1. Thing i will say is the NHL truly made a fight against concussions and head injuries. Once Crosby missed several seasons of his prime the game changed. throughout hockey emphasis shifted from a physical game to skill game.

  2. Remember one year in the playoffs some dude literally was questionable with a “body injury” turns out it was upper and lower.

  3. Considering what people fear when a player is brought out not moving and sent to a hospital, yes that is the way to phrase it. People fear paralysis in those situations

  4. NFL has shown that concussions aren't "serious" injuries. Brain trauma will keep you out less time than a bruise on your wrist

  5. In all fairness people were calling it posturing. People recover from concussions. A lot of people were thinking he’d be paralyzed because of the, albeit, scary reaction to the injury he had

  6. Yeah but you have to remember it wasn't a concussion. That was just his back and ankle. The head shake was because his back really hurt and he was only stumbling because of his ankle

  7. Like I’m really happy that he appears to be better than we all thought, but I really don’t want to see him on the field for at least 3-4 weeks.

  8. But the NFL is running ads about how they’ve dramatically decreased concussions, so now I don’t know what to think.

  9. Yeah, I really do not like how McDaniel seems to be downplaying this. Idk if it's his lack of experience or what, but this is so gross to hear from a head coach. "Just a concussion".

  10. Well when you compare that to the things they were worried about, yeah. At least it there wasn't a brain bleed, unstable neck fracture, or spinal cord injury. All things considered, that's good news

  11. Concussions are serious. There are injuries more serious then a concussion(like a neck or spine injury). He can say nothing more serious then a concussion while understanding that concussions are still serious

  12. On the spectrum of neurological injuries? No. Most people don’t realize how terrible neurological injuries can get. In the field of medicine, Not everything that looks scary, is. And things that look minor can forever screw you up

  13. I got one last year after falling and am still dealing with some residual issues. Had some friends really worried about the first couple months afterwards too. Would have full conversation with people and not remember two minutes later. I’m usually really happy too but have had some weird thoughts on top headaches. I personally think it’s worse then breaking limbs or stitches!

  14. He ain't lying, but it's like saying "The terrorist incident in the city center was nothing more serious than a pipe bomb."

  15. There's the SLIGHT chance that first concussion genuinely wasn't a concussion and this one wasn't even as bad as it looked. Slight.

  16. The same shit for brains who were speculating shit like spinal cord injuries or nerve damage based on their Greys Anatomy level medical knowledge are now complaining about this statement from the coach.

  17. I know the phrasing is bad, but honestly I was worrying about the possibility of paralysis at one point

  18. I’m convinced it’s only a few keyboard warriors that are pretending like they don’t know what Mcdaniels mean. Seriously, we thought it was MUCH worse.

  19. in light of Tua's situation last week and this week, i think the phrasing could have been better, but I understand what he meant.

  20. A concussion is serious. ALL concusions are serious…this is why I get angry at the league. Quit with the “oh just a concussion no big deal”. A concussion means your brain rattled so hard that there was trauma. That is NOT ok.

  21. Shout out to every commenter running to type something shitty and/or snarky without even reading McDaniels full comments. He outlined what Tua went through to be cleared to play.

  22. Trial by media. Not a fan of playing Tua today, but there’s still a chance he was actually medically cleared and this was his only serious concussion. I don’t know why McDaniels would say this if it came out as false, it would only get worse.

  23. It’s so weird to me how the story here is “he shouldn’t have been out there!”…. Seems like the much bigger story should be how nobody should be suplexing people during a tackle… we know damn well if someone tackled Tom Brady like that the media would be calling for prison time (exaggerating obviously)

  24. It's hilarious that they aren't calling out the Bengals defense celebrating the hit on live TV while Tua was laying on the ground. Oh, but wait, thats not as dramatic as blaming people who may not have even been involved based off of information that does not exist about a really serious situation. bravo reddit. bravo talking heads and twitter. you stay classy.

  25. I'm really trying for a genuine response because I'm not "out for blood" in any way, I just want the NFL to take this shit seriously. And we have scores of players devolving into shells of themselves in their 40s and 50s.

  26. I guess I don’t doubt it if it’s labeled whatever a really severe concussion/second concussion is.

  27. The owner of this tweet deleted it because of people maliciously taking it out of context which is exactly what you are doing. You should be ashamed of yourself tbh

  28. the responses in this thread are fucking weird. yall are acting like yall wanted it to be something serious just so you can keep memeing the dolphins.

