1. Nah but it definitely works if you’re qualified. When I’ve job hunted, the only responses I got were from postings that were posted within 20-30 minutes from the posting being live. Once it’s been a few hours, you’re kinda fucked if there’s anyone qualified ahead of you.

  2. The friendzone is where deeply creepy weirdos lurk. Waiting for their prey to get a wee bit drunk one night. Then the niceguy strikes. So the friendzone is more of a kinda penalty zone for potential sex pests.

  3. Don't forget that as he's sitting around in the lobby, he's also drinking the coffee and eating the little cookies.

  4. Perfect response. These people don’t seem to understand what a friend is. Women like to talk, (I’m a woman I love to talk) everyone likes to vent, who do you talk to? Strangers or your friends? Grow up, if she friend zoned you MOVE ON it’s not fair that you have sex zoned her in the first place.

  5. There is literally no such thing as the friend zone, only incels who don’t know how to talk to women or who don’t know how to take no for an answer. Period. The friend zone is an imaginary place that has never existed.

  6. Lol, no, the friend zone exists; it's just self-imposed. If you like someone but are not attracted to them, then you're probably open to being friends with them. That's all being in the friend zone is: someone likes you but is not attracted to you.

  7. Again, it's much easier to blame others for your own shortcomings, social ineptitude and acts of serious (if not dangerous) disrespect for people's boundaries, wishes and preferences than it is to, y'know, fix yourself and not do this sorta NiceGuy/creepy/predatory shit etc to others? Their egos just can't comprehend that they're the problem and why this keeps happening to them - but nope, it's the just Thot-army and Feminazi uprising out to get them yet again!

  8. Can we take a moment to appreciate that someone made a tweet that got screen capped and shared on Facebook, and that got screen capped and shared on Reddit, and then it got cross posted? I know most content just makes the rounds, but I think this post is just chef's kiss for being the embodiment of today's internet

  9. Friendzone is when you talk to HR like you don’t want the job, you have nothing to do with the job and you’re actually just there to be there. So HR naturally hires someone who wants the job, and you get mad about it.

  10. For a job that wasn't opening in the first place and you never were booked for an appointment since nobody is hiring, they're just being people in a living room having conversations.

  11. Friend zone is like being offered a different job with different responsibilities and pay. I’ve been friend zoned by two girls who are still my friends for over 8 years, one of them is getting married this year to a very awesome and sweet guy. Friend zone can be nice if you were interested in people who are good to be around no matter what kind of relationship you have

  12. Dating used to be the phase where you would get to know someone. At this point in time it's more common for people to jump straight into steady relationships so if you want to actually get to know someone first it often starts as friendship.

  13. I don't think there's anything wrong with asking a woman out that you just met. I'm not a fuckboi but I'm also not asking her out to get married. I just want to do something with her and see how it goes.

  14. Friendzone would have been nonexistent if all the dudes in the world could accept the fact we can be rejected, it is bitter, it has to be accepted, and agreeing in friendship just to have another shot - is dumb

  15. Ok neter Kerl, Germans have words for everything, that's their superpower. Just because a word exists in German doesn't mean it's taken seriously.

  16. When I was young, we used friend zone as someone was in love in someone who just wanted to be friends. Fair enough, shit happens, people want different things. This shit, well... friendship is nice, if you're only in it for a relationship you'll do everyone a favour by just moving on.

  17. I guess I don't know what the friend zone is. I thought it was just when one person (either guy or girl) wants a romantic relationship and the other person only considers them as a friend *end of definition

  18. Yes it’s true, but it’s part of dating, I dated a lot toxic chick doesn’t mean I like them. Sometimes we can’t see person true attention. But we do limit those toxic people, girls use friendzone cause they have a huge massive of dudes approaching them. Easy place them to friendzone then call them out on their bullshit.

  19. People give their friends compliments, that's part of being friends with someone. A thirsty fucko misinterpreting them as flirting is not the compliment giver's fault.

  20. Why does this have so many down votes? This is spot on and girls are being called out for their bs whole at the same time guys are being called out for not realizing the not at all subtle cues of hey I'm not into you. So either the guys are downvoting it bc reality hurts or girls are downvoting it bc their tactics are manipulative and they can't handle being the bad one. I'm guessing it's both but I bet it's more girls than guys. 🤔

  21. I’m not defending nice guys at all, but some girls date toxic men over and over. Just for some clarity I am happily married and have a kid. One of my wife’s friends dated horrible men over and over again. Leading her to get genital herpes from a guy she was “exclusive” with. There are women like that, but 95% of complaints are from nice guys.

  22. No it’s true, I know. My mother dated/married losers her entire life but one. I am so lucky he was my dad! When they divorced he told her “I am the best thing that ever happened to you, and you are the worst thing that ever happened to me.”

  23. Friend zones only exist a niceguy’s world. No decent person believes in that shit. Seriously. If you believe in friendzones, you are not, in fact, a nice guy.

  24. For sure. Women never use men for attention...My buddy tried to date a girl. She said no, her sister was interested, so they dated. What do you think happened? That's right! The first girl tries to break them up...the friend zone is real but I'd you ever find yourself in it, walk away. Stop giving girls free attention.

  25. It can be really hard to be friends with someone you're attracted to. It makes sense that it might be too much. But calling it 'free attention' is a bit odd - don't you pay attention to your friends? If you think a girl's put you in the friend zone, that means she genuinely thinks you're friends. She cares about you as a friend.

  26. So what you're saying is that men give women attention only because they want to f them because men and women can't be friends..

  27. ... maybe the girl knew something about your buddy that no one else knew, and didn't want her sister to get stuck in a potentially bad situation...?

  28. Both can be true. Sometimes they can genuinely be friends, its more of a, I shot my shot but we still do stuff together and its all good. Its so repulsive however, when I see people in the "friend zone" go above and beyond for the girl, solidifying them to be forever pathetic in their eyes. They'd never do anything similar for a male friend. Its really not that hard to avoid the "friend zone", either straight up cut all ties or ask yourself how you act to other friends and match that. Seeing them being an ATM or a footstool makes me feel so disgusted. Its so unhealthy people, literally quit, its never going to happen, even if it does it still ends up being a garbage one sided possessive relationship most of the time.

  29. You know both people aren’t wrong I’ve seen both happen to people I’ve know both men and women lol both things happen Guy/Girl gets friend zoned and just has the person complain and complain about their boyfriend/girlfriend

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