1. Seriously, season 1 is definitely wild too, it was more spongebob in its wildness but as the show kept going it got like more serious wild

  2. Season 5 is insane. Full of adult themes and innuendos about budding sexuality and growing into adulthood along with very strange episodes. I think the show up till that point was 50% weirdness 50% baby ass episodes

  3. It really wasn't until the show's creator stepped back halfway into season 4 that it gets interesting. Later in that season is when the Ice King goes from being a campy villain to a tragic figure and the show's mythology starts getting explored. This scene with Lemongrab was from the 5th season.

  4. My nephew always says Adventure Time started out as a Cartoon Network show that turned into an Adult Swim show over time. He is not wrong.

  5. 31 year old here, it’s my favorite show. The later seasons are very well written. They go into a lot of characters origin stories and a lot are heartbreaking.

  6. I used to know this lady through work and she was really nice and really cool and I found out that she’s Pendleton Ward’s mom. Made total sense.

  7. ‘If I learnt anything today, it’s that I am awesome at talking to ladies. And lady, you are CRAZY UGLY! Having beautiful hair isn’t gonna solve anything.. Because you’re ugly, inside and out. You’re so ugly, it makes me want to throw up…. ‘

  8. Fun fact, the studio that used make Dexter's Lab etc. became Frederator (Adventure Time, Fairly Odd Parents, Castlevania) and it was people from those older studios that then co-produced Flapjack, Gravity Falls, Rick and Morty...

  9. I mean that is kind of true, Adventure Time was pitched to Nickelodeon originally. Good thing it didn't end up there, or else it would've been cancelled after one season for not being immediately as successful as SpongeBob

  10. The edginess of that era of Cartoon Network forced some international channels to edit many scenes, due how delicate is appealing for various countries and tv regulations. In Argentina, the government forced the channel to retire Dragon Ball Super in the region.

  11. Dude the first time I watched this I was in college, and it legitimately disturbed me. Like, I didn't know how I felt. I laughed when watching it, but it was the "I'm gonna pretend I find this funny and laugh out loud so that I don't have to deal with these confusing and terrifying and disturbing emotions I feel deep down inside of me right now" kind of laugh. Everyone knows that laugh, right?

  12. I feel so bad for Justin Roiland sometimes. The man delivered an excellent performance as The Earls of Lemongrab but he tore his fucking vocal cords trying to do the scream.

  13. Yep, Lemongrab is voiced by Justin Roiland, co-creator of Rick and Morty and voice actor for both of them.

  14. I remember watching it when I was like 12 and not really liking it. It's appropriate for kids, but not aimed at kids.

  15. I've watched the entire show on a number of acid trips and can definitely confirm that I feel like the Target demographic

  16. dude, like 6 years ago in my senior year I took acid on a Wednesday alone in my room and I watched adventure time. it was the most mystifying experience ive ever had in my life, I dont even remember what episode it was, I just remember finn was in some sort of chamber/maze and at one point there was a very esoteric scene where he was opening doors and floating through clouds and having a spiritual moment. I was completely floored by it because my trip was peaking at the moment lol.

  17. I watched it with my kids when they were growing up. It was the first show we watched together weekly and that they saw from beginning to end. Not ashamed to say we all balled during the finale.

  18. Do you show it with any kind of context? I've never seen the show, all I'm seeing here is two characters screaming then one gets eaten.

  19. Probably my favorite show of all time. So many amazing moments, heartbreaking moments, badass moments, and a lot of creepy moments

  20. Tbh honest seeing how my country banned alot of kissing scenes but let this episode air is fucking ridiculous

  21. I used to call Adventure Time a "kids show" until I said that around a friend of mine and they said they wouldn't let their kid watch it yet. I was a little taken aback, but after re-watching some of it, it can probably be a little much for younger kids.

  22. I think my sister in law decided I was a terrible parent because I let my kids watch it when my nieces were not allowed to. (I used to watch it with them.)

  23. Agreed. I'm a huge fan of the show and only started watching it at like 21. I've seen every episode at least 4 times now, and when considered in its entirety it is not a kids show.