  29. If you think anyone wants him to actually be hurt to make fun a football team then Idk what to tell you… concussions are serious especially 2 in 4 days

  30. Yeah it’s not like you use your brain for everything you do in your daily life. If you forget that part, it’s almost like a sprained toe.

  31. McD doubled down that he wasn’t concussed last week in his post game. Might be the end of our collective love affair with this dude if Tua doesn’t come back 100%.

  32. No way, after that hit and his hands curling like that looked brutal. He has to have some sort of residual effects or something man. For his safety keep him out. He’s just a kid

  33. Bro yall are being so dramatic about this. We weren't sure if this dude could move his fingers, like yeah thankfully it's just a concussion

  34. Yeah the point being is that if he really did suffer a concussion in the last game this shit could have no joke fucking killed him.

  35. McDaniel stated in his press conference additionally that he'd never sacrifice a players safety or health for a game. They follow strict protocols of an independent neuro doctor and reiterated it would be completely irresponsible and would never put a player in that position.

  36. He also said he’s 100% sure it wasn’t a concussion which isn’t really possible. There’s no end all/be all 100% foolproof concussion test and it’s possible the independent neurologist misdiagnosed it. I don’t think we’ll ever really know either way. This quote in the op was certainly taken way out of context though.

  37. Oh just a concussion. No big deal. Just an injury to the organ that literally runs your entire body.

  38. He’s saying that it’s only a concussion, he’s not paralyzed or has a spinal injury which would be more serious than a concussion.

  39. Glad redditors are better at diagnosing a concussion through a tv last week than actual doctors examining him.

  40. I really wanted to like Mike McDaniel, but he apparently just does not give a shit about Tua outside of how much he can help the Dolphins win a football game.

  41. Get some damn context for this quote before slamming a man's character. He was asked about potential spinal injury and other more serious potential injuries, and his response was "nothing more serious than a concussion". Pretty God damn reasonable.

  42. So he should ignore his medical staff and two independent doctors saying he's fine while he himself does not have a medical degree?

  43. For saying he didn't have a more serious injury than a concussion? There are worse things that could have happened you know?

  44. “Welcome to PTI boys and girls, on this episode we discuss how much of a fucking failure the Miami dolphins are and should they be banned from competing ever again”

  45. Lmao this sounds so tone deaf. Also shoutout to the dolphin fans downvoting everyone because they don't like the integrity of their stalwart franchise, whose owner literally got suspended for tampering with Sean Payton and Tom Brady.

  46. Wow, talk about not understanding brain injuries. Seems like McDaniel needs to have his brain bounce around his skull a few times, after all, he wouldn't get anything more serious than a concussion.

  47. They really need to stop with this whole bullshit of taking quotes out of context. He looked horrible being carted off last night and people were worried he could've been paralyzed or worse. Yea, a concussion is very serious and it sucks but I think I'd take that over things that could've gone much worse but didn't. McDaniel seemed very sincere during the presser too so you could tell thats what he meant. He's not trying ti sweep concussions or CTE under the rug, he's just happy his guy can fucking walk and talk to his lived ones today.

  48. The dude literally started spazzing immediately after hitting the ground and was stiff as a board up until he got to the hospital. He’s not saying a concussion isn’t serious, but if it’s just that, it can’t be worse than what was initially thought.

  49. He didn’t say a concussion isn’t serious. He said Tua doesn’t have anything more serious (like paralysis that many were worried about). The statement is that he has nothing MORE serious than that, not that he has nothing serious.

  50. It's not out of the question that he might have a veeery minor case of serious brain damage.

  51. Between the treatment of Flores and the douche that is McDaniel, Miami isn’t even a rootable comeback team option.

  52. For all the people in this thread who got their neurology degrees from Googling, I suggest they might also go for a basic reading comprehension certificate to match.

  53. It doesn't take a doctor to know something seriously is wrong when Tua hit the ground. I may not know what, I am not a doctor. But it looks very bad. And worse with the context of the hit just 4 days ago.

  54. Fuck this guy, he's just as responsible as the incompetent medical staff for allowing him to play even though everyone and their mothers knew Tua had a concussion

  55. I mean a concussion is pretty serious Mike... I get what you're trying to say but wow that is not good phrasing. EDIT: Beasley the reporter deleted the tweet so maybe it wasn't phrased as badly as it was presented

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