1. Im sorry, but something about watching Denver is actually entertaining. Imagine you thought you were watching cops but instead you were watching Reno 911. Thats what watching the broncos is like for me.

  2. Nah, at least they have a “how are they so bad” narrative attached to them. It’s gotta be Indy, Pittsburgh, or New England.

  3. The Broncos aren't even entertaining bad. Their offense is bad, but not in an entertaining way. Their defense is good, but not in an entertaining way. There's Birdemic bad, then there's Julie and Jack bad. There is fun to be had with Birdemic, but there is only pain with Julie and Jack. They might improve to Rollergator bad though.

  4. I was actually going to say Indy, but thinking back on when these two teams played each other, I don't think either answer is wrong

  5. Broncos; their offense is shit and their defense, while great, is not a playmaking defense nor does it make up for their offense (at least the Pats defense does this).

  6. Yeah, we're probably the most boring team in the NFC this year. Even mediocre teams like the Packers, Bucs, and Rams are notable because of how far they've fallen, and teams that are usually irrelevant like the Falcons, Panthers, and Giants are notable because they're doing better than expected.

  7. I feel like they are a terrible offense to watch, but the Russell Wilson drama of him being bad is semi entertaining. I also feel like they have some noteworthy players on offense (Sutton and Jeudy). The patriots are boring to watch and have no one I feel like is noteworthy to pay attention to on offense

  8. Yeah-- the Broncos have been bad, but I think they're getting a lot more flack than comparably bad team teams because they've played 11 games and somehow been on prime time 12 times.

  9. Broncos also have a perverse car crash watchability that the true most boring teams don’t have. Their offense is shocking in its ineptitude and vs expectations, which can be pretty entertaining.

  10. It’s funny cause at first I wanted to argue since no one here was saying Panthers…then I realized people just sometimes think it’s a 31 team league

  11. I dunno, watching Darnold literally roll into the end zone for a TD last week washed away all of the boringness earlier in the season.

  12. Panthers are a lowkey entertaining team in a Seattle Mariners kinda way. The QB stuff is interesting and you've had two funny games this year with the win over the Bucs and the win over the Broncos.

  13. That is, of course, until the phoney fraudulent "so-called" QB competition was overturned by courageous head coach Steve Wilks and GEQBUS was rightfully reinstated!

  14. The thing that keeps you out of this conversation is the fact that you guys can and have pulled off hilarious upsets. Texans and broncos are kinda just there, they don’t like…

  15. Can confirm I went to a game in Carolina and when we stood up to cheer the guy behind us was like “I’m not gonna spend the whole game behind loud people acting like children”.

  16. Lions are one of the best teams to watch this year imo. Good offense and terrible defense means a lot of points. And the sun god.

  17. The lions are so close to being a good team. Feels like they have lost so many games to good teams by less than a touchdown.

  18. He said boring, not bad. You and ATL might not have great teams, but the games are still good to watch. None of your games have been bad like TNF Colts v Broncos.

  19. Having watched every Patriots game intently this year, I will agree they have been very boring and would not enjoy watching them if I wasn’t a fan.

  20. As a 49er fan I was so happy to see Russell Wilson out of the NFC West. The Broncos are my AFC team and I was excited for RW to tear shit up in Denver. All I can say is WTF — what a disappointment. The offense looks like a bunch of uncoached fuckwits.

  21. Yup. Can't do anything on offense and our defensive scheme is to give tons of cushion and allow short completions all day.

  22. The rams are the only team that makes me sad to watch, the cluster injuries to their o-line made them the most disappointing defending champion ever.

  23. I’m a Bears fan and the Rams were the first team I thought of. It’s so milquetoast, especially juxtaposed to last year.

  24. I wouldn't say the most boring, but they may have had the biggest dropoff in excitement ever. One of the most exciting teams last year to bottom 5 this year.

  25. Yeah, I was going to say Patriots as well. We're just... impotent. To the surprise of absolutely no one, Matty P is terrible as an OC.

  26. Everyone on the GDT for the Texans can call how the Texans offense will go. Like, no cap, during weeks 1-5 when Rex Burkhead was on the field and it was a passing play, Mills would ALWAYS look for Burkhead. At one point, he was leading the team in pass attempts to a single receiver lol, so many of our worst plays came from Mills passing to Burkhead.

  27. As a Saints fan, we suck to watch apart from a few exciting games this season. Most others are just infuriating, poorly executed messes where we get rightfully stomped if the refs aren’t fucking us. Last Sunday was a prime example.

