wouldn't move that much. The goo interactions would be hell to make in CGI so my guess is it's been opened and has a device inside that makes it move.

  3. I recently bitten a banana with the same fungus that scientists were talking about when they said that bananas could extinct, i threw it out and washed my mouth but, like I'm about to throw up now. The coincidence is just...

  4. That's why you always should break your banana first to see what's inside... btw same has happened to me multiple times, I swallowed it 😏 but threw out what's left. I had no idea this is red fungus tho, anyway I'm srltill aliv....gehjvduDfbjjnbFgbhZggbbn

  5. This is from @providingforthecommunity over on TikTok. Go check it out if you’re interested in their other work.

  6. This has been posted six times. This video is turning into the new Monday. It comes around every week and you dread to see it.

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