1. Okay, this is kind of silly but I thought it was funny. I may recall other stories to add later. But about a year ago I was working NA at a different hotel than I am at now and it was really late and slow and I was watching American Horror Story: Hotel on my laptop behind the desk. Hadn't had a call or seen a customer in hours.I was WAY into a really intense scene when suddenly, out if nowhere, a lady's voice breaks my concentration with "Excuse me, sir. Could you fix my key?" Well it was really unexpected and took me off guard and looking up I saw a face about two feet from mine and yelled out "Oh, SHIT!". I then immediately apologize and explain what I was watching and luckily she laughed. It was funny at the time but maybe you had to be there. I have worked hotels for a long time so maybe I can think of a better one to add here in a bit. I am digging the question and look forward to reading other responses because the scares could be people scary OR ghost scary! Lol

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