1. That would essentially take away the Pats tiebreaker without making a division win out of reach so I’d take it.

  2. Bills for sure. The Pats have the tiebreaker on us and we want to create space between us and them (and the Chargers too).

  3. As someone mentioned in a long post yesterday, we can still take the division with a Buffalo win. Basically having Buffalo win today doesn’t affect us controlling our own destiny, but it does increase our chances of a wildcard spot.

  4. Yup Buffalo.. The way I see it Buffalo is probably going to be one of the top seeds no matter what.... But NE is teetering and a threat to our spot at the bottom... So the more games they lose the better the chance of getting them out of the way and out of the playoff picture altogether.

  5. NE has 'one and done in playoffs" vibes. The Jets are scrappy and a better team (we lost b/c of our QB). I can see the Jets winning a game in the playoffs but I can't see NE doing the same.

  6. If NE wins only way we don't make the playoffs is if we lose a whole bunch of our next games. And if that's the case we probably wouldn't make it far anyways.

  7. Absolutely, if you want to get closer to winning the division do that next week. In the meantime get the Pats as far behind us as possible

  8. Objectively…Yes. I won’t sweat the outcome though. The team above the Jets and the one nipping at their heels are fighting it out. Either way, there’s a positive. Have to trust the Jets to get it done the next two weeks.

  9. I live in Upstate New York and I legitimately can't stand the Bills fans that suddenly came out of the woodwork when they started winning so it's gross but I'm rooting for NE. Idc we can't beat the Pats still bad man gone, once he went to Tampa it took the sting out of em to me. Next year when Brady is a Patriot again it'll be the Player Haters Ball

  10. I see this as a win win. I really like the jets odds against the Vikings….. their offense lives and dies by Justin Jefferson, and we have the secondary to at least annoy him.

  11. As optimistic as I am. If we're being realistic, we're not winning the division. Wild card is the most likely outcome

  12. Ayyy chin up. Before the season I’m sure most said said “as optimistic as I am, we’re not making the playoffs. 8 wins is most likely outcome”

  13. If NE wins we have the multiple tiebreakers and are straight up ahead of buffalo. So if NE wins we are in control of our own destiny. If buffalo wins we will need help from other teams losing.

  14. If the Pats lose, they have a 24% of making the playoffs and we have a 55% chance. If the Pats win, they have a 59% chance of making the playoffs and we have a 49% chance. I'd significantly rather be "in control of our destiny" with the Pats mostly eliminated from the hunt than be playing for the division where the WC spot is still hotly contested.

  15. we're in control of our own destiny anyway since we currently have the tiebreakers vs buffalo and miami and have a game left against both of them

  16. So im the only one here thinking we have time to take the division? bills lose and miami loses to san fran and we are right there, with a game against buffalo next week.

  17. Trying to decide who to root for is maddening. Either outcome has its pros and cons. At the end of the day, the Jets control their fate at the moment and that's all I'm thinking about. If we go and win games, good things will happen for us. Simple as that. Division and Wild Card are both within reach. Up to the team to make it happen.

  18. I’d rather not have to rely on the jets to win- obviously I want them to win and believe they can against most anybody. But the most important rule in the NFL is “any given Sunday”

  19. I'll look on the bright side: One of them has to lose, which is nice. And if they tie, hey, that's not so bad for us if we can win this weekend.

  20. I’ll take a guaranteed playoff berth over maybe making a run at the division which realistically is a very big long shot.

  21. Looking ahead to the rest of our schedule, (I say this with great hesitance) Go Pats, let’s even out the records and take the division. Shoot for the gold, and worst case, I feel confident we are still a Wild Card team.

  22. Pats win and Jets win vs Bills in a couple weeks, there is a very high chance we either win the division straight up, or go in as a WC since we will have breakers over Bills.

  23. I am rooting for them to beat the piss out of each other. You will never catch me cheering for either one of those franchises.

  24. Pats are the only one out of those two teams that could push us out of the playoffs. Bills are Probably gonna be in one way or the other. Go Bills tonight, FTP.

  25. The division win is a nice thought, and we very well might be close. But to me it's not happening. Maybe we can beat out either the Dolphins or Bills, but we won't beat both. We need to make the fucking playoffs.

  26. I guess so but at the same time with a Buffalo loss we would pass them with a win. Regardless of the result this game will help us in somehow.

  27. How in the fuck can you root for the pats? I know Buffalo fans can be annoying and shit but no where near pats fans. It’s always fuck the pats no matter the situation

  28. I think we will be fine. Need New England off our tails with the wins over us. Also always fuck the pats over fuck the bills.

  29. Seems simple to me. We currently have a tiebreaker over the bills and are only a game behind. We don’t have any tiebreakers over New England. If mike white is in fact an average to good qb, we have a legitimate shot at the division.

  30. We lose the tie breaker against the Pats so we really need them to lose as many as possible.

  31. Bills win would give more wiggle room vs a team that holds tie-breaker on Jets. Plus, I think a Bills loss is going to make them very desperate when the Jets come to town.

  32. Definitely should be rooting for Buffalo. Realistically, we are not winning the division, and we need the Pats to keep losing due to having the tiebreaker over us, same as Cincinnati

  33. I'm rooting for the Pats to win in one of those fluke BB games. They're not doing shit with McCorkle at QB and we still control our destiny over them. That also gives us a 1 game cushion over the Bills if we can beat them in the rematch.

  34. Definitely rooting for the Bills to totally dominate tonight. Hopefully, in a similar fashion to last year’s wild card game. (I love seeing those stuck-up New England bastards getting a good ole fashioned ass kicking)

  35. This team hasn’t been to the playoffs in 12 years you have to prioritize getting there before winning the division

  36. Fuck the Pats. Fuck the Bills. Rooting for a tie where both QBs suffer season ending injuries decide that football just isn't for them and retire after the game and have long healthy lives filled with wonder and joy!

  37. FTP really don't want to see us miss the playoffs because they have the tie break over us. We have one more game against buffalo and Miami. pats can lose this and we can still win the division

  38. I was downvoted into oblivion in the other thread on this topic earlier this week, but I stand by what I said. It doesn't matter who wins this game.

  39. If NE wins and we beat buffalo, buffalo is at best 11-6. 11-6 is on the table for us, and if we both have 11-6 we have the tiebreakers over buffalo. And if we beat miami they will likely be 11-6 as well, and we will have breakers over them too.

  40. I would rather increase our chances to get a playoff spot then a slightly smaller shot at winning division.

  41. If the Bills lose to the Pats and us, they can't finish better than 11-6, and gives us the breaker over them.

  42. They also play the Raiders and Cardinals, the Dolphins at home, plus a week 18 game that may not have real implications for the Bills. Winning 3 of those 4 plus tonight has them at 10-6. Rather not risk it

  43. I'm torn, I think I (personally as a Jets Fan in Western NY), I want the bills to squeak out a W. The best narrative is like 17-14 where Bill's offense doesn't look great and their D makes Mac Jones look ok but the Pats still lose.

  44. Yes! Got to put the Pats in the rear view, and hopefully we can take care of business with the Bills and our remaining games

  45. If NE wins they take back the number 3 spot in the division and the vikings become that much of a steeper mountain to climb.

  46. If we were in a situation where a Pats win got us into the playoffs, I would still have huge issues actually wanting them to win.

  47. Lions fan (living in New England) here to say Go Jets! Love it when the Pats lose. Rooting for you guys to make the playoffs!

  48. I mean, if you're a football fan you watch football. This game has implications for us too. As a fan of the sport, Josh Allen is fun to watch.

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