  28. Yep. The only thing that makes them entertaining at times is when Belichick goes unorthodox to the point of it being just strange to watch. I actually enjoyed the Cam era for that reason.

  29. The entire first half of the season, until we randomly completely flipped our team overnight after the Commanders game.

  30. You mean you didn't like watching Frank Reich's signature "run up the middle, run up the middle, pass, punt" every single set of downs?

  31. Last week's game was incredibly frustrating for that very reason. Although his receiving game was great.

  32. Tbh the Steelers have put up some stinkers this year. Nowhere close to Broncos or Pats but worth mentioning

  33. Nah, you guys are pretty fun to watch for a 4-7 team. A decent rookie QB/WR combo and big defensive stars make for much better tv than a low-powered team slowly circling the drain.

  34. The Steelers have a way of playing the ugliest games. We drag other teams into the mud with us. Some of them manage to be very exciting though.

  35. I haven't seen a single highlight, or thought about, the Texans once this entire season. I'm not even sure they are playing, honestly.

  36. I’m biased but I love watching the defense. Obviously more offense would be nice, but I’m finding the D very exciting.

  37. It's the Broncos. Their defense is actually good so no one will have fun. But their offense is such stinky dogshit that there's no excitement when the defense gets stops.

  38. I have a hard time watching teams where you know people in their market don’t even care so it’s like if you don’t even care, why should I care? So it’s the Rams/Chargers for me

  39. It’s even worse with the Rams because they have a bunch of bandwagon/fairweather fans and they just won the Super Bowl so literally nobody cares how much they suck.

  40. Chargers are year after year constant drama and heart attacks. Not saying we are good, be we sure as shit aren't boring.

  41. The Denver Broncos as they have no offense and frankly I expected a whole lot more from Russell Wilson and that unit this season.I also feel very bad for that defense as they’re playing great football but their efforts are being wasted EVERY game by the before mentioned offense.

  42. The Packers are bad, granted, but BORING? Their last 3 games have been pretty exciting, even with Jordan Love finishing the last one. They've probably had 3 boring games total (vs Lions, vs Jets, vs Vikings).

  43. We have an injury-riddled, inept offense, and an injury riddled inept defense, but don’t suck to the point it’s entertaining, just extremely mediocre

  44. Broncos and Colts. The league bet pretty hard on them putting them on national and primetime games early and they have all been pretty awful games despite most of them being close. The Thursday game where they played each other was like some sort of bad football black hole. Rams get a pass because of all the injuries and winning the Super Bowl last year merited spotlight and you might see Brady smash a tablet on a bad Bucs game.

  45. More like 3. The Ben-AB-Bell-JuJu, etc... years were definitely not boring. Basically since the year Ben hurt his elbow, though the first 7 or 8 games before Ben's arm went dead the undefeated season were good, too.

  46. Maybe it’s just the division rivalry but I feel the same way about the ravens. Just a boring run first offense. Have to look up their players on a roster chart to find anyone not named Mark Andrew or Lamar on offense.

  47. I really only watch the Bills games, and I don’t know if the Pats do this every game, but they’re so conservative on offense when they play us. It reminds meof the last 20 years or so of the Bills football before Josh showed up.

  48. Carolina with Ed’s boy was still fun. Now they are like watching a fart in the wind. Hopefully they can get Moore going again, that dude is fun to watch.

  49. Denver is kind of fun tbh. They don't score, but they were a super bowl pick before the season so seeing how long they can stay bad is actually entertaining. I am saying the Panthers.

  50. Now that Kupp is on IR, I will say the Rams and it's not close. At least russ throws the ball deep and misses. The rams are scared to do anything on offense.

  51. I would assume the Rams, but I’ve yet to watch a rams game this year and they never pop up on the Red Zone. Come to think of it are they playing this year?

  52. The only reason people are all saying Broncos is because Wilson has put a big spotlight on them. I don't think I've seen a single highlight from the Panthers or Texans this year. The Texans especially are egregious because everybody knows they are tanking. Why even tune in to a tanking team.

  53. I love the Pats. Always something new on defense, and their offense... well, it used to be innovative. Plus I don't really care if they win or lose so I just get to enjoy the technical aspects.

  54. I think a team like the Saints. There are just no story lines there. No real stakes. As much shit as we give the Broncos, they are probably the most talked about team on this sub. It's like every day there is a new storyline coming out of Denver. People remember those Broncos games. No one remembers a single Saints game.

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