1. I was at that game. The air left the stadium. And then there was a very appropriate tornado watch afterwards where a lot of people were not allowed to leave.

  2. I was there too! Visiting from Connecticut, first time I ever heard tornado sirens in my life. I'm a Packers fan, girlfriend was a Dallas a fan. Good times.

  3. I was there too visiting from Los Angeles with my cousins. It was such a rollercoaster of emotions. Our rooks coming back at halftime and putting the team on their back, just for this mother fucker of a man to break my heart once again. I was also at the Dez catch game in GB too. Needless to say I fuckin hate Rodgers….

  4. I was living in Dallas and had directTV. I was watching the game and the satellite feed went out right as he was catching the ball but before the ref ruled if it was a catch or not. It took 5 minutes to get the satellite feed back and then the game was over. That moment convinced me to move to streaming cable instead of satellite.

  5. it's ridiculous how casually he tosses it. looks like he hardly gets anything behind it and it still sails

  6. With your feet set that’s a hard enough throw. He was perpendicular to the sideline with his feet off the ground when he released the ball.

  7. I was struck with how casual Cook looks like he's running. Just a nice Sunday jog or something. Definitely doesn't look like he's going all out and he's probably still fast af.

  8. It's also ridiculous how casually the announcer calls the miracle throw, like they just converted a 2nd and 4 halfway through the 2nd quarter.

  9. Followed by a pretty sorry attempt at a fist bump on the Packers sideline with 0:45 remaining in the clip

  10. We got this Jared Cook. 4th down catch vs the Raiders, TD vs the Broncos…. He’s always good for a super clutch play here and there, but his brick hands always win out over the course of the season.

  11. Maybe I'm missing something here, and I personally find Rogers to be incredibly unlikeable so I'd love to detract from him here.... But wasn't this play like 85% Rogers throw? He ran his route correctly, but it was slow and predictable. He caught it will and kept his feet planted which was good, but did he stand out that much in this play?

  12. I watch this highlight at least once a year and I say every time: that is the greatest most mind-blowing throw I’ve ever seen in my life.

  13. This was low-key one of my favorite playoff runs ive seen in a while. Green Bay was 4-6 coming into week 11 and something like a 7 percent chnacr of making the playoffs. Then rodgers says, "I feel like we can run the table." Then they do just that. 6 straight wins and win thr division, the wild card game against the giants (boat giants) where rodgers threw the hail Mary at half, then this game comes along!

  14. I enjoyed it immensely. Our injuries caught up to us in the NFCCG. We were on our 5th? CB, down to our fullback to run the ball, and Jordy Nelson was in a flak jacket because he broke his ribs earlier, I think vs the Cowboys. The team was limping, and they finished us off in style. The Packers didn't score until 9:16 in the 3rd, and the Pat made it 31-7. It was a slaughter, but I could take that better than the heartbreak.

  15. Dude the Run the Table season and the RELAX season were such fucking incredible times to be a GB fan. I adore nothing more than when Rodgers is pissed off.

  16. Rodgers took a blind side sack right before this play, with one hand on the football. He miraculously held onto it. That play needs to be included any time this is shown because it is equally as impressive.

  17. The whole sequence of three plays - sack, pass, FG - is incredible. Every outcome was miraculous given the circumstances: holding on to the ball despite a massive blindside sack, throw through the eye of a needle to the sidelines with time running out, 51 yd FG under immense pressure that squeaks past the left upright. In any one of these, an elite player would have been forgiven for not being perfect if something didn't work out.

  18. This video feels good right after a little back n forth with some Vikings fan last night on a different post. Like a cold beer after a long day.

  19. I think they were caught off guard because the first ref called it incomplete. They upped the enthusiasm the more they saw the catch. I’m okay with this one.

  20. Jared Cook has always been the "Go off on my bench/waivers, get a goose egg when I start him" in fantasy.

  21. My sister is a Cowboys fan. We watched the game at her house. She was so deflated afterwards. I told her to cheer up. The Cowboys played great and that there are worse ways you can lose. A few weeks later we watched the SB at her house too. I reminded her how there are worse ways you can lose.

  22. There are certain games where you hate both teams that are playing, and this was one for me, as a fan what do you all do when that happens? It's playoff football and someone has to win so who do you cheer for? I'll give packers fans in particular an example, couple years ago the vikings played the 49ers in the playoffs, who did you want to win? I'm not trying to start a shit storm either, I'm legitimately asking because I'm curious

  23. Easy, Niners. A good friend of mine growing up was a Niners fan for some reason, so I've never really hated the Niners.

