1. DK and Tyler Lockett are great pair. The last two years have seen them both have over 1,000 yards each and broke franchise records while doing it. Hell DK broke Steve Largents record for yards in a single season, in his second year

  2. Lockett is crazy underrated, smooth route runner, quick and one of the best hands in football imo. Not only does he rarely drop the ball but he also makes crazy sideline catches etc.

  3. Came to speak for my Hawks. Both are incredible WR’s. Lockett has always been underrated. Having both of them makes me feel a little better about the transition season we have coming.

  4. I agree with the caveat that Diontae absolutely is a WR1. The question is whether Claypool can grow into one as well. Pickens absolutely could be but he's a rookie and we don't know anything yet.

  5. You guys are borderline imo. Diontae absolutely is a WR1, and I dont think anyone would be completely shocked if Claypool turned into one. He seemed to be on that trajectory after his rookie year. The talent is clearly there for it

  6. I would have nightmares about guarding Evans; He doesn’t have Moss’s speed but that wingspan and catch radius is up there with his. He is ALL of 6’5.

  7. I legit don't know how we're going to get the ball to everyone. The amount of receiving talent we have is just absurd.

  8. I got Arob on sale and really excited cause I think this may be the best situation he's ever had. If defenses commit to stopping Kupp, Arob is going to absolutely feast.

  9. Ridley is still on the falcons so imma just count this as a win and then turn it off at the end of the third quarter.

  10. Bengals (Chase & Higgins), Eagles (Brown and Smith), Vikings (Jefferson & Thielen), Seahawks (Metcalf and Lockett), Raiders (Adams and Renfrow), Bucs (Evans and Godwin), Dolphins (Hill and Waddle).

  11. I have a very similar list. Rams for me depend on ARob being who he used to be, which isn’t something we can necessarily assume. I’d also say Eagles are arguably up there.

  12. I was gonna say that the Vikings are not getting a lot of love but I can understand why after seeing that Thielen's production dipped last year. I'd still consider him a borderline WR1 with how lethal he can be in the red zone. 24 TDs in the last two seasons is crazy.

  13. Williams isn't a WR1. He's the ultimate WR2. His game is catching the ball at the apex but he's not great at separation. So having Allen take the double teams allows him to 1 on 1.

  14. Lockett, despite being called by many one of the most underrated WRs in the league, is still somehow underrated, even by those people. Just look what he accomplished this past year.

  15. We really have the most underrated WR group right now but we will see when the season starts how legit they actually are

  16. That's the point of the team we built this off-season. To give Hurts his final chance to prove he can be the guy. If he can't make this offense deadly, we'll have great draft capital to use to find his replacement.

  17. They’re no match for our rookie CB, CB that hasn’t reached their potential yet, and the second best Michael Carter on our team!

  18. Gotta prove it first. Not the wrs fault because the whole situation in denver has been a dumpster fire and that should massively improve but. Gotta see it first

  19. Sad it took this long to see Denver on the list. I guess it's a small sample size but Sutton and Jeudy are scary, Tim Patrick is good enough to be WR1 on a lot of teams in the league, and Hamler played well before the injury.

  20. It seems like OBJ has high odds to re-sign with the Rams, the rumor among NFL reporters is that it's a wait and see since his injury happened about as late as it could prior to the next season.

  21. I was going to say it’s because the Vikings ran the ball way more, but when I looked it up they were extremely close in attempts per game last season.

  22. Jeudy still needs to prove himself, as well as Olave. Thielen, Sutton, and Thomas need to stay in the field. I personally wouldn’t consider Renfrow, Waddle, and Smith as 1’s yet. 1’s get doubled and can still put up 5/75/1 games consistently. Emphasis on the “doubled” part

  23. MT hasn’t played much the last 2 years and Olave hasn’t taken an NFL snap- hard to put them on the list

  24. While I think Sutton and Jeudy have the possibility of joining this list, especially with Russ, I don't think they are there yet. I'd realalistly say Sutton is a #1 and both Jeudy and Patrick are very high #2s who both could be #1s on WR starved teams.

  25. I hate myself for saying this but it’s looking like the Eagles. If Jalen Hurts starts working the middle of the field more and starts looking off defenders the Eagles are going to be an absolute nightmare with Devonta and AJ

  26. I'm just imagining a We're the Millers meme where the last panel is the Packers saying "You guys have a WR1?"

  27. Charrrrrrgers baby! Keenan Allen is on his way down, and Mike Williams has flaws, but I think those are two WR1s

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