1. I feel like there’s a lesson to be learned from that. There’s nothing that could have been done at that point. The game was over. So, why not just keep doing the thing that comforts you? It’s one of the only things he could directly control.

  2. This is the moment that tore the franchise up imo. the players were right to compete and win the division, but the chemistry was always off to go deep. Good on them for trying to keep it together for long after.

  3. Agh, the infamous Matt Patricia play... in case you were unsure, Matt Patricia deserves the credit here, single handedly won this SB...

  4. I know I did see someone talking about how the Pats defense practiced this specific play leading up to the game. But to me that's on Pete C for overusing this "surprise" play.

  5. Tbh I don't know anyone who forgets about the Kearse catch, I feel like I just see people talking about people forgetting the Kearse catch.

  6. The Kearse catch is such bullshit because if the defender hit him, they would have thrown a flag. It was literally a goddamn miracle it was catchable at all.

  7. Was watching this SB in a bar in downtown Seattle. Half the bar missed this play because everyone was thinking they had basically won the game with the Kearse catch and were still celebrating.

  8. Based on the number of people talking about how everyone forgets kearse’s catch I don’t think anybody has forgotten Kearse’s catch

  9. I have to admit that I was a feeling a bit negative about the Patriots chances at this point in the game and I started to disassociate so I didn't immediately register what happened. It became apparent when several men between 200 and 300 pounds crashed into me screaming and throwing their beers around.

  10. It literally didn’t occur to me that they might try to throw the ball. In hindsight the “they should’ve ran” idea is probably a bit overblown, box was absolutely loaded and they needed to manage the clock a bit. But in the moment I saw the pick and was like wait wut how

  11. you could argue this kickstarted us back into high gear. we were unsure if we would see another ring before Brady left. Turns out we were wrong. And then wrong again. and then wrong again.

  12. To be fair, the Patriots dynasty was basically just BB and TB, everyone else just hung out for a few years of the dynasty.

  13. I can travel universes and I’ve been hyper fixated on this play. In one universe I visited, the Seahawks ran the ball 4 straight times and Marshawn was stop at the one. In another, they tried a face and it was tipped and picked. Another resulted in a Marshawn fumble. I realized that this goal line stand was destiny unfortunately, and if not that this way it would have happened another

  14. Lynch beat Hightower in the flat actually, Wilson could have gone for the pass there. Of course lynch could have missed/dropped it, but there's at least one plausible out

  15. The Butler interception stung at the time, but it feels a lot worse in hindsight knowing this is how the Wilson era ends.

  16. I've always thought Wilson's reaction was kind of weird. He's just like dang that sucks and jogs off the field

  17. I mean, what are they supposed to do? Throw a tantrum on the middle of the field? Although I do remember that Richard Sherman was pretty emotive about the result.

  18. As if we needed a reminder, this proves just how great BB is. They practiced this play during the week and prepped Butler for it. And then he didn’t call a timeout before the play because he sensed how chaotic it was for the Seahawks.

  19. In the documentary about this, they talk about how Patricia (?) is yelling into the headset asking if they take a TO. And Bill is just staring at the field.

  20. So one of the things I read was that prior to this pass, there was 99 passing plays called at the 1-2 yard line that season (post included.) The TD rate was something like 35-48%. There were also 0 INTs too. So the odds were decent. So logically this was one of the safest calls you could make. Plus I think Lynch had one of the worst conversion rates at that distance too.

  21. I know people want to criticize Carroll for this play (and rightfully so). But this is a phenomenal defensive play by Malcolm Butler at the highest pinnacle of the football stage.

  22. So much to obviously state. I think the best is pete just chewing away at his gum. Like he was totally not fazed by the outcome and expected to be back next year

  23. A lot of ppl are trashing Pete carrol for standing there chewing his gum but like, what is he supposed to do? Run of the field or something lol

  24. What a lot of people I think forget since the Pats ended up winning 6 and Brady 7 is that before this, they had lost the last two Super bowls they’d been to in dramatic fashion. Their winning big games reputation was starting to wear off. How things flipped on just one play still amazes me to this day

  25. For the first time in the last 7 years, I don’t feel the need to defend Russ. Since it’s on broncos fans now, here are some talking points for when this comes up in the future:

  26. Browner recognized it but I think that had more to do with the fact that BB called out that play earlier in the week cause he saw that we scored with it all season. He then had them drill it over and over and over again. So yes Browner recognized it, but I think it was more that BB made them hyperfocus on the look of that play presnap.

