1. He was living on the Air Force Base my daughter works at. She thinks someone abandoned him because he was so friendly. Someone else was feeding him. She was doing wound care if he got into a scrap. This went on for a year. (She has 3 big dogs and 2 cats). Someone must have complained about them being loose on the base. So they put a trap out. The day she saw the trap, she asked if I could watch because her mother in law was allergic. (Her two cars were at my condo also during this time). She brought him over, we bathed him, got him shots cats, and there he is. I am renting her condo as her and her partner have bought a bigger house. That’s why the cat tree is on the patio. Ha ha. Anyway, I dog sat a dog for a friend of mine and found out he really doesn’t like dogs. Then I left for Florida for five weeks. My son is there watching all the cats, he works remotely, and he sent me that picture. Truthfully he is a loving sweeeeet cat. We might call him WoKi. My daughter called him Little Work Kitty for a year. I think WoKi is fitting.

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