1. Also while rule changes and the 17th game are obviously both contributing factors, defenses are playing insanely well against every other QB largely because of scheme.

  2. Anything can happen, but it sure feels like we're headed to the inevitable Bills/Chiefs AFC Championship to determine who gets to beat the Eagles in the Super Bowl.

  3. Gotta get past Joe Burrow, who is sitting in between both of these guys stats wise but isn’t mentioned...figure that. Guess he’s also on a historic pace.

  4. If their game is the Super Bowl then what are we going to call the game when the winner of that loses to the Seahawks?

  5. A truly dominant Bills team in the AFC while the NFC East absolutely killing each other... I feel like I've seen this before.

  6. I mean, it probably would have been if Dee Ford understood how a line of scrimmage works. Nevermind. I thought you meant we thought it would have been those two in the Superbowl, not that Goff would be "the guy."

  7. Not really, Mahomes might be slightly under 5k but they both have an on pace rate right around the 5k 50 TD mark. You can like take those averages and compare. It's insanely, objectively high output with or without one additional game.

  8. I thought Trent Green was going to be our best bet for a Superbowl in my lifetime. Crazy how things work out.

  9. If a dispassionate judge were to simply look at these two photographs, one would see that Allen is roughly twice the size of Mahomes and is therefore roughly twice as good.

  10. Fair point. But, If you look closely at this picture, Josh Allen does not even have a football with him. Talk about being unprepared to play a game.

  11. God i hope Daboll's magic works on Daniel Jones. Josh Allen and Mahomes are with out doubt the two best in the league. Giants optimist in me days if we actually get Jones a receiving core that didnt work for UPS last week he may be a Josh Allen jr.

  12. Allen's turnaround wasn't Daboll, it was Jordan Palmer. Although I think most young QBs work with Palmer now, Daniel Jones included.

  13. Jones will be good enough to win and be a very good team. But Allen is just another thing altogether. You don’t become what Allen becomes without having insane natural talents

  14. Unfortunately if these stats happen (along with on pace int numbers) Allen will almost definitely win the MVP. He will have like double the rushing yards and 5 extra rushing TDs compared to Mahomes almost certainly and will have beaten him head to head, plus it’d be his first MVP.

  15. This is like 2011 where Rodgers won MVP but Brees would have won in just about any other year. It was historic for both guys but the award can only go to one.

  16. Hmmm not sure you want either to be MVP. No team has had both the league MVP on its roster & win the Super Bowl in the same season since Kurt Warner’s Rams in 1999.

  17. Allen will most likely finish the season with the better record, and a head to head win. And add 700 yards rushing and 6-10 rushing TDs to that. So it’s probably his year.

  18. both of them are cold weather QBs and Mahomes has literally already had a better season than the one he’s on pace for lmao

  19. That's especially impressive considering that QB passing stats are down across the league. Obviously the season is far from over, but so far the league average passer rating and ANY/A is the lowest its been since 2017. The TD% is actually the lowest its been since 2008!

  20. I mean it kind of depends on your recency bias right? If you have a short enough time frame Joe burrow is the best in the league.

  21. And yet, when these two meet up for the first time since facing off in arguably the greatest playoff game in history, it gets supplanted from the primetime slot for the Eagles/Cowboys match.

  22. Something that gets taken out of context in this whole thing is Mahomes has a new receiving core people said he would be exposed once Hill is gone and he is still being considered one of the best QB's.

  23. He definitely deserves credit for taking it all in stride, but I don’t think anyone honestly thought he’d struggle considering he still has maybe the greatest TE of all time to throw to. It is impressive that his numbers have seemed to improved compared to last year, but I don’t think anyone with sense would think KC or Mahomes would struggle or not be competitive.

  24. No one is counting him out he only has one good season under his belt so far he has to continue the trend to be at the level of two consistent monsters

  25. You mean never count out the Bengals defense which hasn’t allowed a TD in the 2nd half this season. And no one is containing Chase for 4 quarters.

  26. As a Bills fan, I remember he had this sick jumping TD throw against us when he was a Jete. Always thought he was going to be a star. Then I forgot he even existed. Glad he's found success with you guys, and glad he's out of the conference/division.

  27. It's nuts how these two teams are supercharged... and then the rest of the league is a shitshow of overthinking offensive schemes and "good defenses" gumming things up.

  28. And yet somehow they both have the same number of wins as Zach Wilson’s team (even or 0.5 games better) and fewer than Daniel Jones

  29. We are going to get a lot of “on pace” stats like this in the 17 game era. However, even prorated to 16 games, we’d still be looking at well over 5,000 yards for Josh, almost 5,000 yards for Mahomes, and mid-40s passing TDs for both. That’s not counting the 300 rushing yards (Mahomes) or 700 rushing yards and 6 TDs (Josh) these guys are on pace for.

  30. Seems like they stole all the talent from most of the QB’s this year. They’re on a record breaking historic pace, while most of the other QB’s have looked pretty shaky

  31. I’d personally go Mahomes. He’s still a more polished and consistent passer than Josh, is very underrated as a dual threat QB, and has the absolute best ability to prolong plays long enough for someone to get open I’ve ever seen (which is why he doesn’t have to put up huge rushing numbers.)

  32. Depends they both are great at different things Allen has the legs and the arm Mahomes has the awareness and skillset to make any type of throw. I will say Allen is more accurate but Allen's awareness isn't as good as Mahomes is.

  33. I’d probably lean towards Mahomes because he’s usually the better of the two but there’s not really an answer so far this year

  34. Strange that every other QB besides these two’s numbers are underwhelming in comparison. Burrows are good too I guess but not close to these two still.

  35. I really don’t think we give enough praise to Josh Allen about how he started his career vs where he is now. Dude really hung in there and became elite.

  36. Historic seasons. I beg to differ, Peyton Manning accomplished that feat no more than 9 years ago.

  37. For me 17 games and making it a passing heavy league on top of it makes these records and stats just not seem as impressive to me.

  38. I am a Bills fan. Say what you will, but neither will top Peyton Manning's season in terms o y/gm. Even if both break it, if Manning played an extra game he would retain the lead.

  39. Clearly Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes are the GOAT... So, they don't require deflated balls, videotaping opposition play calls, modifying rules, assistance from the Referees, overlooking teammates' criminal activity?

  40. and, at the same time, we are in the midst of one of the worst starting casts of qbs leaguewide in recent memory. There's maybe 10 "good" starters in the league right now and everyone else looks bad.

  41. Does anyone even care about football passing stats anymore? Plus its 17 games now. This is obviously still impressive, but I view NFL passing stats like I view cfb passing stats now. It's cool but it doesn't move the needle that much for me

  42. Josh Allen is the most fun player to watch since Favre for me. I'm pretty burnt out on the NFL for some reason but I tune in for Bill's games more than I do for my Saints the last 2 years.

  43. I think Allen takes better care of the ball then Favre did, but one thing that they have in common more then any other people I can think of is their “arm arrogance”.

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