1. I believe I read an older article (from 2012) that pretty much stated passing yards and attempts did not have any strong correlation to team wins.

  2. His longevity is responsible for much of it. The dude got the luck of a century with how he managed to avoid career ending or deteriorating injuries.

  3. Tom Brady's record when throwing 50 or more times is one of the reasons I think he is the best I've seen, and an overlooked reason at that. There were times when it was a necessity due to another team taking a big lead, and there were times it was by design when they were going against an elite front 7 and decided not to even try to run. You really started to notice it around 2014 when it was key to beating Baltimore (50 pass attempts, 7 rushes) and Seattle (50 passes, 19 rushes) and then you started to see it a bit more often, like against the Jets the next season (54 passes, 5 rush attempts)

  4. This is why I think volume is underrated for QBs. Efficiency is great but having a guy who can still have decent efficiency even when they're throwing it 40+ times a game is irreplaceable

  5. Do draws count as comebacks? Because for Mason Rudolph having 50 pass attempts all I can think of is his Detroit draw

  6. That is what they have to be counting, so they might have defined 4th quarter comeback as being down in the 4th and then either coming back to win in regulation or just forcing it to OT. I don’t entirely agree with that definition but it’s technically accurate I guess since it’s not saying a comeback win.

  7. In games where the other team had a beastly front four and could stuff the run game with ease, the gameplan was to make Brady's accurate short passes an extension of the run game to work around the other team's strength

  8. My theory would be, that Brady for example had players like Welker and Edelman who would get a ton of 4-5 yard passes through a game.

  9. Where all the Rodgers stans saying this is only because Aaron is so efficient he loses the game before it gets to this point?

  10. Rodgers doesn't throw 50 passes in a game very often - he only has 9 games total with 50 or more attempts. Rodgers is rarely at the top of the rankings for pass attempts or yards. Rodgers is the freaky low interception rate guy.

  11. Rogers doesn’t take the risks to put his team in a situation where they can come back because an interception might happen. The point of the game is to not throw interceptions.

  12. I once walked in on Tom Brady making love to my wife, it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen.

  13. Interesting and oddly specific. It’s amazing though how much patriots relied on brady though to come through. There’s a 538 article about how brady was superhuman in the clutch from 2014-2017.

  14. This is a posit that starts with an answer and then the dots are connected to make sure you get to that answer.

  15. There must be so many stats you can attribute to Brady if you have to cherry pick them like this due to longevity alone. Yes he is the greatest, just move on.

  16. When you pass a lot, it's normally because your scoring defense sucks. Brady spent his entire career without having that problem once.

  17. Those from/to dates are a bit confusing. Are we looking at 20 years for Brady but 2 years for Rodgers for some reason?

  18. 2018 was when Rodgers had his first game with 50+ pass attempts and a 4th Quarter comeback, 2019 was the second/last time he had a game where he had 50+ pass attempts and a 4th Quarter comeback. I agree that it's kind of a confusing way to list it though.

  19. These stats are relatively easy to manipulate to make a point, they do it all the time with Ryan and Stafford for 4th qtr comebacks

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