1. I don't think he saw Sendejo coming but I like to think that he did and knew that in order to avoid a concussion the best course of action would be to throw his ass into his face

  2. Classic Zimmer clock management gaffe right before that, as he calls timeout with 27 seconds left before 3rd and goal from the 1.

  3. That pass to Roberts over the middle in between 6 defenders was just so Matthew. Had two wide open closer options and he's like, nope, getting the whole thing in one chunk or not at all.

  4. That one and the 2017 saints game where the lions were down by 35 points and managed to get within 7, some crazy come backs and just short comebacks.

  5. I wonder if this is why Sendejo never kept his head up when tackling. Because when he did, he got booty slapped in the face. 😂

  6. Honestly staying inbounds then killing a guy with the stiff arm into the ground was most impressive to me about this play. Rare to see a WR play like that.

  7. Man I was so fucking sad when this man left us. I can't believe we chose that piece of shit Percy Harvin over Tate.

  8. Remember folks, prevent defense doesn’t prevent shit. Good call by Zimmer rushing 3 on the drive that lead to the game tying FG at the end of the regulation despite the Lions beginning the drive with 23 seconds and no timeouts /s.

  9. Upon further review, the receiver's forward progress was slowed for a couple of seconds marking the runner down ending the play. This made the flip into the end zone and unnecessary celebration, Lions will receive a 15 yard celebration / taunting penalty and Tate will be removed from the game. Loss of down...4th down

  10. I watched the end of regulation and this drive at a little waiting area they have in the middle of Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi, MI with like 40 other guys. It was pretty fantastic high fiving a bunch of strangers watching this shit go down.

  11. Slippery, 'scuse me, please me (please) Arm up, or believe me, believe me (believe me) Get beat, cause I'm flexin' 'Rari's (skrt)

  12. Flew from Portland to see this game. TJ Clemmings will be the bane of my existence (just in football, I have no idea about him as a person, he's probably fine.)

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