  24. I watched the entire series with my kids. They seem to be ok, I think. At least they’re already in therapy if anything goes amiss.

  25. Courage is another level of creepiness, a true master. Flapjack was a school for a lot of another creators in Cartoon Network.

  26. The courage “you’re not perfect” abomination and the violin girl stuck with me for years after watching. That show was something else.

  27. Kids have serious shit to deal with and they get emotional support through the catharsis of watching very intense experiences. Source, was a kid once.

  28. I’d probably believe you if you told me this wasn’t scripted or even supposed to be in the show and they just happen to record this when Justin Roiland didn’t realize they were recording

  29. I don't know what the process is for Rick and Morty, but so much of it seems like Justin Roiland saying random shit just to mess with the animators and see what they will do with it, like the Two Brothers bit.

  30. I took three seasons to decide to wasn't a kids show, it was the lich saying he'd wear Finn's skin that finally made me decide it wasn't for kids

  31. Anyone into this and looking for more, check out Michael Deforge's comics, he was the character designer for adventure time and makes some of most incredible (more adult) comics I've ever read. They can have a very adventure time look and feel at times, but way more strange. Highly recommended.

  32. They're characters in a show that takes place in a Candy Kingdom - they're lemons. The one in black was the only one of his kind, so another was made. They live in a Lemon Kingdom and there are other lemonfolk.

  33. Lemongrab 1 (the one in the black suit) is as a whole really terrifying. The first sentient being the princess made, and neglected heavily. He was raised in complete isolation, to the point that forget being selfish and rude, he doesn't even understand the concepts of selflessness, friendliness, or teamwork. His solution is to solve things his way, and blames others when it doesn't work.

  34. I love when Finn and jake first meet magic man and you think he’s a happy whimsical traveller doing kind deeds for all the children then he FUCKING TURNS A BIRD INSIDE OUT FOR NO REASON.

  35. Your first mistake was to assume that Adventure Time was for kids, your second was to think that the lemon people would be sane.

  36. nothing too out of bounds in the show, surely nothing like south park or family guy...I find it's theme song to be eternally charming and comforting

  37. I was laid up for a month after falling down the stairs a wrecking my ankle (I was sober, just bad at stairs apparently. Don’t you judge me) and I decided I would eat some mushrooms and watch the entirety of adventure time to pass the time. This scene made me SO UNCOMFORTABLE!! I was literally shifting positions on the couch, like physically uncomfortable. So insane that this was a kids show. I remember when this came out when I was in a freshman in high school. My friends and I would roll balls and watch it on the weekends. Great times.

  38. I fucking LOVE and adore adventure time. I absolutely get blasted and watch this show high because how insane the episodes get. Used to watch this with my ex and man do I miss that.

  39. One of the greatest animated series ever. Historic. Pretty much perfect. Appreciable on many levels too, as this thread proves.

  40. So, no one’s gonna give any context for what’s happening here? Just “Haha, Adventure Time” and assume everyone else gets what’s going on because “why haven’t you watched it? Just go watch it.”

  41. Remember, animation doesn’t always mean kids show. I was 20 when AT started airing and I was buying the seasons on dvd bc I didn’t bother with cable by then. Certainly a show all cool people can live

  42. Adventure time is fucking great I’m 27 and watched it a couple years ago it’s original and hilarious. More of a teen show “kids” isn’t used accurately here.

  43. I still can't get over how I missed out on this show. It came out right after I stopped watching Cartoon Network (well, cable TV in general) so I never got to experience it back when it was prime time.

  44. I like everyone is just like, "yeah just another normal episode of AT." Half the time the show was a straight up acid trip anyways

  45. As a 23 year old, I fucking love this show, it's my favorite comfort watch next to Bob's burgers. Some adults are really sleeping on this show thinking it's just for kids.

  46. Remember that scene where there’s that small Lemongrab in a corner and he slowly turns his head all the way around and his head peels while he screams? Man, that scene had me in tears of joy at the absurdity.

  47. Ayo didn't see that scene in cartoon network just now and also nah not much dmg ngl why? Because courage the cowardly dog gave me courage?

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