1. This is reassuring. I just moved to the area over New Years, and my new job's insurance hasn't kicked in yet. Haven't had a dental visit in years and will do so soon.

  2. I'd say this violates the rule of no advertising, but I'm gonna go ahead and campaign for OP here, begging the mods to keep this up because such low-cost dental care is actually a huge benefit to the community. Dental without insurance soooo expensive around here. Thanks OP

  3. Do you have resources for Spanish-speaking patients? I encounter a lot of Spanish-only speaking patients who do not have access to affordable healthcare and dental care. I would love to be able to pass this resource along to them :)

  4. Hello, the NOVA Medical Campus does have plenty of spanish-speaking staff and students. The only problem I've seen is that they don't have a spanish speaker at the front desk right now. Those calls get sorted out later for that reason. Feel free to give my number as spanish-speaking resource and I will be happy to help them get connected 540 300 2336.

  5. We'll let this stay up because we saw it late, but in the future all dental hygiene students please post your PSAs in the Friday-Monday thread for self-promotion. We get so many of these that it would honestly block out the subreddit's normal posts. Tytyty

  6. this is amazing!!! do y’all need any practice creating night guards? lol my dentist said I needed one but my insurance doesn’t cover it and it would cost over $400 :(

  7. I’ve done this in Austin TX before. You get a thorough supervised service and you can give appreciated feedback as the students are new but deeply care about the patients and quality of their work. I was very satisfied with my scaling/cleaning with students.

  8. $35 is half the upcharge for flouride during the cleaning at my shitty dentist. What do they use like half a pea size of the shit and charge $70. Looked up how much it costs online 2 liter bottle is like $6.

  9. Idk - I go to West Springfield Dental arts and I think I only pay $40 for my cleaning w/ fluoride included.. but it could be my insurance (Delta)

  10. Can you please advertise this to FCPS schools for low income students & their families? I know many students who would benefit from this!

  11. Our dental hygiene program already works together with MCCP (Medical Care for Children Partnership) to provide free dental care to some students within FCPS, but it probably isn’t enough. This is one of the public health requirements of our program!

  12. Yes! Reviewing medical history, checking vitals, and performing a full intra/extral oral exam (including oral cancer screening) are all included. :)

  13. Beware: if your blood pressure is too high, they will not perform the cleaning or anything with your teeth and gums without a medical release.

  14. Im way overdue for a cleaning, thanks for the post this really goes along way for a lot of us. So Arlington & Springfield are the recommended dental schools? Im closer to Leesburg/Ashburn

  15. question: if you have insurance that covers a % of out of network, will that apply to the $35? I’m not sure if it would work with a dental school. Thank you :)

  16. Will there be more announcements in the future about open slots? I couldn't go this time as I work all those days, but if ever there was a Wednesday opening I would so love that!

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