  24. I approach those games as if I have no rooting interest, and that generally leaves me cheering for the underdog.

  25. Usually I have no idea going in, and then I feel that twinge of happiness when the Vikings get scored on and I know the truth. As bad as I hate the 49ers I would rather they won then you guys. It’s like asking an Auburn fan last year, who would they rather win The natty, Alabama or Georgia? Sure they hate Bama more, but it’d just be another chip to them. If UGA won, we’d never hear the end. Which unfortunately came to pass.

  26. I think in that case I go for the pure pragmatic approach and cheer for the better matchup for the Packers at least if they are also in the playoffs which in that season would have been the Vikings. Otherwise I’ll probably just lean towards the underdog.

  27. I went to the Minneapolis Miracle with a friend who is a Vikings fan. I felt dirty but I was on his side because I wasn't going to an annoying dickhead and I feel bad for MN sports fan as I am a Timberwolves fan

  28. You hope that one team either gets blown out or suffers a heartbreaking loss but you don't really care which one. SB49 was a nightmare SB for Broncos fans because it was the Seahawks who shit on us the year prior and the Pats whom we all hate (FYTB). But seeing the Seahawks fans just get devastated on that goal line INT was amazing.

  29. Honestly I want to be a petty bitch and say anyone but the NFCN team but I actually enjoy seeing our division do well because it’s a lot more fun when it’s competitive.

  30. In 2019 I’d 100% want the Vikings to win. Idk if it’s a divisional rival or not, there was no way we were going to beat the 49ers that game but I knew we could beat the Vikings at Lambeau. At the very least it would’ve been closer.

  31. One of my favorite parts of this is Rodgers in the background of the replay leaning up on his toes willing Cook to keep his feet in.

  32. Like Russell Wilson and the Seahawks against us. We don’t play the hawks nor broncos this year so maybe we’ll get a year off of the pain. Unless either of them knocks us out of the playoffs (again)..

  33. This game was fun because beating the cowboys is always fun but also because most fans knew there was virtually no chance we’d beat Atlanta. Our secondary was injured and shitty.

  34. Hell yes! One of my favorite Packers moments. I was jumping up and down so hard I broke a ceiling tile in the basement lol.

  35. Something I never realized is just how good Cooks field awareness is. I mean you can't see his eyes obviously, but it definitely didn't seem like he looked down at the field at all to see where he was in relation to put of bounds. If so that's incredible

  36. This play helped solidify a divorce in my family. Huge family reunion and we were watching this game. He (a chiefs fan) laughed in her ( a cowboys fan) face like a child and she she took it personally and made it a big thing. They were toxic and the marriage was already on its way out, but this helped push them over the edge.

  37. That one sealed the deal for me. This play in this game cemented my love for american football in my heart. It was a wild ride since. ❤️

  38. As great as this throw and that game turned out to be - if I remember right, weren't we up big the whole game; and they never should have been able to get close let alone tie? Like this was a classic Mike McCarthy game of terrible play calling and just let Aaron do what he wants when it matters.

  39. As a falcons fan, this game was followed by our highest high (beating the ever loving shit out of Rogers and the Packers in the NFC championship) followed by our lowest low (score that must not be named)....

  40. I was watching this game with some "friends" that are cowboy fans when this pass got completed I started laughing so dam hard, needless to say I'm not allowed to watch football with them again.

  41. 2016 is one of those playoff runs like 2019 where, holistically, the Packers should not have gotten nearly as far as they did, and everything they got in the playoffs is basically icing on the cake to an amazing comeback story. And in seasons like that you can take pride in having a superstar QB who can drag a team to the playoffs through sheer willpower even if the defense isn't up to snuff to take on the rest of the playoff competition.

  42. Let’s be honest here another time where Dallas gets beat by green bay after horrible refereeing. Stop it at 1:50 and it’s so clear and obvious number 70 on the packers grabs number 95 on the cowboys around his neck and throws him to the ground.

  43. Remember that time when Rodgers couldn’t beat the 49ers special teams to advance in the playoffs.

  44. Why play prevent defense when all they need is a field goal.. JG is an awful coach, wasted so many stacked teams

  45. One of the best throws of all time, bar none. To me, the most amazing aspect of this magician throw is that Cook never had to extend his arms, In nearly all shoestring sideline catches, the receiver extends to grab the ball as the QB is well in bounds and throwing it out toward the sideline.

  46. The one part that always sticks out to me is the emphatic ass slap the one referee gives to the other

  47. Me and like 5 or 6 coworkers at Acme watched this at the newly installed bar, even some customers joined our little huddled group

  48. The description made me think it was one of the thousand times he broke the Bears' heart at the last second until I saw it was a playoff game. Rules us out.

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