1. I don't outright disagree, but Megatron's QBs threw the ball 740 times that year, or over 46 times per game, meaning Megatron "only" got about a 27.3% target share that year.

  2. I believe Orlovsky recently said that while we’re running the RPO like a lot of the Shanahan tree, the difference is that unlike the majority of RPO systems, that work on mostly horizontal routes, Tua’s quick release, anticipation, and most importantly the pure speed of his receivers to get deep let’s him run the RPO with basically vertical routes, which is why Tua has the most YPA per pass and why his YAC percentage is so low compared to most RPO systems that tend to lead the league in that category

  3. That’s basically what the article talks about. It’s the Shanahan system with lots of crossers but instead of the crossers being 5 yards deep, they’re 15 yards deep.

  4. Last game there was a play Tua had about a second in the pocket before he had to throw it. Initially I was thinking ok good job checking down there but instead it was a 40 yard throw to Hill on a go-route. That offense is truly special.

  5. Once the league starts deciding to actually calling illegal man downfield the RPO plays will get crushed. I constantly see guys blocking MLBs 4-5 yards downfield while the QB is throwing the ball.

  6. Imagine having a coach that actually designs a scheme to fit his players instead of forcing the players to fit into his system

  7. You have to see it from riveras side one time hired a good OC and he was poached for the head job in Cleveland he's not making that mistake twice

  8. I saw a video criticizing Hurts and the Eagles because they no longer throw deep. That was the clickbait title. The support for the clickbait--defenses took away the deep threat, so Hurts resorts to throwing shorter.

  9. It hasn’t been this much fun watching a Dolphins offense since Ricky Williams. No offense to the skill players in between them since they were entertaining, just not to this level.

  10. I love the "Waddle" touchdown dance. I've seen fans do it, and now Tyreek and Waddle do it together. It's hysterical.

  11. I bought tickets to this game immediately before Ro and Quinn were traded lol, just praying they don't drop 50 on us

  12. I wonder what Reeks stat's would look like if that first pass of the season wasn't tipped, and he took it 75 yards to the house.

  13. Honest question: Since Hill has been traded to the Dolphins, why are people no longer bashing him for his past behaviors regarding his family? It’s the biggest 180 I’ve ever seen

  14. They are. Someone brings it up in almost every conversation about him. This one is still young, and only partially about him, so it may take longer.

  15. Tbh it feels like they stopped bashing him for that years ago. But realistically it’s cause he’s on the phins now, the chiefs are pretty easy to hate at this point since Mahomes has been good if the phins actually do something I’m sure the phins will be hated again and Hill being an horrible human being will be spoken again

  16. We're buying in hard on the next three years, so I suspect we're in for about 6-8 crazy Miami v. Buffalo games until the rosters start to change noticeably.

  17. Can you explain why? First time hearing this opinion (I initially want to disagree but it’s making me think about it) and really want to hear your perspective

  18. Why does Tyreek take so many shots when it is clear he is the force in any offense? For me, it is what he did to his pregnant girlfriend that I don’t mind seeing the constant “well actually Tyreek isn’t…”

  19. Knew this McDaniel offense would be fun to watch regardless, glad to see it be both fun and extremely productive. Love seeing San Fran coaches succeed on the big stage. Dolphins got a gem in McDaniel.

  20. They’re both obviously great players, Hill and Waddle. Around 70% of their production has come from defenses in the bottom 6-7 in yards allowed, not as a result of having faced MIA.

  21. After listening to Ben Solak shit on Tua and the Dolphins all preseason, what is this feeling? Do I like him now?

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