1. People who flaunt with (fake) iq scores are also in general hilariously unaware that IQ test are primarily designed to measure mental disability.

  2. Mmm. Esp. since he identifies as both “alt.right” and “Caucasian” and then “Atlanto-Mediterranean”. Long way to go round the houses to “Nazi Hispanic”.

  3. If he had actually taken an anthropology course he would realize that the concept of “sub race” doesn’t exist there

  4. If you feel the need to measure your penis in the hundredths of an inch, it says something about you.

  5. Ancaps are people who believe that hierarchy is bad (anarchy), but capitalism is good. Capitalism breeds hierarchy, because he who owns everything necessarily wields power over people who own nothing. It's not a coherent world view.

  6. I think it’s the way he scrunches his forehead bc when you block that out he looks close to his early 20s

  7. That’s like typing an original essay into a search bar, and trying to fimd websites that already have the whole thing, word for word.

  8. Dude's with lists like this 100% work at best buy or some shit. This guy's face reeks of disappointed parents.

  9. Wtf even is an “anarcho-capitalist?” That’s like saying I’m a far right socialist. Makes no damn sense.

  10. "An"caps are under the same misunderstanding most people are: that anarchy means "no rules," instead of "no hierarchies." They basically are neofuedalists who think they'll be landed lords in their ideal society.

  11. His requirements are contradictory. No mentally stable woman would want what he is selling. He could probably get a girlfriend if he just lowered his standards a bit and settled for someone who is clinically insane

  12. Mentally stable is definitely subjective. What he considers mentally stable means that she only hits him with an open palm and only throws his clothes out the window but doesn’t burn them.

  13. It is a truly worthless metric. I was deemed high IQ growing up. In grade school I consistently hit 99th percentile scores across the board on standardized, nationwide testing. Subsequently underwent extensive testing, IQ and so forth, which I also performed exceptionally well on. Consequently I was separated from most of my peers throughout grade school/high school and lumped in with a random group of “gifted” (the word they used) high IQ individuals. My IQ is higher than this fellow’s. But my life has been one long string of fuck-ups. I don’t have the common sense to find my way out of a paper sack. My auditory and visual memory are off the charts good. But I’ve yet to translate that into any real world success.

  14. He's 22 so unfortunately he will probably find someone who is 20 and just escaped their abusive parents and doesn't understand what's happening.

  15. No, but you see, anarcho-capitalism is different from the current neoliberalism in that people believe that under anarcho-capitalism, they will be the ones with the money and influence, while not being subject to laws.

  16. Seems like satire or a bit to me too. Not that there aren’t people who would unironically post this but the way it’s worded feels like a gag to me

  17. This is a first for me on reddit but I actually went to middle school with this lovely gentleman. Was friends with him on Facebook for a while until posts like this became all too common. Can confirm it is not satire... this is who he is, or was at least. Post is several years old

  18. Don’t brag abt your iq, especially if it’s not genius level. Like if it’s in the 160s, okay fine you’re a dick but you’re also unbelievably smart. If it’s 133… you’re a dick and also in the top 2%? That’s not a very exclusive group buddy. It’s just sad you think you’re so special because of it.

  19. I like how he’s announcing he’s willing to date below 7/10 (and presumably plans to tell her this) as long as she says she’s anarcho-capitalist rather than right-libertarian or minarchist. “Must have poor self-esteem” seems to be implicit.

  20. Here to mention that Anthropology, like Biology, doesn’t recognize any “races”, let alone “subraces”, in contemporary humans… homo sapiens sapiens.

  21. Between the descriptions of himself, the implied racism, the photos, and the “hmu bitches” at the end…how is this Prince Charming still single?

  22. if he took a shower and a shave/haircut, stopped looking at the camera in a way that makes me want to put a lid on every drink in a five mile radius, and stopped being an alt right moron he might actually be a catch

  23. Always round down with dick size. Way better for someone to be pleasantly surprised than disappointed. I’ve been telling guys my dick is 5 inches long forever despite it being around 7in last time I checked

  24. What's a man to do to get an anarcho-capitalist, under 5'6, mentally stable, over 7/10, atlanto-mediterranean gf ✊😔.

  25. I wonder if guys like this ever realize how fucking stupid they are. I fear that many of them literally die without ever finding out just how many people make fun of them

  26. Would have saved everyone a lot of trouble if he had gone with the tl/dr: "Turd. Avoid at all costs".

  27. Lol, attack me if you like, but I'm conservative...and I find this shameful. The alt right is pathetic. So identitarian, so cringe, and just pathetic. But I suppose we all need love lmfao.

  28. Tl;dr: he’s a short shallow white nationalist but he’s ashamed of it. So he’s latched on to a bunch of sociological and pseudoscience trends to obfuscate that fact.

  29. This is the same strategy the Nigerian emai scammers use. It filters out anyone with even minimal intelligence and self respect. Which is what he is looking for

  30. Translation: i don't understand politics and I've got nothing going for me so here's my appendage sizes and the results of a random test i did online. I'm looking for a girl who also doesn't understand politics and won't be intimidating for me.

  31. The minute anybody says they’re over 6.5 inches they’re probably larping. Even for 6.5 you’d have to be skeptical. Tired of these peepeelarpers tbh smh 🫥🫥🫥🫥

  32. Sad part is he’s probably getting laid rn cause SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE (apparently in the Atlanto-Mediterranean area) was like damn you know what why not.

  33. Strange how women can be specific about what they want. Example “over 6 feet, at least $100k annually, and a million other requirements “ but men can’t say a single thing about what they want without being dragged. And above all they can not prefer thin or biological women or else they are all kinds of phobic bigots.

  34. No, you can have preferences; but when you say you ONLY want white women or you ONLY want Atlanto-Mediterranean women (whatever that means); that's the problem.

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