1. Naw dawg, it's a 2D representation of a 3D pentaspherogram. That means that if he lifts the ugly gold idol, he's gonna get squashed by a magic eight-ball.

  2. Can you imagine a type of demon this pentagram might summon? Bucktooth hand shriveled, half brain dumb dumb monster.

  3. Pentagrams are protective symbols too. It’s a lot like the upside down cross. Neither of these things are evil, just taken over by edgy people that don’t know the history of them

  4. Yes. Sherlock the loft. Check for more clues. Look for sharp objects in the house that could have been used for doing this. Look for fallen chipping near the wall. Footorints on the dusty loft floor.

  5. Nah, if I know anything about the internet OP's gf is under the affects of carbon monoxide poisoning and is subconsciously trying to summon her bf in the middle of the night

  6. That was my first thought too. I totally would’ve done something like that back when I was a 16 year old metalhead skater

  7. This exact photo was already uploaded to a pagan and witchcraft group I follow, by a nice older lady who’s friend found it in her attic...so I’m gonna go ahead and call bullshit on this one.

  8. Or it's just a weird coincidence. It's not like it says "Horatio Plutarch Cumberbatch the Third". Nick is an exceedingly common name.

  9. It honestly isn't. I saw it before her and took the picture to show her. I was up with my Dad who put his hand on a beam that broke in half and nearly fell down the hatch shortly after. I'm not superstitious at all, but fuck going back in that loft. My Dad won't go back up either.

  10. is it occam's razor that the more reasonable hoax theory is that the poster is lying instead of the poster telling the truth about the girlfriend who'd be the hoaxer?

  11. Your future self is trying to send you a message, don't keep making the same mistake, escape before its too late! Break the endless loop!!!

  12. Looks like an edgy preteen named Nick lived there before you, pretty common name, or your girlfriend lives in a fantasy world and will lie to you to make it more real and exciting for her which could very well be a red flag, especially if she "finds" stuff like this often when you aren't around.

  13. "Nick" is also another name for the Devil. I'm not saying it wasn't an edgy teen, just not one necessarily called Nick.

  14. Elsewhere on Reddit: Decided to teach my snooping boyfriend a lesson by drawing a pentagram and his name in my attic. Next time pay attention to me Nick, not my house!!

  15. Wrong. Upright means drawing energy from above, the "heavens" as in the celestial and/or drawing feminine energy and upside down means drawing energy from the earth and/or masculine energy.

  16. OK so, a week after I found this we met a guy who had a pet rabbit in a local pub. This guy randomly asks if I've been in the attic recently and had I broken a beam. Which I had when I was up there. There were a few other things he said which he shouldn't have known. I got really feaked out. Shortly after she wanted to introduce me to her friends who were part of a cult, that had lead to her other friend dying a year earlier. That was the point I bolted. Fuck knows why I didn't bolt when I saw the pentagram in the first place

  17. Ignoring the "pentagram" and the name, this reminds me of the attic in Hellraiser. Don't accidentally bleed on any of those floors, especially if you have a crazy sex obsessed brother that mysteriously disappeared, and may or may not have had an affair behind your back with your girlfriend. You don't want to be messing with any cenobites my dude.

  18. If this is not fake, i would highly recommend you to get the fuck out of that place and stay away from that girl dude. Don't take any gift she may give you and don't let her take any item of yours. Also i would tell you to bath with herbs. It's badly done yes, but if it was her it has an intent.

  19. It’s made in chalk it looks like, and not carved in the wall. Chalk stays surprisingly well when unchallenged by weather so it seems incredibly possible it was just done kid sucking around before your girlfriend moved in. Considering she only moved in 3 months ago, and the pentagram and handwriting are that of a child, I think that the devil truly is there and you should seek asylum in a church.

  20. It’s Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue. Some kid in the 80’s did that when he lived there. All stoners did that back in the day.

  21. Either the tenants before here was coincidentally also called Nick...or her summoning ritual worked.

  22. I don't personally know any demons that would even show up for a pentagram that sloppy. Besides that, Nick is a pretty common name. I'm sure you'll be fine. Now if your name was Ombwewe or something, then I'd definitely be worried.

  23. Nick is too common of a name, if your name was something like Leviticus then that would be a cause for concern

  24. How do you know she was never up there tho? Just because she said so? Just because she didn’t go up at that time before you doesn’t mean she’s never gone up there

  25. Every time I work on someone's house I do shit like this. I have a lot of different construction skills so my friends and family are always asking me to help with projects. When I replace a floor I will put pentagrams on the subfloor and weird symbols around the outside. In 20 years or so when they replace that floor the people doing it will freak the fuck out! The last one I did I wrote in big permanent marker "She is under the shed, but by the time anyone finds her I will be long gone!" These are my favorite kinds of pranks.

  26. She’s obviously been in there. Also OP did you know that it says gullible on the celling? You should look up and see for yourself.

  27. What's even stranger is that below the scribe isn't boarded. You'd fall through the ceiling if you stood there. Very freaky

  28. Bro that's hype, imagine if you could actually talk to Satan and confirm its all real. Maybe you can even make a cool deal for some warlock powers or some shit.

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