1. I REALLY hope you’re just meaning put the dogs out the back… the other option is MUCH worse

  2. girl next door has one and she leaves it in the house all day on its own and the poor thing just barks all day from dawn till dusk, I dont think its fair on the wee thing to be honest.

  3. A lot of people think of animals as accessories that will be fun for them - and look cute in Facebook pics - but they don't consider that the animal might have some needs of its own.

  4. So cruel it makes me so angry. Dogs are pack animals, to treat them like this is disgusting. So many selfish wankers amongst us!

  5. It’s SO bad around my area. They just leave their dogs outside and as soon as one barks, it sets the rest off. I understand dogs bark and need to be outside but it’s just constant and irritating now.

  6. Person down the road from me has 5 dogs. Never walks them, smokes non stop with the windys shut all day. If the person leaves the house the dogs go insane, crying, barking, howling. Poor things deserve better.

  7. I know mine has been bad this week with the heat, she cant be out chilling in the garden with the heat, so we've been keeping her in most of the day. But when we let her out to do her business she goes mad with the barking. must be all the energy from not getting as many walks.

  8. It’s so bad and I don’t know what to do so I just stand outside barking all day too in between bouts of crying looking at my energy bills.

  9. May be downvoted but I was always taught that if your dog is like that you haven't taken the time and care with it. Especially see a lot of inexperienced dog owners going "Its just a puppy". Fuck that, if you don't train it when its young it becomes much harder to break habits, especially things like excessive barking, toilet training, or excessive aggression.

  10. Yeah the issue is that most people are unaware of the correct advice and there's a serious amount of misinformation being passed around by unqualified people and terrible so-called trainers.

  11. If they aren’t taking care of their dogs (any that you’ve noticed anyway) please anonymously report them !! Their quality of life is what’s important

  12. Not right now, usually we can. Our neighbour has one that yaps at you every time we go outside, and it yaps at all the other neighbours and the cats and birds and every little leaf. Poor fella needs a walk.

  13. They must just become inured to it after a while and not notice it. Even if you didn't give a toss about your neighbours, you'd find it annoying in your own right unless you were totally desensitised to it.

  14. Does my nut in as well. My room is situated at the back garden, were you guessed it, all the dogs are. Was mostly next door over lockdown, but I think they bring it in more often now thankfully.

  15. Yeah the kids are an issue here too. Not even just screaming - screeching. I used to go to look out the window in case one of them was being murdered or something, but I don't bother any more.

  16. What can be done about a dog barking? I've put in 3 noise complaints about one dog barking from 7am-11pm.... Nothings been done. Work from home trying to take meetings and all you can hear is this one dog barking flat out

  17. Speaking to the owner is still the safest bet. If the owner is a dickhead then the council. If the council does nothing then police. But I'd hope it wouldn't get to that. It's escalation and probably wouldn't improve the situation with the dickhead.

  18. Buy a dog whistle and blast it every time the dogs start barking. After a week or two the dogs will realise "I bark=unpleasant noise in my ears" and stop barking.

  19. Yeah have a few ankle biters in the street that I live in, fucking bark at night, sometimes for about ten minutes straight without stopping at absolutely nothing. The barking woke me up one night and pissed me off, the next morning left the house at 6:15 and the dog was already out in the street barking. By the time I got the front door to close it was halfway up the driveway barking at me. Looked over the the house where it lives and the front door was opened, so they should have heard it. Got about 20 feet into the street and was still barking at me, I lost it and told it to shut up as loud as I could, couple seconds later the one of its owners calls it back to the house.

  20. Yep.. live in a street that’s backed onto another street and between both streets every cunt seems to have a dog that apparently only myself and my kids can hear bark relentlessly from morning to night. I’ve actually considered moving a few times because of this, but everytime I visit someone else they seem to have at least one neighbour with a dog left to bark constantly in the garden too. It’s actually really put me off dogs, and people.

  21. My neighbour, in a small housing estate, has 5 dogs and 4 cats, the dogs are never walked, and spend all day in a 8m concrete square, barking all day and night, reported once, nothings been done apart from my neighbour telling me "when I find the cunt that reported me I'm gonna burn them out" so that's me not reporting that again..

  22. No. It's not the dog's fault. I know that when your blood pressure is rising as the thing barks all night, you actually feel like you hate that dog, but it's never the dog's fault. It's the owner.

  23. Night time hours in Northern Ireland where decibel levels must be quiet lower than normal is 11.00 pm until 7.00 am. Whilst annoying, its legal in the eyes of the council/law.

  24. Its the owners that do my head in I've a 5ft neighbour who has a great dane and don't get me wrong I like it but boy can it howl n bark like a Ballymena lambegg drum

  25. My dog would not settle last night whatsoever. Kept barking randomly. She stays in our bedroom so it's not like she was out the back going mad

  26. Barking isn’t as bad as the incessant yap/whine/yelping or whatever the fuck it is called, that several were doing last night at around 10:00-11:00. Do they tie them up by the bollocks, or what the hell is going on that they make such a racket? I have a dog and the occasional woof when he wants in. It isn’t fair on the dogs if people have them, but can’t look after them properly. 😔

  27. My neighbours dog died recently and I can’t lie, it brought a smile to my face. Not only was it a constant barker anytime they put it out but the bark was an extremely goofy sounding bark which made it so much more annoying

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