  27. I hear a lot of stats about lynch that season; what about that game. The patriots could not stop him, end of story.

  28. Didn't a similar thing happen the next season when Seattle was on the goal-line and they ran Lynch 4 times and they got stuffed all four times?

  29. As a Pats fan this game means so much to me. Not only was it the interception and the ending, but my father passed 2 weeks after this and he was so happy they won. I remember celebrating with him as he and I both yelled in opposite rooms as we had our traditions.

  30. I was pulling for Seattle, but seeing Richard Sherman's soul leave his body after he talked so much shit before was kinda amusing.

  31. This is the first time I haven’t looked away at some point while watching this play since it happened, I think I’m finally numb to it

  32. I stand by thinking the play was to pass here (I'd do a fade not a slant though). You have one timeout and 3 plays. If you run and don't get it, you probably have to take a timeout. Now you got no timeouts and 2 plays but the only way you get two plays is by passing because a run play that doesn't get it runs out the clock. Defense knows exactly what you're doing. You pass, you leave yourself options. You can run on third or pass. And do anything on 4th.

  33. I think this is the play that broke up Seahawks momentum for future championships. Something just seemed to break emotionally permanently for them.

  34. The fact that there are so many Colts fans disgusted by this lmaoo like “we don’t even know who you are”

  35. As a Rams fan, I wasn't sure if I was mad that the Patriots won another Super Bowl or happy that the Seahawks dynasty was quashed.

  36. Wilson should’ve audible to a run play. I admire that Pete Carroll was trying to win Russ the SB MVP. But there was no reason to call this play.

  37. That's the first time I've really watched this in depth. I know everyone says that Lynch should have ran that ball, but the Pats had everyone in the box. A throw might have been the right play there.

  38. Carrol expected Belichick to use a time out before this play, but instead he let the clock run, which seemed crazy in the moment. Carrol opted for a passing play instead of using their last timeout, worst that could happen is clock is incomplete clock stop, then a running play into the end zone right?

  39. What unnerved me was Belichickl wasn't flustered when he saw the line up. What I thought was going to happen when I saw the call the pass would get deflected by a pats pass rush and intercepted. If they were going to pass it should have been a play action bootleg

  40. As an Eagles fan I would like to thank the Patriots coaching staff for teaching Malcolm a lesson and not having him play in SB LII.

  41. Until the day I die, I will defend this play call. Was Lynch at his peak? Yes. But that season he had a terrible record that close to the goal line. This play was drawn up and executed well, but Butler just made a once in a lifetime play. Way too much blame goes to the call and not enough credit goes to Butler.

  42. Everyone hates the passing play but Seattle had to throw it once to give them 3 shots at the end zone. They had to throw it this play or next play. If they ran and got stuffed on this play the 3rd down play would be 100% obvious a passing play.

  43. This play is basically in every YouTube compilation. Greatest defensive plays, clutch plays, biggest blunders, et al

  44. Still don’t understand how people think this was the right call, they had marshawn lynch and were on the half yard line with 30 secs left in the Super Bowl

  45. Never realized it was only second down and they still had a timeout. Also still had a beast mode marshawn lynch. What a stupid ass play call.

  46. I understand the concept behind the call. Super high success rate quick slant, everyone and their mom is expecting a run with Lynch. Tried to catch them off guard, Butler read it perfect. When you look at The Pats D they only had 1 LB in the middle too. Literally any type of minimal run block win from the C or G and Lynch walks in.

  47. Dumbest play called/run in the SB! I can’t stand the Pats but the fact the Seahawks were so cocky in trying to get Russ the MVP vs just winning the SB, I’m glad they lost the way they did!

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